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Well, you found my little personal site. If you're here to learn about my family, you'll have to go elsewhere. This site is strictly about *me*

By clicking on the "next" button you'll be able to find the site menu, or you can use the menu to your left, whichever you prefer really, I don't really care. Throughout the pages in this site, you'll be taken on a "tour" of the complexity that is my life. Albeit a short one (I'm only 20 ya know) but a slightly interesting one at that. I am not here to please anyone so if you get offended by what I have to say, quite frankly I really don't care. This is my space on the web and I intend to use it as I see fit. And just thought I'd let you know, if you're looking to learn a little bit about the things I like and love go here So with that being said, please feel free to roam about the pages, leave your comments in the guestbook if you will and if you really want to learn about my family then you can go here. Oh and I almost forgot, there are a few unlinked pages, so happy hunting ;-) And if you would be so kind, sign the guestbook, I'd really like to know who is reading this page

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