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This story I had prayed I would never have to repeat, I just pray you never have to tell a story as this. When I lost Amy's site it was beyond my control since I had not saved her site to disk.

I pray I am able to tell this in a way that will not offend anyone. That is not what this is all about and I only pray that those that find it offensive in anyway "please" just ignore what I am about to say.

On October 15, 1999 the family of Helen and Tim Remsburg were about to begin a day that would be as no other.

This family consists of Helen, Tim, Brian, Amy, Jenna. Tim is the first one up as usual, Helen is close behind. They pour a cup of coffee that is done at the same time daily because it was brewed on a timer..Helen calls..Amy, Jenna come on hon lets get going you have school and Amy you don't want to be late for work. Just a few more minutes mom please..ok..Helen and Tim drink their coffee and talk about the approaching weekends activities that the family had planned. Helen calls again but this time she enters the bedrooms of the girls one at a time she gently awakes them with kisses and hugs. This may sound strange or unreal to some, but this is how much love that this family has..ok.. kids are up..I forgot to tell you brother Brian now has his own home so he is not there on this fateful day..Jenna finds time to ask Amy about the up coming birthday party that Amy always arranges for Jenna..it is always done in a Halloween theme..This family truely loves doing for each other and loved every moment of the time they spent with each other

Almost time for Jenna to leave and Amy is right behind her..as they exit the door..they always turn and say Mom, Dad we love you and run back for another kiss and hug..on this day..Helen remembers after the fact that..Amy turns again before leaving and says "You Are The Awesomest Mom in The World"...she tells Helen that often...Awesome is Amy's favorite word..Helen holds on to those words with all she can now.

Mom is working at home today, she is a computer programmer and gets to work from home often..to be there with the children to give them the extra time they need and this was very special to Helen..Tim is at work..but always reachable by cell phone.

Amy calls Helen about 2:45..they talk and make plans of shopping and going up to camp to start to close up for the winter..Amy and Helen are both so excited about the family spending this time together..as always..ok...here we go..this is very hard for me to do again..so if you find type errors or you are not sure of something I say please get in touch with me so I can make sure you are aware of all that happened.

Amy works two part time jobs to help with expenses of school and for spending..one of the jobs was at a dentist office..she was going to college to be a dentist.

Around 4:30 Helen is almost done working ..Tim is fueling up his truck for the trip to camp.. Amy and one of her co-workers, which is also one of Amys best friends..are now leaving work..followed closely by the dentist and his assistant..Amy and her friend walk to their cars as Amy waves and gives one of her famous smiles her friend is getting in her car as Amy enters her car..completely unaware of the horror that is approaching..what we know from now on is what the police have put together from the dentist and his assistant and on the most part of what Amys friend has told them. They hear someone yell "AMY" they turn..and hear.."bang..bang..bang..bang..bang.. bang..bang..bang..bang..yes nine shots then silence then again..bang..bang.. A young man by the name of Liam Yeouns had murdered Amy ..with a semi automatic pistol..point blank range and then reloaded and turned the gun on himself..our Amy died before she knew what hit her..we thank God for this daily..Liam on the other hand lived for a few minutes ..after the ambulance arrived he died shortly of two gun shots in his mouth..as Amy's friend yells to the dentist to call "911"..she tries to get to Amy..but it was to much for her to handle..but by this time the dentist makes a second phone call..this is what is said. Helen..yes this is Helen..Helen oh my God you have to come Amy has been in a criminal accident..What did you say?? Helen please come Amy Amy oh my god hurry Helen..Please slow down I don't understand is Amy ok???is anyone else hurt??..Helen just get here.. ok alright..tell Amy I am on my way.. Helen hangs up the phone..thinking to herself of a hundred things all at once..but oh no..this is Friday night..Amy is on the other side of Nashua..it will take at least 30 minutes to get there if she is lucky..she thinks..Tim..yes Tim ..she calls him on the cell phone..he is about a block or two from Amys work..he doesn't understand ..he asks Helen what the heck is a " criminal accident"???..Helen says hon I have no idea but please just get to her..please let me know what is happening..I will get a friend to drive me..I am to upset to try to drive myself..oh ok honey..I will call you when I know anything. Tim jumps in his truck ..as he is waiting to turn to go to the next block where Amy's work place is and where Amy always parks her car..The sirens blaring and the police cars, all the sirens the flashing lights..ohhhhh my god what is going on..someone must really be in trouble..could this be Amy???Tim not knowing what to do..but yet his stomach is telling him "yes Tim" follow the ambulance..Tims heart is pounding..He turns his truck around fighting all the traffic..He follows the sounds of the sirens..reaching the hospital he barely gets his truck into park before he jumps out ..leaving the door to his truck open..running..running to get to the emercency entrance..he must get to Amy..He thinks to himself..if I can just get to her she will be fine..I have to see her..but..he is held back by security..the doctors and nurses will not allow him to get to her...he waits..and waits..going almost out of his mind..finally a nurse..she asks Tim..does your daughter wear toe rings???? what?? what are you talking about???...the nurse asks again are these your daughters toe rings??..Tim is beside himself by now..he yells what the hell do you mean ..my daughter has beautiful long blonde hair..she has a beautiful smile with teeth that are so white..why do you want to know about toe rings..yes yes these belong to her..let me see her..please let me see her..sorry Mr.Remsburg your daughter is "dead"..NO..no..no..oh my god..no..no..Tim falls to his knees..he can't breathe..he has to get some air..He runs to the exit sign..He falls to his knees crying..no..no..no..oh my god how can I tell Helen..I have to tell her that our Amy is gone..but why..who..what..why..just then Helen drives in..she sees Tim..and she knows without words..she runs in to get to Amy..but the hospital staff can't let her see Amy like she is..they just can't..so they prevent them from getting to her..as Helen and Tim try to get some kind of grip on what is happening..Tim realizes someone must get to the house to get Jenna..who was just getting home from school..unaware of any of what has just happened..Tim calls the neighbor asking them to please get Jenna and to not say anything till they get home to tell her themself..Tim also asks the neighbor to get on the web and see if any of the television stations had picked up the story yet..not wanting Helen to go home to the flashing news camera's..so the neighbor added Amy's name to a search engine and did a search of her name and what came up would shock the devil himself.

Please read Amys parents words on what happened also..please come back to visit the rest of Amys site

beautiful thanks received on 9/12/2001

Please visit Helen's Letter of "Good-bye", she sent it with Amy when she was laid to rest. This is a must see. No one needs to write something like this. You must help us to prevent another. You can also find a poem written by Jenna (Amys sister), and poem that our Amy wrote to God at the age of 11, this is a must see.

Click on the lady to read the good-bye

Our very first plaque given to us just weeks after we began our journey in November of 1999. Thank you for this beautiful plaque.

If you would like to join Amys webring please do so by clicking on the lady below then just follow the instructions. Also you will find our Award that I give out to others, just email me and I will send it to you.

Help us with this fight

Right now I need to speak from my heart to yours. When God sends us the gift of a child, we need to treasure every moment. As you can see it can be torn from you in a blink of an instant. One thing Helen and Tim did was, made every moment with each child count. They have nothing that they regret, only that the time with Amy ran out.

It has now been over two years since this horrible murder, and we try to live each day the best as we can. The way amy would expect us to. Helen and Tim have ok days, and then, days that they can only get through with the grace of God.

What is hard for us is this. For many days and years you are a mom. One day someone tells you that your child is gone. OK. You are still her mom, she is still your child. Your arms ache for a hug. Your heart pleads for just one "I Love You Mom"..You are the awesomest mom on earth.

If someone looses a child, do you not search to the ends of the earth? Yes of course you do. Can anyone tell me the difference then. Why Helen would still not search to the ends of the earth for her child? Amy is there one morning and at 4:33 on a sunny October day, someone takes her. But where do they take her? Why did they take her? Why do some people say "get over it and get on with life". OH OK thanks for the advice..now I am all better..now I can live.. These are things that trouble me. When did Helen stop being Amys mom? Can anyone answer that? and if you are a mom you will search till you find that child. So Helen's search will never end till she is with her in Heaven.. So please tell those people that say "get over it" to get a life.

I am in no way asking for money by this statement. For Anyone wanting to make donations at anytime or for her anniversary, you will find the address of the fund below. The reason for this is that alot of people have asked if they could donate. But please do not feel as though I am asking for hand outs ok..

Amy Lynn Boyers Memorial Fund Against Internet Violence

157 Main St.

Nashua, N.H.


What we would love to see is that those that wish to, on October 15 at 4:33 we are going to release two yellow balloons from each of us in celebration of her heavenly birthday.

Please the enviorment people that are against this, just don't do it. But I pray you allow us our rights as a family to do this without any bad email or comments from your view point. Please allow us our freedom to do this as a family and as others that want to honor our Amy. I thank you in advance.

I do want to let you know that Senator Gregg and a Senator from California along with other senators are working on another bill to prevent the selling or giving away of ones identity. When I know more I will let you know. Your letters help keep this alive I am sure.

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