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Audiotech, based in the UK, is an independent, musician, songwriter and producer who utilises live instruments with computer technology; whose goal is to produce quality music. The style is varied with diverse influences from rock, new wave, blues, folk and techno music.

Audiotech  is a proficient six string guitar player of both the accoustic and electric guitar. He also utilises other instruments, such as the bass guitar, keyboards and is a keen enthusiast of computer technology, incorporating digital mixers, VST instruments, together with MIDI programming. Audiotech  also has a distinctive vocal style which he uses to effect, whilst developing a unique approach to songwriting and lyrical content.

Audiotech has participated with a variety of musicians who have had both similar and different experiences - writing, performing and producing music, developing many ideas and techniques. All have been in bands, or groups of differing genres and would like to think that what they do best is professional and of excellent quality. The aim of this project is to develop a unique, creative style with an appeal to people throughout the world.


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