In the city of San Diego, lycanthropes rule the night. They live, hidden within, walking among humans even as we speak. How do I know, you might ask?


I am their Ulfric, their pack king, or queen to be gender correct. I'm one of those rare few alpha females who has what it takes to lead my pack of hooligans. We are pack. We are lukoi, the werewolves, tied to leopards, rats, lions, and vampires through treaty and friendship.. San Diego is our town, though the humans will never know, must never know. For if humans discovered us, we would all be lost.

Perhaps I should explain...

Some of us go out, own businesses, bars, nightclubs... some of us are in school, pretending with all our might to be human, lest one wary parent finds out, and all our precious cover is lost. The laws may say that lycanthrope discrimination, murder, is gone, but reality is harsh.

So is the sting of a silver bullet chasing my pack, my family, into the night.

Would you join us? Would you learn the secrets of the night, of the hunt, and howl in our lupanar?

Perhaps you are a fellow lycanthrope, part of another clan, or roaming on your own. Perhaps you are a vampire, bound to the Master.

Perhaps you are a human, a coworker, a fellow student, blissfully oblivious. Or perhaps you work for the police, RPIT, the Spook Squad, and simply wait for us to take that one wrong step.

Maybe you hunt our kind, for pelt or pleasure. Maybe you stalk the streets with your silver, hoping to catch a glimpse of our secrets before we die, the beast chased away by silver hounds.

Maybe you are the one we hunt this night, when the moon is full in the sky.

Whoever you are, the time for decision is now.
The pack awaits you.
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Who are we? We are the Aesir Labyrinth Clan, a pack of mostly lukoi (werewolves) inhabiting San Diego. Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we name leopards and others among our kin. Our pack is a very close knit bunch, and we look upon each other as family. As such, even with all these varied species, we will always be there for each other. We take in the lost, the abandoned, and we share with them the warmth that is pack. To join with us is to become our sister, our brother.
Within our city dwell also the Gelo Nero pard, the Desejo Mortal rodere, and the Oriens Astrum lions. All are our allies, in a manner, most especially when it comes to human assassins. There are also vampires, but their politics keep them separate from most of our affairs.

The humans, for the most part, let us be, as we are careful that no incidents occur to draw undesired attention to ourselves. We keep to our affairs, and the humans keep to theirs.

There are very, very few trespassers, in part because our packlands are so out of the way, and in part because we keep very close guard over our secrets. Ware ye well, thieves and prying eyes, for once you are within our lands, there is no turning back, and there is no one to save you, or even to hear your screams...
We of the pack
know the loneliness of the empty sky,
know the sorrow for the one
who doesn't return from the hunt,
know the beauty of the Wolf Song
echoing in the forest's mystery.
We know these things
because of the blood we share
and our love for the spirit of the wild things
that lives within us all.

Humanskin or Wolfskin,
it doesn't matter to us / when we run under the harvest moon.
Only the Call of the Pack matters.
We are the Children of the Night,
the Singers of the Ancient Songs,
the Dreamers of the Lost Dreams,
the Brothers and Sisters / of the SIver Moon.

~"The Pack" Vlad, the Gypsy Bard
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