Aotea Youth   Symphony - Application for Audition
Please complete the information marked with an * and  fax to 303 4328, or post to Paul Harrop, 803C/135 Grafton Rd, Grafton, AK. Phone inquireis to Paul Harrop on 021 987 589, or 09 307 2361.
*Address: Street *Suburb:
*City: *Home Phone:
*Email: *Mobile:
Date of Birth: School or Tertiary   Institute:
Occupation: *Instrument:
Music Teacher: Own  Hired    Borrowed  (delete as required)
*Grade passed on instrument of choice:                                         Solo Experience:

Orchestral Experience:
Other Instruments:
Other Interests:
Audition Work   Played:
Parent(s) Names:
Address & Phone   if different from above:
Day Phone:
If selected for the   Symphony (or Sinfonietta) I agree to the regular commitment of weekly   rehearsals and to participate in the concerts and other events associated   with the Aotea Youth Symphony Inc.  I agree to limited use of this information   by the Aotea Youth Symphony Inc. for administrative   purposes only.
Signed:__________________________________  (Or parent Guardian if under 18 years of   age)
Print Name of   Signatory:
For Orchestra Use   Only:  Auditors Comments:
Set Extracts:
Overall comments:
Place Offered: 
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