The motivation and politics behind the Palestinian resistance movement

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The fight to liberate Palestine

Do Palestinians fight back against a repression?
Even if there was a repression, would it justify murdering innocent civilians?

  1. What is Palestine?
  2. Has the British Kingdom been lawfully ruling Palestine?
  3. Had the Ottomans Khilafa been lawfully ruling Palestine?
  4. Had anyone administered this region "lawfully"?
  5. Who are todays "Palestinians"?
  6. Had there ever been a "Palestinian" entity ruling this area?
  7. Do the Arabs who name themselves "Palestinians" share the same heritage with the Philistines?
  8. Had the Philistines ever ruled the West Bank?

If you don't know for sure any answer to these question, then go and learn history. . .

A little bit over fifty years ago, under the 1947 UN partition plan, this land was designated as land yet to be allocated, but the whole Arab world has objected the partition plan.  So, in legal and historical terms, the “disputed” territories are neither Jordanian nor Egyptian nor Israeli and it's certainly NOT "Palestinian”.  Moreover, "Palestinian" Arabs never thought of themselves as such before 1967.

Israel's victory in the Six Days War (1967) and the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, millions of Arabs started losing their hope to exterminate the Jews.  Still there were a few "Palestinians" who formed the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).  In 1969, al-Fatah succeeded in taking over the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), an organization that Arab governments founded in 1964 to pay lip service to the Palestinian struggle while keeping control over its activities.

Under al-Fatah, the PLO became a mass organization.  It called for a popular liberation war, proclaiming that Palestinians "reject all solutions which are substitutes for the total liberation of Palestine."

But from the start, this radical language collided with the PLO pledge of "non-interference" in the internal affairs of Arab countries.  This promise meant that al-Fatah had to compromise with regimes that had oppressed Palestinian refugees and had no interest in challenging either Israel or the Western influence.

"Non-interference" led to many disasters for al-Fatah and the Palestinian movement.  For example in "Black September" (1970) King Hussein of Jordan launched a military attack on the PLO, where al-Fatah had its main base.  Consequently Arafat transferred the PLO institutions and militias to Lebanon.

The PLO still attempt to claim that following 1974 it was seeking a "ministate" side-by-side with Israel - giving up its aim to liberate all of Palestine from the Jordan River to the Sea.  This however has never happenned!  They have never put down their weapons against Israeli, Israelis and Jews where ever they are around the globe.

The early 1980s marked a low point for the Palestinian resistance.  The 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon drove the PLO apparatus out of Lebanon to Tunis.  Consequently they understood that abolishing Israel in one round would be an imposibble mission,  So they incinted an Intifidah in 1987 and then in 1988 made a unilateral "Declaration of Independence" proposing that the independent Palestinian state be located in the West Bank and Gaza.  For the first time they mentioned Israel but they haven't given up the concept of worldwide "armed struggle" against Israelis and the Jews where ever they are.

For the next six years, Palestinians waged a mass campaign of civil disobedience and confrontation with Israeli troops.  They built hundreds of grassroots organizations that involved the mass of the Palestinian population in the fight against Jews in general and Israelis in particular.

Ironically, Israel tolerated those contending Arabs, willing to reconcile with them.  The 1993 Oslo accords and the subsequent years of U.S. sponsored negotiations transformed Palestinian politics, but they have never given up their old dream.

Following the accords with Israel major parts of the territories have been ruled by the Palestinian Authority.  However the poverty and unemployment for ordinary people have worsened, while Arafat and his cronies have made fortunes through corruption and monopolies.  This is why Hamas and the Islamic Jihad could strengthen their power opposing the (Oslo) peace process and continued to call for armed struggle against Israel escalating the situation further.

In sum, if those Arabs put down their weapons today there will be no more violence.  However if the Israelis put down their weapons today there will be no more Israel. . .

Palestinian leaders do not fight back against a repression by Israelis.  Arab countries abuse the situation in their attempt to cover up their goal!

Thus it's an undeniable fact that the ultimate resistance against Jews to settle anywhere goes back to the Biblical times...