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No to a Jewish State !!!
No to a Jewish State = Anti-Semitism
That's PA strategic goal!
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Fateh website, affiliated with the Palestinian Authority has ever called for the Total Destruction of the State of Israel.

The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) was founded in 1964 by the Arab states.  Al-Fateh (Arafat's faction) took control of this organization shortly after the Six Day War.  Read The PLO Charter: TWENTY SIX distinct phrases out of this entire document are direct threats to Israel.  Quoted below are the kernel articles:

    12.   "Complete liberation of Palestine, and eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence."
    13.   "Establishing an independent democratic state with complete sovereignty on all Palestinian lands, and Jerusalem is its capital city, and protecting the citizens' legal and equal rights without any racial or religious discrimination."
    15.   ". . . achieving the Arab Nation's goals in liberation."
    17.   "Armed public revolution is the inevitable method to liberating Palestine."
PNA logo may prove what their aspirations are

NONE of these articles has ever been amended, even though some "Palestinians" pretend it was.  The official website of the Fateh brings the original charter "as is". There is no indication of any amendment whatsoever.  Read a short commentary about it at http://www.usembassy-israel.org.il/publish/peace/plo_note.html

Arafat has told an audience in Amman that the Oslo process was the first step in the implementation of the "stages plan," the PLO's program for the gradual destruction of Israel. Read The Phased Plan for Israel's destruction.

  • Oslo called for a Palestinians to denounced violence, but Arafat has expanded the terror, extorted funding, and continued to deny Israel's legitimacy.
  • Oslo called for dismantling of all terror organizations, but Arafat empowered the leaders of Hamas, and Islamic Jihad by releasing criminals from prisons and supported the smuggling of illegal weapons (like Karine A), thus funneling of arms to terror factions.
  • Oslo called for ending incitement to violence, and education of the Palestinian population for peace. In fact, the P.A. used their media and textbooks to deny Israel's legitimacy, incite for the killing of Jews, and call for "holy war."
  • Oslo presumed that violations would trigger the cessation of the process. Despite explicit Palestinian violations, Israel continued to pursue the Oslo vision, ceding additional land at Wye in 1998, and presenting a deal at Camp David in July 2000 that far exceeded previous offers. To understand the current roadmap, one must understand its testing ground, Oslo.

In sum those Palestinians contend, "Our strategic goal is Palestine from the (Mediterranean) sea to the (Jordan) river" as Faisal al-Husseini articulated just before he passed away. . .

To justify their strategic goal they claim
"If one is a good Jew, one cannot be a Zionist;
 if one is a Zionist, one cannot be a good Jew."

Who am I?   NEITHER Anti-Arab NOR Anti-Palestinian
I'm a Palestinian Jew, born in the Old City of Jerusalem, survived 1948.  Some Arabs killed my family only because we were Jews. . .
Obviously I'm a Zionist - Zion remains my homeland forever!
More About Me
Real Name:Yehuda
Location:Zion, the Old City
Occupation:of Zion for ever
Yahoo! ID:anti_antizionism
A Zionist does not mean anti-Arabic
It means I want to live in Zion
1967, Jerusalem, Yerushalaim, Al-Quds, Zion, Zionism
My Opinion
Who is a "Palestinian"? I would not accept the claim that there are no Palestinians, because I'm a Palestinian too (as I was born in Palestine).  Besides, anyone has the right to choose any name.  For example, those who claimed in 1968 to be considered as Palestinians by their nationality had totally objected to be named Palestinians during the 1936 Arab revolt. . .

Who are the owners of the lands?

When Jews began to immigrate to the Holy Land (aka Palestine) in large numbers in 1882, fewer than 250,000 Arabs lived here, and the majority of them had arrived in recent decades.  This land has never been an exclusive Arab country, even though Arabic became the popular language used by the majority of the population after the Muslim invasions of the 7th century.

The 1993 Oslo agreement with Arab Palestinians was designed to reject the infamous PLO Charter.  According to Oslo agreement Israel has given Arabs ammunition.  Israel has helped Arabs to built infrastructure, until the very moment they have shown their true face, absolutely betraying Israelis, breaching any agreement they had by inciting a violent "Intifadah". Ever since September 2000 they have proven that they can't be trusted. . .

O s l o     1 9 9 3
Read Arafat's commitment
This could be a new era
in the history of the Middle East
T h e     I m p a s s e
Reflections of Dennis Ross
a weary witness to history

Anti-Zionists have been always opposing the right of the Jews to settle and govern themselves in any part of the world.  As of 1919 they have objected the decision made by the international community (including the head of the Arab delegation, Emir Feisal), who had recognized the right of Jews to settle in Palestine.  This agreement was reached at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference which was held by the victorious Allies in order to settle international questions after the 1918 Armistice ended World War I.

The Arabs claim that the 1948 War of Independence for Israel was a " Nakba " for them.  They ignore the very fact that some Anti-Zionist Arabs threatened to ''drive (and "sweep") the Jews into the sea''.  Since that talk is no longer practical they simply deny the Jew's right to settle in Judea and Samaria.  During that 1948 war Jews were expelled from certain areas.  After the six day war (1967) the Jews returned and and now while they cannot be again expelled there is a concerted attempt to de-legitimize their presence. 

Many times in their internal propaganda, the Arabs have said that their involvement in the peace process is part of their "holy war to liberate Palestine."  Sadat said it when he visited Jerusalem.  He explained to his Arab fellows that he had paid lip-service to the concept of peace because he knew that in this way he could receive more from Israel than he could ever win in a war (i.e. it was not "Salaam" but "Hudna").  Afterwards Sadat explained, once Egypt's position was improved and Israel's was weakened, he could wage war from a position of strength. . .

Nevertheless I'm still open to reconcile anytime, anywhere, everywhere. . . ONLY if those "Palestinians" enforce the law and stop violent actions including but not limited to suicide missions.  At this time Israel can't give administrative control to those who had sworn to exterminate Jews only because they want to live anywhere within this Holy Land.

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  21. We are always open to have a truthful dialog

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Raphi is an orthodox Jewish high school student living in Toronto.
Visiting his webstite you should learn why does he love Israel?

Revised Oct, 2005

Human beings are believed to be in the image of the Almighty, and that's why some of them are playing
Jihad, in the Name of Allah - click to read more
Why is America hostile to Islam?
Who fabricated the 9/11 show?

An interview with Egyptian historian
Professor Zaynab Abd Al-Aziz
The answer: The Zionist entity - Israel
You should view, listen and read
these excerpts of the Saudi Iqra TV
broadcasted on May 26, 2005
Hate Mongers in the
Name of God
click on de`pic
Click here to see the TRUTH. They claim: ''All weapons must be aimed at the Jews, at the enemies of Allah, the cursed nation in the Koran...  
An Excerpt from PNA TV
"All weapons must be aimed at the Jews, at the enemies of Allah, the cursed nation in the Koran..."

el-Fateh - the green part is what they consider as Palestine to be liberated
Do they follow True Islam?
Palestinian Education
The Pipeline to Hatred

Ex Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had increased the grant awarded to the families of the Palestinian suicide bombers from $25,000 to $50,000 dollars.  Middle East axis of evil[1,2] has been quite affiliated with the Palestinian Authority headed by the late corrupted Chairman Yaser Arafat.

Listen to Arafat's speech 2002 / English translation


What is Zionism?
Zionism is an ideology which expresses the yearning of all Jews the world over for their histroical homeland - Zion - the Land of Israel and Jerusalem.  The origin of the word Zionism is the biblical word Zion, often used as a synonym for Jerusalem and the Land of Israel (Eretz Yisrael).  The idea of Zionism is based on the long connection between the decscendants of Judah - Jewish people and its land, a link which began when Abraham settled in Canaan. His grandson - Jacob - was named Israel the son of whom - Judah - settled around Jerusalem. Hence the Land of the Jews is around Jerusalem.
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"Palestinian" Arabs created in 1968
the PLO Charter only AFTER
Israel occupied territories
in 1967, defending herself
against Jordan and Egypt.
No Arab in the "territories" had
ever objected Jordan and Egypt. . .
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For 19 years (1949-1967)
"Palestinians" remained silent,
while Jordan and Egypt occupied
territories the "Palestinians" now
claim for themsleves.

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    The claim that Rachel Corrie was killed intentionally, like the U.S.S. Liberty and Jenin libels are persistently being used by anti-Zionists (and antisemites) to slam Israel. All of them are lies. . . but those who still believe in them will never be convinced by truth and logic because of a blind hatred for Israel.
  • The "Roadmap" U.S. website
  • The "Roadmap" U.N. website
    "In Phase I, the Palestinians immediately undertake an unconditional cessation of violence. . ." - - - "GOI immediately dismantles settlement outposts erected since March 2001."
    A two-state could be a reasonable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but no side is willing to accept it as is. While Jews had accepted Arabs as citizens of the State of Israel as of 1948, PA practically denies any Jewish minority living in Palestine. Why?
  • Palestinian Declaration of Independence Nov 15,1988
    The original text
    with an excellent introduction.
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  • The Ultimate Child Abuse
    The Indoctrination of Palestinian Children.
  • Rewriting History in Textbooks
    By Mitchell Bard(December 1993) "The political correctness debate has led to increased scrutiny of how textbooks present the history of different peoples. While many minorities have actively campaigned to have their histories more accurately depicted, Jews have stayed on the sidelines."
  • Britain's Partition plan 1946
  • The Land Question in Palestine, 1917-1939
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מהי ציונות? מה זה להיות ציוני? מה המשמעות של להיות אנטי-ציוני?

What is Anti-Zionism? Anti-Zionism is the conviction that Israel does not have the right to exist.

What is Zionism? Zionism had an existence before the Israel-Arab conflict and independent of it. A Zionist is a person who believe in Zionism, which is the creed of Jews to live in Zion.     More information here: The story of Zionism

Obviously Zionists struggle is not against the Arabs, but just in favor of the Jewish heritage. These two should not be in a conflict. Jewish heritage means being descendants of Judah or Judea - wishing to enjoy liberty and prosperity for Jews in the Middle East.

The Arab-Israeli conflict has been a pretext made by those who deny the right of Jews to live in peace in the Middle East and elslwhere. Find here Myths and facts about Antisemitism around the world.

Zionist Groups

Ameinu  advocates a pluralistic, democratic Israel and progressive social policies in the United States. Ameinu's political agenda addresses a range of domestic and international issues.

Habonim Dror North America
Founded in 1935,
Habonim Dror (the Builders of Freedom) is a Progressive Labor Zionist Youth movement whose missions are: To build a personal bond and commitment between North American Jewish youth and the State of Israel. 

The Hagshama Department
The Hagshama Department of the World Zionist Organization was established in January 1998, with the aim of placing the fulfillment "Hagshama" of the Zionist vision high on the agenda of young Jewish adults (18-30).

Hashomer Hatzair
Hashomer Hatzair is a youth movement based on the principles of Progressive Zionism, Social Justice, Progressive Judaism and self-actualization, and committed to peace and equality.

Hamagshimim (Young Judea)
The Zionist youth group sponsored by Hadassah is conservative.

Kibbutz Artzi
The Kibbutz Artzi is a federation comprised of 85 kibbutzim founded by the Hashomer Hatzair youth movement. 

Labor Zionist
The State of Israel deserves to be free of intimidation, terrorism, and rejection by its Arab neighbors, including the Palestinians. The Palestinian people deserve to live in peace and normalcy in their own country."

Progressive Zionist Alliance
The Philadelphia-based group promotes Israeli-Palestinian peace and supporting movements for social justice within Israel.