Celebrity members of the Intergalactic church of James Brown.
"Being a part of this beautiful church makes me feel so good to be alive", said the Peurto Rican hip swiveller!
See what our celebrity members said
"I feel like dancing" exclaimed Y.A of Palestine!
"Its changed my life" said John F Kennedy Jnr.
"This is much more fulfilling and spiritual than tantra!" raved Gordon from Newcastle Upon Tyne.
"Wow I cant believe its not Buddhism" gasped Britney!
"This is really real" said plastic surgery loving movie star Cher
Why delay?
"Just like these guys you too could become a member of this beautiful life altering organisation....how? well thats the easy part all you need to do is email me at the link below
And simply write  "James Brown" in the subject field.... write the phrase "I wish to join your church" in the text field.....its easy and will guarantee you and your pet a seat on the craft to Argon 8!
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