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There is life after cigarettes.

What does it mean to be committed? Commitment is more than just saying you will. Commitment is more than just good intentions. Commitment is more than just a once-in-a-while process. It is a continuing, moment-by-moment undertaking. It is more than trying. Commitment is doing whatever is necessary, for as long as necessary, to get the job done. Commitment doesn`t bail out at the first sign of trouble. Commitment stays on course, moving steadily through good times and bad. Commitment doesn`t make excuses or look for the easy way out. It finds a way through every obstacle. Commitment doesn`t wait for someone else to take up the slack. Commitment makes things happen whatever the circumstance.

True commitment isn`t stopped when the effort becomes tiring, boring, uncomfortable, unpleasant, tedious, perilous or unpopular. True commitment keeps on going.

Genuine commitment on the part of those who have come before us has brought our world to where it is today, enabling us to live lives filled with possibility and promise. It is a priceless legacy, and one which can continue to grow with our own strong and sincere commitment.

-- Ralph Marston
About Me...
Hi! I'm Amethyst, and I...Am...Canadian! I'm making this website in order to share my quit smoking journey with the world. If I can help just one person to achieve the freedom that I've attained, then my time is well spent.

I'm 33, married to a fantabulous man, and we have 3 great kids. There's 4 good reasons to quit killing myself with smokes right there! I've suffered from chronic pain due to a nerve disorder and was physically disabled for nearly 8 years. I battled back, and now I am a lifeguard. I still have pain, but I'm the one calling the shots now.

My last cigarette was at 7am, May 19, 2003.
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