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1991 Accord w/ Built, Turbo F22B
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Update: 7/23/03: Ive got the car back now from South Florida Performance. Decided to go ahead and have them build me an H22A open deck motor. Motor was sleeved and built the same as the old F22A. Fuel is still the same 440cc injectors which are now holding the power back. On the SFP manifold now is a T3/T04E 60-trim turbo with the Turbonetics Deltagate dumped to the atmosphere. The Deltagate is starting to creep a little, so it will be replaced with an ERL Performance 38mm wastegate when they are finished with their design. New Dyno for the car is ~260whp and 250wft lbs at 7.5lbs of boost @ ~6000rpm(rev limit is set at 8000rpm). The car will be getting a new ignition soon as the car is pushing so much air it is blowing the spark out. A new dyno will be done then and I will get some 1/4mile times posted hopefully in the next couple weeks. Many new things to come for this car in the next few months so stay tuned. Goal of the car by September is to win the Dyno Competition at the Nopi Nationals for Highest HP 4cyl. forced induction. Planned mods are ~720cc injectors, possible Venom intake Manifold, and some "special parts".

Update: 12/29/02: Car is now back at SFP for some R&D work. They are changing the design of the Darton Sleeves to allow more cooling at the top of the cylinder. The car is also recieving a new turbo. Updates and new dyno charts will be up once the car is finished.

Right now I am also looking for a new home for the website. Ill provide a link off this page if the website is moved.

Update: 11/25/02: I got my Greddy Profec B boost controller installed and I'm running 10lbs. of boost at the moment. On the Dyno it made 230hp and 242 ft.lbs. of torque. The car is now pulling to 6500rpm's but the T3's 48-trim compressor is really holding the motor back. Still the car is amazingly fast and I'm having big problems now with traction through the first three gears.

Update: 11/3/02: The car is now finished, and running great! I dont have my boost controller yet so Im not running high boost, but the engine feels amazing even at low boost. Im only running 4.6psi on the Deltagate right now. Dyno'd the car at 185hp and 191ft.lbs. of torque at 6000rpms at the wheels. She pulls great, but runs out of steam past 6 grand, a bigger compressor will take care of that. Plans are to run 11psi on pump gas and 20psi on 116 race gas. Racing seats are also in now and I love them. Thanks to the guys at SFP who spent countless hours to get them to fit right..