Welcome to my virtual literary space.

I am a freelance author. I write self-help, inspirational, body/mind/spirit, travel, and motivational articles.

As a writer, I am pursuing what so many of us aspire to, I am writing a book - not just one, but two (1 fiction and 1 non-fiction).

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Get a cup of coffee and enjoy the writing journey with me.

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RA Salvatore
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      I have been writing since High School. That first fledgling story of a girl finding a fawn with a broken leg and nursing it back to health had me hooked.

      I even became the editor and regular contributor for a monthly church magazine. I loved the writing process.

      When I was in a joyless and abusive marriage, it was writing poetry that was cathartic for me. So I am pursuing it more seriously. If you are in need of a content provider or one-time article, please contact me.

      I have nearly twenty years corporate Fortune 500 experience as an Adult Trainer and Quality Engineer (Certified Quality Auditor). I possess a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration (Mgmt emphasis). I am also a Life Coach trained by Coachville. As you can see, I have wide and varied experiences which, I feel, benefits my writing.

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