Some Providers like Geocities who serve with free WebPages are including in their services also a free Counter and a free Guestbook. Others don't or one would like to have these facilities with other ablities. Some Servers don't allow your own CGI files or you don't know how to write them. So here are some Links which will help you to find what you are in need for.

Free Counters:

NedStat Basic Website | Welcome!

Statistical Counter which is not dominating too much the space on your WEB Site. One has to add a little symbol which leads to the statistical information which anybody who visits the site can see.

eXTRemMe Tracking

Very nice statistical Counter which also tracks back the sites which are linked to ones site.


FastCounter by LinkExchange - Get a Free Hit Counter for Your Site

Not the design I have in mind for a counter, but it does it's job and it is small.



Statistical Counter which gives a lot of very interesting information only for the site owner or the person who knows the password. By this one also can start with a higher number of hits. It includes also a guestbook. The bad thing is that it takes a lot of space and includes advertisment.


Aaddzz - FREE Counters

Eye candies! Very appealing. Also statistical counters available there.



Hit counters, guestbooks and other free sevices. One has first become a member.



You have to become first a member and set up your homepage with this free service. It looks nice and can be set up at each page. You also can go with your user id and password to a place where you can see more information and also set the counter to a number of your choice.

The Counter

Counter and Tracker. Gives results in numbers and not by charts.

The Counter



Free Guestbooks:

The World Famous Guestbook Server

This is having a very nice little graphic which itself looks very inviting to write something into it.



Looks also very nice and it is a joy to read in it. Unfortunately the name is not saying to the viewer the obvious. At the beginning I have been not quite sure if it is really a guestbook or something else.


Welcome to GuestPage -- Free Guestbook Server

Here you can add your own guestbook picture


Freeware Guestbook





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