Hi to everybody!

My name is Paolo and I'm a 29 years old Italian boy. My greatest hobby is collecting used phonecards.

I collect phonecards from all countries and all technology, except remote memory because I don't consider them really phonecards.

At the moment I have about 18.100 phonecards from 182 different countries in my collection, but I hope to increase it more and more with your help. If you want to see the statistics about my collection click here.

Here you can find my swap list and some want lists. I'll try to update them as more as possible, but ask for the cards first,don't send them without previous agreement.

You can find also a list of collectors I have found on the net. I have swapped with all of them and I can assure that they are all honest collectors.

If you have cards that I haven't got or I have cards that you need, don't hesitate to e-mail me (paolo.monthy@tin.it).

I'll answer to everybody.

My worldwide swap list

My Italian swap list (sorry, only in Italian)

African countries A-E want lists

African countries G-N want lists

African countries R-Z want lists

Albania & Romania want lists

Andorra & Gibraltar want lists

Arabian countries want lists

Aruba, Curaçao, Falklands, Solomon & St. Maarten want lists

Australian want list

Austrian & Swiss want lists

Belgium want list

Bolivia & Paraguay want lists

Brazil want list

BT want list 

Bulgarian want list

Croatian want list

Cuban want list

Cyprus want list

Danish want list

Dutch want list

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania want lists

Ex-U.S.S.R. countries want lists

French want list

Greek want list

Hungarian want list

Irish want list

Israeli want list

Italian want list (sorry, only in Italian)

Jersey & Guernsey want lists

Mexican want list

Moscow (MGTS) want list

Namibia want list

New Zealand want list

Portugal want list

Singapore want list

South Africa want list

South Korea want list

Spanish want list

St. Petersburg want list

Turkish want list

Uruguay want list

Good swappers


Would you like to know which is one of the biggest phonecards dealer on the net? He has got nearly everything, from nearly everywhere. Go to www.mvcards.com . He is also the editor of the World Phonecard Catalogue, a wonderful series of useful and cheap catalogues about many many countries. 

Scambio anche sorpresine Kinder con altre sorpresine Kinder o, meglio, carte telefoniche. Clicca qui per vedere cosa ho disponibile.


Hey, if you are a real phonecards collector you must visit the Worldwide Phonecard Database, where you can find a lot of collectors ready to swap and other interesting things about phonecards!


Bored by phonecards? OK, I'll introduce you to two of the nicest people I have ever met:  KIM & JUNE



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