By Virginia Cavazos
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Chapter One: A fateful decision / Chapter Two Love is Stronger than Hate!
Chapter Three FIGHT..EAT..SLEEP!!  /  Chapter Four Ralph's Return!
Chapter FiveThe Mongolians have arrived!!  /  Chapter SixPrinces, Lords and 
The King of Thieves.
Chapter SevenMen of Honor...  /  Chapter EightBetrayal, and Unrequited Love.
Robin is  captured and taken to an abandoned monastery. He soon finds that this monastery is very much alive. It has been taken over by a woman known as The Master. There she pits innocent villagers in battles, to amuse the aristocracy.

Robin soon catches the eye of a Mongolian named Cho. He chooses to train Robin to fight in the Arena. He feels Robin is the reason he came to England. In search of a mythical warrior from his land.

To him Robin is his, 
Greatest Warrior!
Final update: 10/21/01
This novel will be posted in chapters. Each chapter will consist of alternating parts. 

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