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Welcome all to my Story Page!
This is a site that is dedicated to all fans of Matthew Porretta and the character he portrayed; Robin Hood. For the uniqueness of this site is that the story does not have to be about Robin Hood. I have a story of Matthew as a Vampire Hunter and a dedicated Painter. For you see the persona that Matthew created has inspired those of us that found we can write to keep him alive for others that fell in love with the man Matthew Porretta.

I want to stress that this is not a professional fanzine site, anyone is welcome to post a story. There will be no editing done, just a spell check, all stories will be posted as written.  If the stories are lengthy then I will post them in chapters. This way you won't have to linger here long. Stop in for a while, relax and take in a chapter or two. 
I will try to have a new story posted each week.  This is a site for all fans to kick back, and enjoy a good story.  Please no X-rated stories. I want this for fans of all ages  to enjoy.  Sometimes I will be placing drawings within the story, to try to give all a picture of the wonderful tale told.

As to how big this site might be? Its is only restricted by the imagination. If that is the case, then I think I just might need a bigger site. For Matthew seemed to have inspired many fans out there to keep his heroic character he created alive.

"A man who fights for what he believes in, is a hundred times stronger than a man who fights for pay"
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To read the posted stories, Click on the books to enter the editions.
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Story Page Forum
This will be a special site for the readers to talk about the stories
posted on the site. Whether it be to praise an author, or story.
Or to give suggestions to the wonderful authors. You can use this site to talk about the characters used in stories. Or give suggestions to new characters. I will be asking for suggestions for my stories. Perhaps some of the other authors will join in.

It just amazes me how many Matthew Porretta Fans are marvelous

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and inventive authors. I think it's a testament to Matthew's own
ability to be so multi-talented. I have to thank all you wonderful
Authors for allowing me to post your wonderful stories. You are the
true heroes to my site.
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NAoRH Novels
The New Adventures of Robin Hood Novels

On this site you will find complete, full-fledged novels written by the very talented fans of the series. The first two novels are mini-novels. Co-written by three marvelous authors.

The next three are complete full sized novels. 
Legacy, written by two of Matthew's Robin Hood fans.
The Greatest Warrior, and Robin-Gate, two novel's written by myself. 
So click the book to the left to enter NAoRH Novel site!

Code       When entering each Fanfiction site, click on the book to the left to read the stories

When you see this book it means the story will be a Matthew Porretta Robin Hood story based on the character he created in the television series The New Adventures Of Robin Hood..


The upside down book can indicate many things, perhaps a Cross over story. A story with Matthew Porretta as a different character, a vampire hunter or a painter.
Or an alternate Robin Hood. A  change from the original series or Legend. Example: Robin loving someone other than Marion..
The red book means that the following story will have the character Will Scarlet. Matthew Porrettas  marvelous portrayal of Will Scarlet O'Hara has inspired many  writers to add him to their stories.

Click the books, to enter the editions
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 First Edition

A giant of a man, with a child's heart and soul. Jacobi gets married! We are introduced to a new character, named Willow. You will also find a marvelous christmas tale in this, my first edition.

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Second Edition

What will you find in the Second Edition? Well there is a great story of Robin learning to dance. A woman with a special gift, or is it a curse? Two Vampire stories, A tale of a painter that looks very familiar. A Unicorn and the devil himself. 

Click to Enter my Third Edition


Third Edition

I have many Alternate Stories in this Edition. A Doctor Who, crossover. You'll find a marvelous story with Will Scarlet. Two stories with our heroes as children. An Absolute Marvelous Love story, and A story that tests Robin's strength when he's pushed beyond his limits. 

Click to Enter my Fourth Edition`


Fourth Edition
This edition has a large variety of different stories. 
Michael returns, as well as Jacobi and Elizabeth. You'll find the first Bi-Lingual story, (in Spanish) and Holiday stories written for Christmas and Halloween. We are introduced to a special Character named Cat. Who will get Robin into all kinds of trouble. 
Click to enter my Fifth Edition


Fifth Edition

Robin is captured by Arabians! Mo is back, as well as Cat. We find out what happens to Michaels' sad life. Robin is a youngster, in mind as well as body. And Olwyn's magic helps Robin to fight Prince John. These are just a few of the stories you will find in the Fifth Edition. 

Click to enter my Sixth edition Sixth Edition

This Edition holds the biggest variety of stories. You'll find a witch, seeking revenge on Robin. Jacobi, The Sheriff of Nottingham, and an ill knight from the crusades. Robin is swept into many lands, the American west, Ireland, and Queen Eleanor's ball, far in the past. You'll also find several stories, with a different twist, and one non-Robin Hood story. With a brown-eyed stranger, who looks VERY familiar.


Seventh Edition!
We now open a new page, to another edition. Enter my Seventh Edition
I am proud to declare, I now have a Seventh Edition - to Matthew's Story Page.
Who knows what stories will fill this edition?  I want to thank all of  Matthew's Fans for allowing me to post their, marvelous, wonderful stories. This site could not be possible if not for them. I deeply bow in appreciation of your talents. As I have always stated, we are bounded only by our imaginations. 
Updated 03/05/07

Round Robin Website
Round Robin Site.
Stories written by a circle of different authors.
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Printing Hints: 
For those of you who want to print out the stories. Here's a helpful
Hint. When in a chapter go up to edit, select "Select All" Everything should be highlighted. Then go back to Edit and select copy. Open any word processing program and paste (found in edit) the copied chapter into a Word processing Program, like Word Pad. Save file,  you can add to the file by copying other chapters and pasting them under the previous chapter. After this is done you can then print them at your leisure. I hope this has helped many readers. 

Like what you see? Want to join in on the fun? Then let me know.

 I'm just a click away from posting your story.

To send me your stories you can either copy and paste them in a Email.
Or you can send them to me using my Email address as a .txt
or .doc file. I can accept both. Nothing will be turned away, this is
a site for all fans of every age, it you send it to me I will put it up.

"You have the quick reflexes of a woman" The tall amazon said.
   "Thank you, I get them from my mother" Robin quickly replied with a grin.

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