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Welcome one and all to my Seventh Edition!!
  As always, I pledge to continue; to try and amuse all who come to my web site. If you want me to post your story, I will gladly do it for you. This site would not be possible if not for Matthew's talented fans. Any type of story is accepted. X-rated need not apply. 
This is, and will always be - A family site.

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Gypsy Spell The Gypsy Spell By Laurali NEW
Robin hears that thieving Egyptian gypsies are coming through Sherwood Forest. Wanting to dispel any bad rumors, Robin greets the gypsies himself. He finds the group to be similar to his outlaw band, running in fear of prosecution from their own land.. As he becomes friends with them he soon learns that perhaps some of the rumors may be true, as fires are set in camp and several new friends are hurt.
Gut Instinct
Gut Instinct By Thornbud
Robin has had a bad feeling that something is about to happen. Marion tells him to try and ignore the bad feeling, Unfortunately he finds out in a most deadly way, that he should have listened to what his gut instinct was telling him.
Haunted Haunted by the Past By Whiteminx 
Ravished by an evil lord, the mayor of Oakwood begs Robn Hood to save his town. Knowing the Lord has a weakness for beautiful women, Marion agrees to go to the Lords castle. What she unexpectantly finds is a man haunted by his undying passion for a certain auburn haired woman of Sherwood.
Price of Honor The Price of Honor By Julie-Rae Mandell-Clemons
Robin has a new enemy. A powerful wizard who wants to make a name for himself, by capturing the famous outlaw. He uses his powerful magic against the one person that forces Robn to make a choice. What Price does he place for Honor? Thanks to Julie-Rae, this is the first story on the site that will be posted in script formatt. You can now feel what it was like for the actors, when they first started working on a episode. Thanks Julie!
Incredible Adventure Incredible Adventure By Lisa Arnold
Elisha ran fast through the forest. Dressed as a young boy, she fled from the raiders that attacked her shire. She soon stumbles upon an injured man. Fearing for her life, she wants to flee, but her heart won't allow her to. She soon finds out that the man is the famous outlaw Robin Hood. Blinded by an attack, he will not be able to help her from her persuers. Alone, she must help Robin find a way back to his camp. Lisa is a new writer to the site! Welcome Lisa, and thank you for allowing me to post your wonderful story,
Xmas in Sherwood Christmas in Sherwood By LM Feltyberber  
This is Laura's little homage to Sherwood during our favorite holiday...Christmas!
What Ever Happens Whatever Happens By Terssia Unander-Scharinnbsp; 
Marion's father calls her to him. He is dying and wants of her, one last wish. To marry the man he has chosen for her.Unfortunately it is not the former Robin of Locksley but a man of his chosing. What will Marion do?
4sisters A Season of Four Sisters By LM Feltybergera  
Four magical sisters fued has flowed into a certain outlaws territory. It will take all of Robin's wiles and strength to face, and hopefully mend the sisters battles before his beloved Sherwood becomes a pawn in their dangerous game.
Robin Soliloquy Robin Soliloquy By Diana  
Diana was given an assaignment at school, to come up with Hamlets famouse "Soliloquy".
"To be or not to be, that is the question..." She had to use another famous person in Literature. I thank her for allowing me to put up her's, as well as our favorite character...Robin Hood!
Birthday Party The Birthday Party By Minx   
Queen Eleanor's birthday is coming. The Legendary wish to plan something special for her. Unforutnately, Sir Guy has plans of his own. It involves Robin, and his unending love for Marion. 
Crossroads  Crossroads By The Lady in Black 
Kiara entered a small tavern, tired from a hard day at work. Matt stepped up to her, offering her a little friendship, and solace...he was just doing his job. A chance meeting, that has many twists and turns follow both of them in their turbulent lives.


Full Moon By Rapidash, and Virginia Cavazos 
Marion mysteriously flee's Sherwood! Robin visits Olwyn, where he hears a  tale of someone else special in Marion's heart.
Rapidash, is a new author from Germany!! I hope I did your story justice. 


The Mystery around the Legendary Three By Minx 
Marion hears a voice calling to her. She has to becon to it. She ends up in a cave, with two magical companions. She finds she has a higher calling. Robin is in danger, and only the three can save him!
Minx is a new writer to the site! Thank you for allowing me to post your wonderful story on the site. I encourage all writers from around the world to give it a go. 


My Lucky Valentine By Laura Feltyberger 
Robin meets up with a mysterious young woman on the road. She speaks of a betrayal. He pledges to help her. Suddenly he comes upon Marion, who's new companion also speaks of the same betrayal. Which one speaks the truth? You'll have to click the book to find that out!


The New Adventures of Buffy Summers By April 
April is a new author to the site! She has come in with a BANG! This is a crossover story. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, meets Robin Hood. She's written a fantastic story, with romance, vampires, and high kicking action! 
Thank you April, for allowing me to post your wonderful story!


A Christmas Journey By Diana 
Robin starts to disbelieve in himself, on Christmas eve! Until he is visited by friends, and enemies, who help him find that man that has been destined to save England!


Well Done Young Man By Ginnie 
King Richard is on his way home. Robin's noble work is done. Or is it? 

Special note: When Michael Praed left Robin of Sherwood, he was killed in the end. It gave closure to him leaving the show. Ushering in a new Robin Hood. NAoRH didn't do this. It pained us to see a new Robin Hood taking Matthew's place. Even though he chose to leave, it left us feeling empty. This story was written by a dear friend of mine. I think it helps to give Matthew's fans closure, for losing his wonderful Robin Hood.

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