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A round Robin, is a story, written by more than one author.
I will be posting each authors chapter, as they finish it. 
The present story will be a halloween story. 
I want to thank Matthew's Talented fans from his email, fanclub, 
for allowing me to post their chapters to this site.. 
You'll find many different styles with each chapter posted.

Each time an author finishes with their part,
I will post it on this site.

With hope you will all will enjoy our efforts.

I now have three, completed Round Robin stories, and one in Progress
Echoes of the Past

Robin and his companions stumble upon a Druid sacrifice. They become caught up in a plot, to raise the demon Bahl. Will Robin be able to stop the sacrifice? 
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To read Echoes of the Past

Blood on The Moon

Robin, Vampires, Witches, and werewolves. Need I say more?

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Blood on The Moon

Something about Christmas Time

Tuck is ill, gravely ill! There seems to be no hope for his recovery. Until a old friend arrives to heal him. Thankful for her help, Robin invites her to stay, and celebrate the coming of Christmas. Unaware that plans for his death are being made, with the arrival of
this old friend

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Pandora's Castle!

Halloween Round Robin!!
Finished 05/12/02

Robin, his companions and Thomas of Glockshire are chased by Sir Guy into a mysterious Castle. The castle wasn't there yesterday, and most trapped inside will soon wonder, if it will be there tomorrow night!!

Warning: This site is graphic intensive.
Please give it time to load

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