Blood on the Moon
By the Outlaw List Writers

Part 6
By Tasha

“Olwyn, I want to help.  But you have to tell me what to do!  You have to tell me where to start!” Tuck exclaimed.

Olwyn smiled wryly, and began to fade from view.  “You’ll find your way, Tuck.  Look for daylight’s key in the darkest night.  Seek the sliver of darkness in the light.”  He faded from the room.

Tuck stepped forward to the space, yelling “Olwyn!  You’re not helping…”


“Robin….” The hauntingly sweet voice called to Robin in his dreams.

He opened his eyes with a start, and glanced at his surroundings.  The night was dark and starless, and the moon was red, oozing a crimson light across the forest.  The air was still and oppressive, and heavily scented with incense.

“I’m dreaming, I must be…” He stood rubbing gently at his head, sniffing the cloying air as the voice called to him again.


“Hello?”  He called.  There was no direction to the voice, it was coming from everywhere.


He span around, a panic rising in his chest as he tried to gauge his bearings.

A figure strolled soundlessly from the south.  He caught the faint movement with the corner of his eye, and watched warily as she approached.  She moved as if through water, and slithered

“Robin...” She sang, stepping forward.

“Who are you?”  He stammered.

She reached where he stood, and slid her arms around his neck.  “Who are you?”

“I’m… Robin.”  He murmured, suddenly unsure.

“Robin.  Do you really think so?” she asked, a playful smile on her red lips.

Robin’s mind clouded, he felt as though his head was stuffed with cotton.  He swooned slightly, and held onto the woman for support.  She pressed herself closer to him, but her body felt like ice.

“I... think so,” he whispered, barely able to speak.  He looked down into her face.  Her eyes were black and bottomless.  “Who am I?”

“No,” she shook her head, grinning.  “WHAT are you?”

He let go of her, and tried to push her away from him, but her grip was like a vice.  He could not break away from her stare.  She’s hypnotizing me, he thought.  She stretched up and planted a kiss on his lips, her breath like frost.  She pulled away and lifted her hands to his head running her fingers like rakes through his hair.

“You know what you are,” she whispered, as she pressed his head down to her neck.  “You know…”

Robin gripped her arms to stop himself from falling over.  The incense smell intensified, and he could see the blood pulsing through her veins.  He lost all rational thought as he bit down into her neck, and felt his whole being spin as the icy blood gushed into his mouth.

She gasped with surprise and pleasure, then screamed her name into the night. "Elizabeth....!"


"Friar, help him!"  Little John screamed, as he threw himself onto the bed.  Robin thrashed around, his whole body convulsing.

"Is he possessed, Tuck?" Marion asked concerned.  "Is it a demon?"

Tuck shook his head hopelessly.  He didn't know what to do.  Robin's soul was obviously  in a bad place.  John had pinned his friend to the bed as convulsions racked his body.  Robin gave another shudder, then fell back onto the bed, still and silent.

John looked up at the Friar, his face sorrowful.  "What are you going to do, Tuck?" he asked, his voice small like a childs.

"Find daylight's key while it's still dark," Tuck replied, a firm set to his jaw.

"I'm coming with you," Marion stated, and Tuck placed his hand on her arm, nodding in reply. Both outlaws were aware that they had to do something, and unsure as to WHAT, they left the room.

John stared after them, then glanced down at the prone form of his friend.  A fat tear spilled from his left eye as he seated himself next to the bed.

"Come on, Robin..."


End of Part Six

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