Blood on the Moon
By the Outlaw List Writers

Part Five
By Paddy

From the distance Little John could see Robin walk into the black forest. Wondering what would happen he decided to keep some distance between them. Eventually he discovered a huge wolf, which obviously lead Robin somewhere. The animal was hardly to see in the darkness of the night, but fortunately Robin wore his long red cape and it was not that difficult to keep an eye on him.

The three of them had been walking like this for quite a while now. Nothing happened. Nothing. They didn't even change their direction, neither to the left nor to the right. When they came to a clearing quite a distance away from the edge of the forest, John could take a look at the moon above. He had seen a red moon in his life before, but it had never been that red. It was really deep and dark red. The same color blood has.

When his eyes turned back at Robin he watched something strange going on. Robin had come to a halt, the wolf had disappeared. John didn't dare to come any closer to Robin. Suddenly a sickening thud frightened his ears and the following cry of a wolf almost deafened him. When he had cleared his mind again, he saw Robin lying on the forest ground. His former state of defence didn't mean anything to him now. He ran towards the still figure on the ground, gathering the young outlaw up into his arms. John knew that there was no time to check if Robin was still alive. Now he could do nothing but run. He ran as fast as his feet would carry him back into the safety of the inn.

John kicked the door open with his mighty leg and as soon as he and Robin were inside, he kicked it closed again.
Usually Nathan wouldn't have expected any more guests at such a late hour. And so he was only more surprised, when he saw who the intruder was.

"What happened?" he asked the blonde giant. But there was no answer to his question.

"Can I have these two rooms again?" John asked.

"Sure. Is there anything I can do for you and your friend?" Nathan asked.

"Yes, don't tell anybody, we're here. None is to know we're here. Understood?"

"Yes. Got that. Well, who's especially not to know?"

"Anyone!" John ran up into their room. Gently he laid Robin down on the bed. Only by then he found some time to check, if Robin was hurt in any way. But he couldn't find any blood.

"I have to get Marion and Tuck back here. Probably they've already found Olwyn and can bring him with them."


"Gee, Zoe, how could you just lose him?" Shawn asked angrily. "I thought the last three hundred years would have made a better sorceress out of you."

"I am sorry, but something stronger than I broke the connection between us. I hope Keith got away in time," Zoe angrily said.
"Okay, okay. Now let us all calm a little," Elizabeth said. "Zoe, do you think you can gain control over him one more time?"

"As a matter of fact, I don't know. If he has someone who keeps an eye on him, someone who is more powerful than I, we
have little chance."

"Okay, do you have an idea, who the one could be who broke the connection?" Shawn asked.

"Yes, I do. Olwyn, an ancient sorcerer of Merlin's tribe, as old as Mortiana. He is at least as powerful as Merlin was. Nowadays, he has more magic in his finger than all of the world's sorcerers. If it is really him, we're lost."

Back in the village…

Little John was sitting on a chair next to Robin's bed. The giant's eyes were closed as if he would have been praying. His mind's voice kept on repeating the same words over and over again.

'Olwyn, Robin is in great danger. If you can hear me, please come here now. He needs you now. Olwyn please come if you can.' Eventually, sun was already dawning, John fell asleep. Robin hadn't even stirred all through the very long night.
"Wake up," John heard a familiar deep voice from afar.

"John Little, wake up!" The voice hadn't even risen above a whisper. Now in his half-conscious state John finally realized who it was.

"Olwyn!" He jumped up from his seat.

"John, what happened?" Marion said from the opposite side of the room. Olwyn had brought Marion and Tuck with him back to the inn.

"I don't know. I followed Robin into the forest and then suddenly on a clearing he collapsed. I brought him back here and that's it."

"What do you mean? That's it." Tuck asked.

"That's all I can remember. Olwyn couldn't you tell us what is going on here with the gypsies and all?" John pleaded with the ancient magician.

"Probably I do. At least I know, why Robin was acting so strangely. Mortiana…"

"Prince John's sorceress?" Marion interrupted him.

"Mortiana has a sister, better to say a twin. She was supposed to die at the age of 99, but she has had some really mighty and immortal friends. The vampires helped her to survive until today and she will live on in time forever if you can't stop them."

"Well, that's good to know for now. But haven't you forgotten something?" Tuck interrupted.

"What, Friar?" John asked him confusedly.

"ROBIN! Damn it! He's lying there unconscious on the bed and you're discussing matters from ancient times. Don't you think we should better first help our friend and your former pupil, Olwyn?" Tuck was badly annoyed.

"Yes, of course. Help him Tuck!" Olwyn ordered.

"I don't know how! I have no idea what is wrong with him. He's running no fever. He has no wounds. There's nothing I can find."

"Robin is sick Tuck. And you are the one to heal him. You must find a way. And if you want, I'll gladly help you."

End of Part Five

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