Blood on the Moon
By the Outlaw List Writers

Part 10
By Hayley

"Robin, Robin wake up" Marion was trying to wake the sleeping outlaw with out much success. She took hold of his shirt and started to shake him, "Come on Robin, itís time to get up". With a slow movement Robin rolled on to his side and opened his eyes, only to close them again quickly against the sun shining though the cracks in the shutters. Tuck noticed heís reaction to the light and took one of the blankets off the other bed.

"Little John, help me place this over the window. I think the sun is hurting Robinís eyes".

As they worked the room became a lot darker. Large shadows of the outlaws formed on the walls from the small candle on the table. Robin opened his eyes again and sat up on the bed. In the darkness he looked even paler and Marion wanted to cry more at the sight of him. She drew on all her will power to stop herself, as that would not help any of them. It helped a little that she could see that his eyes were almost back to their normal soft brown.

"What is going on?" Robin demanded to know. "And why is the room so dark? And why are you all looking at me like Iím the Devil himself?"

"You donít remember any think that happened last night?" Marion asked

"No, we stopped at the inn for dinner and then went to bed."

Tuck cleared his throat, trying to find the right words. "While you were sleeping demons of the night called to you, they are trying to make you one of them."

"Tuck, youíre going nuts, there is nothing wrong with me," Robin scoffed

"Then why do you have two larger front teeth now?" Little John asked

Robin ran his tongue over his upper teeth, what he discovered made him go paler still. "How?Öwhy?Öwhat?" was all that Robin could muster.

"I am not really sure, it has something to do with them contacting you while you sleep," Tuck told him.

"I think that we should go to see Olwyn," Robin said.

"We will as soon as it is dark," Tuck replied.

"No, now," Robin made for the door to the room, Little John reached him just as he opened it and pulled him back in. "John let me go," Robin tried to twist out of Johnís hold, but couldnít.

"We canít, you seam to be sensitive to the sun. We have to wait until night, thatís why the room so dark," Tuck stated

"What do we do till then?" Robin asked

"The three of us are going to take it in turn to sleep, while the other two help keep you a wake," Marion explained

"Little John, I think that you should go first. You had a hard time with Robin last night."

"For once Marion I will not argue with you. Wake me if you need to."

With that John moved one of the beds to in front of the door to the room and laid down on it. "Well at leased he wonít be leaving by this exit."
John rolled over on to his side and was asleep in seconds. That was how the rest of the day was spent.

As night fell it became harder and harder to keep Robin awake. The four outlaws left the inn just after twilight. Little John tossed the innkeeper three gold coins as he helped Robin to walk out of the inn to the barn were they had left the horseís.

"I do not think that I can ride." Robin said weakly as they reached the horseís.

"Thatís okay, youíll ride with me" Little John stated. As they set off for Olwynís a terrifying howl could be heard, as if the earth itself were in pain.


Elizabeth woke and stretched her muscles, then slid of the coffin.

"I know that this will be the night, when every thing will go just right" she sang as she walked around.

"Do you have to sing all the time, itís most irritating" Zoë announced as she worked at getting her old body working. Being over 400 years old, it was not as easy as it once had to get up. Her bones creaked with each move she made. Only the thought of tasting that sweet blood of the young outlaw was what got her going. She had to finish what she had started, but first she had to get rid of that meddlesome friar.

"Shawn, Elizabeth, come here" as Zoë called them to her she reached inside her dress and pulled out a long gold chain, it had two matching rings on it. Zoë pulled it over her head and undid the clasp and removed both of the rings. Then she did it back up, replayed it around her neck and tucked it back into her dress. Elizabeth watched with glee.

 "Is one of them for me?" she asked with a large grin on her face.

"NO, itís for you two to take to Sabrina," she answered. "Give it to her and tell her that I am calling in a debt. Tell her that she must come to the circle of the Seven Maidens"

"Why does some old witch get such a beautiful ring?" Elizabeth whined.

"Stop asking questions and just go. That is if you want that sweet tasting young man as your mate, if not then stay here!"

With that she turned to Keith, "You must take this one to Mortiana and tell her the same thing, she also has a debt to pay. And just one more thing, all five of you must reach the circle by the time the moon is full.

Elizabeth left the cave still pouting followed be Shawn. As soon as they had reached the opening they started floating up into the sky like smoke rising up from a campfire.

Keith hung back "What are you going to do now?" he asked of Zoë.

"I am going to the circle to start getting things ready, Now go," she waved her hands, shooing him out of the cave.


It had taken the small group of outlaws almost four hours to reach Olwynís cave. Little John had lost the battle to keep Robin awake shortly before the end of the journey. Dismounting his horse John carried the sleeping Robin into the cave, followed by Marion and Tuck. For once the dragon guarding the inner rooms did not bother John, the life of his friend was his only concern.

"Olwyn, you have to help us, Robin is under an evil spell," John said.

"I know, but I can not help him."

"What do you mean, he trusts you, he would die for you and now when he needs you most, you will not help him," Marion shouted angrily.

"I said, I can not help him, not that I would not." Olwyn replied in a soft tone

"This battle is taking place in his mind, one of you must enter his dream world and help him fight," the old man continued.

"How, and how? Marion asked.

End of Part Ten

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