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Welcome one and all to my Sixth Edition!!
  As always, I pledge to continue; to try and amuse all who come to my web site. If you want me to post your story, I will gladly do it for you. This site would not be possible if not for Matthew's talented fans. Any type of story is accepted. X-rated need not apply. 
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Past Ghosts By Virginia Cavazos 
The day started out normal. Robin and his men were trying to help a local village, that was being attacked by a Dukes men. As they split up, Robin suddenly find's himself alone, and injured. He soon meets up with two young boys. Taking him to their home, Robin finds a noble Knight, and a mystery that needs to be solved...and quick! For the castle he is staying in, will soon be attacked by the Dukes men!
Deprived Lives


Deprived Lives  By Paddy 
Robin is taken prisioner by Prince John. His savior is a strange woman, that the Princes seems to be afraid of. In thanks for saving his life, she asks him to do something for her. Something that leads him through time, and in a dangerous land. He lands in the middle of the Spanish Inquisition!!
Paddy marvelous story is based on historical fact. She has proven, that Robin Hood's legend is eternal. He will always stand for justice, and fights for the weak and oppressed, no matter what time, or place. 


Destiny by Mary Bell 
A lone man stumbles in the woods. Taken in by a stranger, he tries to piece together the life stolen from him. Along the way, he begins to fall in love with the beautiful woman that saved his life. Is this the love of his life he has been looking for? Of is this fated to be snuffed out by an unknown wife, from a unremembered past?
Mary Bell has joined the ranks of romance author! This is a fantastic story she has written, with a certain Six foot one Darien resident in the lead. For all Matthew fans, this is a must read!


The Sherwood Witch  By Melissa 
Marion becomes the victim of a vicious act of revenge. Injured in a fire, Robin seeks a healer to help her. In his quest, he comes upon a mysterious witch in the forest. Who is this Anastace? And why does she remain hidden in the forest?
I am honored that Melissa has allowed me to post her story. This is a story that was on her website. Thank you Melissa, for letting me keep your story alive.


Lakota Dreams   By Mary Bell 
Robin becomes ill, as he wakes up. He finds himself in a land very different from Sherwood. Where the people speak a strange language. But some of the inhabitants look very familiar to him. 
I want to welcome Mary to my website. This is her first story on my site. She has weaved a marvelous story. Thank you Mary for allowing me to post your fantastic story!!


Love Never Dies  By Virginia Cavazos 
Robin and Marion stop by a small cabin nestled in the woods. Marion suddenly becomes ill. During her illness, she recalls a special day, the day she fell in love with Queen Eleanors Ball.


The Other Attraction By Alisha MobleyAlisha's web site
Marion and Little John just have not been getting along lately. Robin sends them off on a special run. Hoping they would mend things. Along the way, they have a run-in with someone, that changes thier lives in a way they never would have imagined.


Cursed Love By Paddy Paddy's Web Site 
Robin visits an old boyhood friend in Ireland. At first the reunion is a happy one. Until Chris is missing the entire night. Robin confronts him, but he receives anger in return. But Robin does not turn his back on a friend. Once he finds his secret, he strives to help his good friend.
mistaken ident


Mistaken Identity By Ginnie 
Robin meets up with a dead man, or so he thought. On his own, he runs into Jacobi himself, running from soldiers. Robin is mistaken for Jacobi. Taking up on this, Jacobi decides to try posing as Robin Hood. What happens next is a dangerous adventure, as Robin is dragged into Jacobi's world.
normal night?


Just another Normal Night? By Virginia Cavazos 
Little John and Will are asked to remain in a small town, after Robin and his band are chased out by the Princes Guards. Something suspicious is happening in the sleepy town. It's up to Little John and Will to find out just what.
I have many surprises in this story, look for a special notice at the end


Poems, Picnics, and Past Presents By Diana Siciliano 
Will sneaks into Robin's tent, finding  a scrap of paper, he begins to read it. Robin catches him in the act, beginning a day that was end with a pleasant surprise for our Sherwood outlaw.
This story was inspired by Will Scarletts own rendition of the famous Poem.
 Click here, To visit my tribute the Bomb's away Moon Poem. 


Revenge is Sweet By Ginnie
Sir Guy's love for Marion is just as strong as ever. With Master Ika's help, he plans on freeing the love of his life, from her imprisonment with a certain sherwood outlaw
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