Triumph Of Love
By Lisa A. Prusok

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Chapter Nine

John came back. He picked up Robin and the blanket that covered him and held him to his chest. The heat Robin was giving off was intense.

"What did Olwyn tell you?" John asked as he began to sweat.

Cat picked up a cloth and walked to John. She raised up on her tiptoes and mopped his brow and face. "Olwyn told me that the cause of his sickness will be his cure."

Cat giggled at the confusion written on Johnís face. "Come on and bring Robin. Youíll understand."

Robin moaned. He ached all over. His head was pounding and the heat was fierce. Robin raised his hand and yanked the blanket off of him.

"Robin keep that on," John scolded him.

Robin opened his eyes and was bewildered as to why John was holding him. "Itís hot John. Why are you holding me?" he asked wearily.

"We are going to take you to the field," John told him, but still didnít understand himself as to why.

"Oh," was all Robin said as he closed his eyes.

Cat grinned and shrugged as she picked up the blanket and recovered Robin. Then she held the door flap open for John.

Neither of them said anything on the walk to the field. John was worried about Robin. Cat was worried about Marion and Robin.

Once they got there, John walked to the center and sat down. He lay Robin on the ground but kept his upper body in his arms. Robinís head rested on his forearm.

"How long do we have to wait and what are we waiting for?" John asked.

"Iím not sure and youíll find out."

"Well, since we have to wait, this is a good time to talk about us."

"Us John?"

"Yes, us. Something happened out there. I think I fell in love with you."

"I have strong feelings for you too John."

Without opening his eyes, Robin put in his two cents, "I think you make a cute couple," he said in a small, feeble voice.

"Go back to sleep Robin," John said softly as he smoothed Robinís hair from his face.

"Okay. Sleep," Robin barely said.

"We have to remember what the situation was when we kissed," Cat reasoned.

"What do you mean? I felt what I did because of you. It was because you are so wonderful. You are beautiful, smart, brave, and a potential outlaw," John snickered.

Cat laughed, "John, I think you are wonderful too. But just recall who we were with," she urged him.

"We were with Kaylora, in her pouch."

"Exactly! She is a creature that thrives on all of the good things about people, especially love. She even said that what we were doing made her feel stronger. Also, when she and Tanzan were healing they were emitting strong waves of tranquillity and love. They smell of lavender which is used to calm and rejuvenate."

"Are you saying that what we felt was not real, it was fabricated because of Kaylora and Tanzan? Donít you love me?" John asked with a shaky voice.

"John I just donít know," she said looking down at Robin.

John notice this, "You love Robin donít you?"

Catís head shot up and she looked John in the eyes, "Yes I do love Robin."

She was interrupted before she could continue.

"I love you too my special Cat," Robin murmured with a slight smile on his face.

Cat looked at him and smiled too. "John, Robin and I have a very different kind of relationship. Our love for one another is the kind that will never end. We are bound together by love and by powerful magic. It is a bond that will never be broken as long as we live. I love Robin with all my heart. Thatís one reason why I call him Lover. It is an affectionate nickname and only a nickname. We will never love each other physically. I kiss him because itís fun and very pleasant. When I kissed you, it was not like Robin at all. Your kiss was sweet, tender and filled with love for me. Robin loves me, but is not in love with me. Do you understand?"

John smiled down at Robin. His love for Robin grew stronger in that moment. "Yes Cat I understand. He is in love with Marion. He may be upset with her, even mad at her right now. But that doesnít change his true love for her."

"Right! Now that is settled, about us. We have only really kissed once. There was danger, fear for Robin, etc. at the time. All strong emotions. I suggest that we donít commit right now. Letís spend time together in a normal setting. Get to know one another. Maybe even kiss some more. After time, you may know that you love me and not just think," Cat winked at him.

"You see, you are really smart. It sounds good to me, especially the kissing part," he winked at her.

Cat caught herself blushing and looking down. As she looked at Robin a thought came to her as well as a future plan. But first the thought, "John, I just want to be very clear on something."

"What is it?"

"You understand now about Robin and I."
"Yeah, sure I do."

"Okay good. I want you to be clear on the fact that just because we are dating now, Iím not going to stop kissing Robin."

John frowned, "Why not? I mean I know and understand your love, but do you have to continue kissing him?"

"Yes I do and I will. That is my greeting for him. I show him my affection for him that way."

"Canít you find another way?" he continued to frown.

"I suppose I could, but I wonít!"

Cat looked down at Robin. She nudged him with her hand, "Robin are you awake?" Then she waited for a response. Robin continued to lay limply in Johnís arms.

"Now that I know he canít hear me, Iím going to let you in on a little secret," Cat whispered.

John leaned in closer to her, "Okay what is it?" he whispered.

Cat giggled a little, "Donít you dare tell anyone what Iím going to tell you, especially Robin."

"I promise."

"Okay. There are a couple of reasons why I kiss Robin and why I wonít stop. The first is I love him and as I said itís my way of showing him my affection,"

John frowned more, "I donít know if I want to hear this."

"Just hear me out, please."

John sighed deeply, "Go ahead."

"Thank you. The second reason is that Robin gives the most mind-numbing, sensual, fantasy come true kisses that are every womanís dream. His mouth and lips were made for the pleasure of a woman. He has the most kissable lips in the..."

"I GET THE POINT! You said there was another reason?" John said with an angry tone. He was not angry at Cat, but himself for blushing the deep red he knew he was.

Cat understood and stifled her laugh, "Okay...donít get nervous. The last reason is because I know that it annoys him," she laughed.

John was perplexed. His eyebrows shot up.

Cat laughed even more, "I have made a game of it. I love to tease him. I love to bait him and make him feel uncomfortable. It throws him off balance and then I am in control. Of course usually within a few minutes the tables are turned and I am the one off balance and blushing. It may annoy him, but he enjoys the game just as much as I do. You see, like I said before, itís fun!

John laughed and looked down at poor Robin. He had promised not to tell him and he wouldnít. It was a great secret!

"I donít let him know how or when Iím going to hit him with it. So, if you see me sitting on him and/or kissing him, it is all in fun. My fun with some pleasure thrown in to boot! Now you canít get jealous since you know what Iím doing."

John shook his head back and forth slowly, "Poor Robin. I know I promised, but I feel guilty not telling him."

"Donít feel guilty. He has to be in control most of the time doesnít he?"

"Yes, I suppose he does," John agreed.

"Well I figure I give him a break from that and also give him a bit of fun too. He doesnít have enough fun. His life is always so serious."

"Yes it is. His life is threatened and filled with danger just about every day. It is also filled with so much physical pain and heartache. Poor Robin." John looked down at his friend with such love and compassion in his heart. He stroked Robinís head as a comfort to whom he didnít really know. "I wonít tell Robin. I want you to do one thing."

"Whatís that?"
"Get him good! Get him as much and as many times as you can!"

Cat grinned widely, "I will do my very best! He wonít know what hit him!"

"He deserves more fun and light moments in his life. If I can ever help you with a plan, just let me know," John said looking into Catís eyes.

"I sure will. You are one of the best things that he has going in his life John. I really hope that I can be a part of your life," Cat said as she got up on her knees.

Then she leaned in and over Robin toward Johnís face. Cat tenderly placed her lips to his as she slid her arms around his neck.

John brought his free arm around her waist and pulled her onto him. Their lips pressed onto the others, deepening the kiss. Their body heat increased and Catís toes started to curl again. They were oblivious to everything around them.

Robin sensed pressure and heat around him. He opened his eyes just a slit then closed them. He felt so terrible and hurt so much. But what he just saw lightened his heart some. Pulling his strength together he spoke, "You two should do that more often."

John and Cat broke their kiss immediately and looked down at Robin, "How long have you been awake?" John asked.

"I only just woke up. Iím going to go away now," he just got out as his head rolled against Johnís arm and lay still.

Cat felt his neck for a pulse and then placed her palm on his forehead. "Heís getting worse. His fever is way up and his pulse is rapid and very weak. I wish they would hurry up and get here."

"Who!?" John asked annoyed.

Cat happened to look up. She pointed to the sky, "Them!"

Blue and pink forms were flying toward them.

"Kaylora and Tanzan! I understand now. His cause will be his cure. Olwyn actually makes sense," John gleamed.

"He does. Only if you read between the lines," Cat snickered.

It only took a moment for them to reach the field and land.

"We have been watching and came back to complete what we started. I called upon Olwyn to tell you that we were coming. How is Robin now?" Kaylora asked as she bent closer.

"He is much worse. What happened?" Cat asked.

"When Tanzan woke him up for me, apparently he did not get back into the healing place. Robin was nearly dead when we got to him. I think that is also why this time it did not go as well. Now we will heal him and stay with him until we are sure that it is complete," Kaylora said with determination in her voice.

Little John stood up with Robin in his arms.

Robin woke to the movement, "Are we going somewhere?" he asked feebly.

"You are my friend," John gave him a slight smile.

"Where?" Robin asked.

"You are going back to the healing place Robin," Kaylora said as she took Robinís body from John.

Robin felt the soft as mink fur against his body. It felt so good. Then he found himself once again cradled in Kayloraís arm, "Hello Kaylora, Tanzan has it been a long time?" he asked not really knowing.

"Too long my sweet Robin. I missed holding you," she said winking at Tanzan.

"You do not look well my little friend. You are ill again," Tanzan told him.

"Phffff, this? Itís nothing. Just feel a little run down," Robin joked very quietly.

"I think not. It is time. Just relax Robin. All will be well," Kaylora said as she moved Robinís body into position.

Robin cried out at the movement. It hurt him all over, "Itís so cold," he shuddered.

Kaylora looked at Tanzan as she felt the intense heat pouring out of Robinís body, "We must hurry beloved."

Tanzan moved in closer until his heart was at Robinís back.

Robin felt the fur encompassing him, "Feels good," he murmured then let his head drop against Kayloraís shoulder for he could not hold it up any longer.

Kaylora and Tanzan held hands and closed their eyes. Once again their bodies glowed. Their colors merged to the beautiful shade of violet. Lavender scent filled the air. Only this time their hearts did not glow blue, but an ablaze shade of red that was so full of love it brought tears to Cat and Little Johnís eyes.

John looked down at Cat and pulled her tightly to his side, "I see what you meant. I do feel my love growing for you right now. Itís almost as if the good emotions have been heightened, focused, magnified. This isnít real?"

"Oh itís real all right. But it may be just taking what you would normally feel only a little, or think you feel and concentrating it. Even I love you more than I ever thought possible right now," Cat told him as she stared up into his blue eyes.

John stared down into her eyes. Then he reached down and lifted her into the cradle of his arms. They began to kiss tenderly, then passionately. When John pulled back, they both said, "WOW!" at the same time.

"When we kissed before, it was nothing like that!" Cat said through heavy breaths.

"No it wasnít!" John smiled as Cat put her head on his shoulder.

John nuzzled his face into her neck and closed his eyes in bliss.

They waited just like that while Robin was healed.

Time passed. No one knew nor cared how much. The peace that they felt made time seem trivial and so unimportant.

Suddenly the violet light was gone and Tanzan stepped back. Kaylora put her hand on Robinís bare back and made small caressing circles as she spoke, "Robin open your eyes now. It is done. Talk to me."

Robin had gone to a place without any aches, pain or fever. He heard her calling but did not want to leave, so he ignored her.

"Robin open your eyes. Now Robin!" Kaylora ordered him.

Robin felt her fur caressing his back and his chest lay against the cushy, soft, warmth of her chest. If he moved or answered, that would go away. So, again he remained silent where there were no worries, only pleasure and serenity.

"Robin you must listen to Kaylora. Do what she says. We need you, Cat and I. Robin, Marion needs you," John implored.

When Robin heard John mention Marion, he recalled how bad off she bad been . She was hysterical. He needed to come back to make sure she was back to her loving self again. There was no doubt in his mind that he was most of the reason for her disturbed condition.

Reluctantly, Robin opened his eyes.

Kaylora breathed a sigh of relief, "You have come back! How do you feel? No matter what your answer is, Tanzan and I will stay with you until we are entirely sure that you are well."

Robin knew that when he showed a sign of life, she would move him and sure enough, she did. Kaylora lay him back onto her hand and moved him into the cradle of her arm. She stroked his bare chest lightly with her fingertips.

Robin looked up to her adorable pink face, "I am better than I was and I thought we had an agreement about this," he weakly said referring to her stroking fingers.

Kaylora giggled, "I forgot. Iím just so glad that you are with us and better now. I am sorry that it did not work before. I believe that you were just too far gone. We should have stayed to make sure," she said with regret.

Robin saw her anguish, "Kaylora, I donít believe a word of it," he winked. "The only reason you came back was to get me in your arms again," he gave her an impish grin.

Kaylora laughed as a tear of joy rolled down her cheek to land right on Robinís bare stomach.

"Now donít start crying. Youíll drown me," he said as he wiped all the water off his stomach.

Kaylora felt so much love for this small human she couldnít resist but to hug him to her tightly and bring her cheek down to nuzzle him, "You see how wonderful he is Tanzan. Do you feel his light?"

Tanzan smiled at his mate. He stepped up and rubbed noses with her while he stroked Robin with his fingers. "Yes, I can feel him without even touching him. But when I do, it is such a powerful, glorious sensation." Then he felt a tiny tap on his fingers. Tanzan looked down.

"You two are killing me with kindness here," Robin gasped out.

They laughed at him as Tanzan stepped back and Kaylora loosened her grip on him.

"Ah, thatís better," he sighed deeply. Hoping that she had forgotten what was next, Robin made a suggestion, "Thank you both again for helping me. Now if you wouldnít mind putting me down, I have someone that I need to see," he said trying to sit up in her arm.

"I would mind Robin. Do not think I donít know what you are trying to do. I have allowed you to stay awake far longer than I should have."

Robin lay back with a plop. Then he looked up at her giving her his best pathetic look and a small pout, "But..." that was as far as he got.

"Donít Ďbutí me Robin Hood. Tanzan and I will be with you this time to make sure the healing is complete. You can save the look too. It is time," she said as she started to purr softly.

Robinís eyes went wide. He didnít want to sleep again. He felt a little better now. Again he attempted to crawl off of her arm. He knew he was sunk when she spoke to him.

"Relax Robin. Donít fight what you know is the inevitable."

Tanzan put his hands underneath Kayloraís arm to guard against Robin falling.

"I have to check on Mar...i....on," the word died on his lips as his body went limp. He had only made it half way over her arm before he lost consciousness. His head, long hair and arms swung back and forth slightly.

"He is a very determined, passionate man," Tanzan said picking Robin up to place him in Kayloraís arm. But as he held Robin, he gasped. "The strength I feel is amazing. May I hold him for a while?"

"Yes you may, but I want him back," Kaylora told him with a finger wiggling as a warning.

Tanzan cuddled Robinís body to him, "I now understand what it is you feel and why you were and are so adamant about him."

Kayloraís big blue teddy bear eyes looked at Robin with love, "Yes but you give me 100 times more than what I feel when I hold Robin."

Tanzan looked to John and Cat. John had finally put her down and they were now sitting on the ground close to each other. "I donít suppose there is anyway that we can keep him, is there?" Tanzan asked.

John laughed, "No. Robin is needed here."

"Do you understand how powerful Kaylora and I would be having Robin with us? How much good we could do with his added strength?"
"Yes I believe I do. Because Robin gives the people of England strength and power to go on. He does good deeds every day here. We need him. The people of England need him. But, I need him too," John explained.

"Me too," Cat added.

Tanzan sat down on his haunches, "I guess we will just have to treasure what time we have with him."

Kaylora sat down too, "And come back for frequent visits."

The two couples sat and talked for hours. Kaylora once again held the precious package in her arms. She rocked back and forth as a mother would when holding her baby. Robin began to stir. Kaylora closed her eyes and concentrated on Robinís body.

When she opened them, "He still does not emit his normal aura. I am going to put him back under again," she told everyone.

"Are you sure you have to?" John asked.

It was already midday. If she put Robin under again, it would not be until well after night fall before he would awaken again.

"Yes John, Iím sure. You know, the two of you look very tired too," Kaylora commented as she began to purr. Only this time it was loud enough for John and Cat to hear her.

It was the first time John had heard it, "Thatís pretty, it...hey! Wait just a minute! I donít want to...sleep," he said as he fell over backward sound asleep. His body fell next to the already sleeping form of Cat.

Robin opened his eyes and opened his mouth to protest, but was silenced before he uttered one sound. With a heavy sigh, Robin was put back into his forced sleep once again.

Tanzan and Kaylora smiled at one another. They were very pleased with their handy work. Tanzan picked up John and Cat and held them while they were sleeping. He didnít want anything to happen to his charges while they were in the helpless state.

End of Chapter Nine

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