Triumph Of Love
By Lisa A. Prusok

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Chapter Eight

"I can feel the strong, unconditional, love you all have for this small human. I offer to help save him," a low, melodious male voice spoke.

Everyoneís eyes snapped open and their heads turned toward the voice.

It was a selazor like Kaylora. He stood several feet taller than she. The body was a beautiful blue with a golden underbelly. Its snout was pink and the toe nails were blue. He had the same chubby, rosy cheeks as Kaylora and a very sad expression on his teddy bear face.

He walked over to Kaylora and removed her hand from Robinís back. Moving in very, very closely, he pushed himself forward so that Robin was sandwiched between them. Robin now had a blue heart glowing under his chest and one at his back. Kaylora clasped her free hand with the male selazorís. They closed their eyes and began to concentrate. The male selazor glowed a brilliant hue of blue while Kaylora again glowed pink. As time passed their hues merged to become a soft, most wondrous color of violet.

John and Cat couldnít take their eyes off them and were speechless. The air of the dark, dank cavern was filled with the violet glow and the fragrance of lavender bouquet wafted about them. Time slipped away from them. Soon the glow ceased. Everyone stood holding their breaths waiting for some sign of life from Robin.

Robinís mind again returned to him. The heat and pressure of furry bodies against him was his first sensation. The calm, content, tranquillity filled him again, pushing away the pain and sickness. He took a deep breath and his nose twitched at the thick lavender smell. It had been pleasant before, but now it was almost over powering. Robin opened his eyes and the first thing he saw out of the corner of his eye was Little John cradling Catrina in his arms.

Joy filled Robinís heart and he half smiled, "Is there something that you two havenít told me?" he chuckled weakly.

"Robin, are you well?" Kaylora asked.

Robin tried to push away from her so he could turn his head, but he couldnít move, "Iím not sure if I am. I canít seem to move."

Kaylora took a step back and moved his feeble body into the familiar cradle of her arm, "Is that better?"

"Yes, I donít suppose youíre going to put me down."

Kaylora shook her head no.

"I didnít think so. Is this your new mate?" he asked and then saw a sparkle in her eyes. "Did you both save my life?"

Kaylora smiled, "I was unable to until he was born. With our combined power we were able to make you better."

"Thank you Kaylora. Thank you Tanzan. I owe you both my life," Robin said softly but with all the love and peace he felt inside him.

"Why do you call me Tanzan, human?"

"Isnít that your name?" Robin asked more than a little surprised.

"No, my name is Ernie."

(A little red faced, Robin looked directly ahead of him and stared out of the page with a steel gaze.)

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: "Sorry Robin, I changed my mind," Lisa told him with a sly smile and a shrug of her shoulders. Robin kept staring out of the page at Lisa. "Get over it Robin. Now, on with the story," Lisa told him with a wink.

"Well Ernie, (Robin shot one last sideways glare out of the page) thank you for saving my life. I am Robin Hood and my friends down there cuddling are Little John and Catrina," he smiled.

John looked from Robin to Catrina and put her down, "Are you all right Robin?"

"Yes John, I think Iím fine. Iím very tired," he smiled wearily as his bodyís exhaustion began to take over. "Are you and Cat all right?"

John looked at Cat as she rubbed the back of her head absently, "Just headaches, but we are both in one piece."

"Are you doing okay Kaylora?" Cat asked.

"I have never been more wonderful in all my life. Ernie and I have a marvelously long future ahead of us and I have my Robin back in my arm where he belongs. It is time you slept now Robin," she said looking down at him as she started to purr.

Robin didnít even want to protest this time. His eyes closed quickly and welcomed the darkness of deep sleep.

When Ernie and Kaylora parted, Cat gasped.

"What is it Catrina?" Ernie asked.

"Your hearts! They are no longer blue. They glow red now," a stunned Cat told them.

Kaylora and Ernie looked at each other.

Ernie took Kayloraís free hand in his, "There is nothing to fear Catrina. Our hearts glow red with love," he told Catrina as he leaned in and rubbed noses tenderly with Kaylora.

Now both selazorís cheeks matched the red shade of their hearts.

Cat looked up at John and then hugged him gently around his waist. John kissed Cat on the top of her head as he hugged her back.

It was a few moments before anyone moved. But someone realized what a nasty place they were still in.

Little John cleared his throat, "I hate to break this up, but can we go. It still really stinks in here," he said wrinkling his nose.

"I think you are right Little John. None of us has anything here to stay for. Hop in my pouch and we will take you all home," Kaylora said opening her fur for them.

John lifted Cat up and into the pouch and jumped in himself.

"Are you going to keep holding Robin?" Cat asked.

"Yes! I only have a short time more with him. I want to cherish every precious moment," she told her looking sweetly down at her beautiful Robin. Carefully she took the tip of her finger and brushed Robinís hair from his face.

"I feel him too Kaylora my sweet. He is an exceptional human. The love, purity, kindness, goodness and light that pour out of him are something to behold. We must keep an eye on him," Ernie told her looking into her eyes. Then he pulled back slightly because of the strange look on his belovedís face. "What is it?"

"I donít really know how to say this..." Kaylora started.

"Go on. You can tell my anything," he said holding her hand tightly.

"Well Ernie...thatís just it! Itís Ernie! The name is not regal enough for you. I liked Robinís name for you better. Tanzan is a name worthy of you. It has power, yet tenderness."

Ernie thought a moment, "Well, considering I have only been alive for such a short time. Sure! I now take the name Tanzan to be mine for life!" he declared.

John snickered to Cat, "I wonder what Robin will say when he finds out."

Kaylora and...Tanzan walked out of the cavern hand in hand. Once they got to the entrance, they looked back into the dark interior, then at each other. Laughter bubbled out of both of them as they lifted off and took flight, headed for Sherwood.

Now that they were together, their power was supreme. John and Cat had to close their eyes and hide in Kayloraís pouch because the speed was too much for them to comprehend.

The bright full moon had risen high in the sky when they touched down in ĎRobinís fieldí. Robin was still in his healing slumber. Cat and John jumped to the ground. John almost wanted to fall to the ground and kiss it he was so glad to be back on the earth and home.

A tear fell from Kayloraís eye, "I wanted so much to say goodbye to Robin. But he has not yet completely healed and I cannot wake him."

Tanzan wiped her tear away, "Do not cry my angel. I can wake him long enough for you to say goodbye."

"Oh Tanzan, that would be wonderful. He will not be hurt if you interrupt his healing sleep, will he?" she asked as she lightly stroked Robinís body with her fingers.

"I donít think so. He will be in the twilight between dreams and reality. Not quite awake, but not quite asleep. He will be able to answer you and remember what transpires."

"John, Cat, Thank you so much for everything. If you ever need us, Olwyn will know where to find us," Tanzan said with a bow.

"Will you come back for a visit some time?" Cat asked.

"We will try. Until that time, take care of each other. The love you have for one another is very strong. Please take care of and watch after Robin. There is no one on this world like him," Kaylora told them with sad eyes.

"We have known that for years Kaylora," John smiled.

"Are you ready for him to awaken my dear?" Tanzan asked.

"Yes love of my life."

Tanzan passed his hand over Robinís body several times. On the second pass his hand started to glow blue. When he lowered it from Robinís head to his feet on the fifth pass, Robinís eyes were open.

"It is time that we part ways Robin Hood," Tanzan told him.

"Did you wake me Ernie?" Robin asked.

"Yes I did, but my name is now Tanzan."

(Robin shot an "if looks could kill" glare out of the page.)

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: "So I changed it back, so sue me!"

"You will not stay awake for long Robin. Only long enough to say goodbye," Tanzan warned him.

"I understand. Thank you...Tanzan for everything." Robin turned his head to look up at Kaylora. "You know, I may just miss this," he teased her.

"I will miss you Robin. I canít tell you how much you have given me by letting me hold you. You have given me strength and love to fill the void in my heart. See..." she said looking down to her chest. "It glows red now with love for my mate," she beamed.

Robin laughed in joy for her, "That is marvelous Kaylora. I hope...that...we meet...a...gai...n," his eyes closed as he went back to a world without dreams.

Kaylora lifted his sleeping body up to her cheek and nuzzled him, "I hope so too Robin." She then handed him down into Little Johnís waiting arms.

"Remember, we will be watching Robin until the day he dies. If you ever are in need...," she stopped as she started to cry.

Tanzan took her in his arms. John and Cat could see their hearts glowing a little brighter red.

"We will remember. Take care you two," John called out as they lifted off. The glow of their hearts looked like two bright stars in the velvet sky and soon faded from sight.

"As much trouble as we got into, I think Iím going to miss her," Cat sniffed.

"Me too, a little. We need to take care of Robin before we do anything," he said shifting Robinís weight in his arms for a better hold. Then they started walking back to camp.

"Robin is a real mess," Cat said shaking her head.

Robin was still covered in his blood. His tunic had two large holes in it and the right leg of his pants was shredded.

"Itís really late. Everyone is probably asleep. Iíll take Robin to his hut if you will get some water and rags for me to clean him up with. Then you can take the bed in my hut for tonight. I want to sleep in Robinís hut. I donít want him to wake up alone," John suggested.

"Okay, but you sure you donít need any help cleaning Robin up?" Cat asked bright eyed.

"No! In the morning, we have to sit down and discuss a lot of things Cat," John said as he stopped at Robinís door.

"Yes we do. Iíll go get the water and rags," she said running off.

John carried Robin in and lay him down on his bed. Taking a flint, he lit a candle. Kneeling next to Robin he began undressing him. John shook his head at the deplorable condition his friend was in.

Once John had removed what was left of his pants, he covered Robin with a blanket and waited for Cat to return.

"Knock, knock," Cat called out then entered. "Darn, youíre done. Hereís the water and rags. Iím going to go now. Please John, call me if you need me."

"I will Cat. Go get some sleep."

Cat leaned over and kissed John sweetly on the lips, "Good night John."

"Good night Catrina," he glowed.

Once Cat was gone, John went about cleaning poor Robin up. It took a long time. Robin had dried blood all over him. From his head to his feet. Even in between his toes! John was in awe that he was just sleeping after losing all that blood. John gulped at the thought that he had almost lost Robin twice.

Finally Robin was clean enough to suit John. Grabbing another blanket, John curled up on the floor next to Robin and fell immediately asleep.

The night passed quickly. Cat woke up wanting to sleep for at least five days more. She stretched then fell back onto the bed. Maybe just five minutes more, she thought.

Little John woke up to the sound of Robin moaning. He sat up and placed his hand on Robinís shoulder, "Robin, are you doing all right?"

Robin opened his eyes. His vision was blurred. Cautiously he turned his head to look at John. After blinking several times and clearing his throat, "Hi John. Weíre home?"

"Yes Robin. We got home during the night. Do you remember?"

Robin remained silent for a few moments, "Yes, I think I do. Kaylora and Tanzan said goodbye," he moaned and moved his hand to his forehead.

"Are you feeling okay Robin?" John asked very concerned.

"I feel like someone stuffed a pillow in my head. I seem to be weak too."

"Tanzan interrupted your healing sleep so Kaylora could say goodbye. Maybe you just havenít healed completely yet."

"Itís something. Thatís for sure. Please help me up to get dressed," Robin said raising his arm for help.

John sat back and crossed his arms in front of his chest, "I donít think so."

"Please John. I canít remember the last time I was allowed to walk on my own. I promise that once I eat if I donít feel better, I will come back here and go to bed. Deal?" he said with his big brown eyes giving John his most pathetic look.

John looked into those eyes and his head dropped to his chest. He never could refuse a request from Robin when he looked at him like that. John raised his head and grabbed Robinís arm, "Deal, but Iíll be watching you. If I see you stumble, sit wrong or even yawn, itís back here with or without your permission."

John helped Robin up. He steadied him and helped him dress in fresh clothes.

Cat finally decided to get up. Her stomach growled and told her whether she was ready or not, it was! "All right! Iím up. Iíll feed you now shut up," she yelled at her midsection. Pushing aside the door, she stepped out into the daylight.

The camp was bustling. Good food smells lingered in the air and made her stomach growl even more. She followed the odors to the cook tent.

Marion was sitting at the table picking at a plate of food when she saw Cat leave Johnís hut. The fury she felt was indescribable. Marion got up so fast she knocked over the stool she had been sitting on. As Cat walked toward the cook tent, Marion stormed over to confront her.

Cat saw Marion and smiled brightly. It had been a long time since she had seen her.

As the women got closer, Catís smile fell when she saw the look on Marionís face. When they were face to face, Marion exploded.

"Where is he!?" Where is Robin!?" she yelled.

Cat was relieved, she smiled, "Heís..."

"What did you do to him?" Marion interrupted before Cat could answer. "Did you put some kind of spell on him so he would follow you wherever you go? How dare you!" Marion shrieked then slapped Cat across the face.

Cat put her hand up to her face and rubbed at the sting, "Marion I..."

"I know that you have used your black magic on him so that he loves you more!"

Cat started shaking her head back and forth vigorously.

"If it isnít true, why didnít you bring him back here after you healed him. I already know the answer, you wanted to keep him for yourself! Now I see you have wrapped Little John around your finger. You Little Whore!" she screamed and raised her hand to slap Cat again, but her hand was caught in an iron grip around her wrist.

Marion spun around ready to blast whoever it was when she saw that it was Robin!

He face changed from rage to elation. When she tried to remove her wrist, she found it was held tight. She wanted to hug and kiss Robin, but his pale face was a mask of anger, confusion, and disappointment.

"Robin! My Love!" Marion cried out.

Robinís voice was two octaves lower than normal and tightly controlled, "Marion you are way out of line."

John chimed in as he went to Catís side and held her to him, "Yes Marion, what is your problem! You owe Catrina a huge apology!"

Marion could not believe that Robin and John had turned against her, "Yes, I see I was right! The little whore has you both under an evil spell to do her every whim! What did she do, have the carnal pleasure of both of you and now that sheís done, sheís returned you!?" she screamed.

Robin had enough, "Marion! Stop it! NOW!" he yelled.

"I see that you do not deny it Robin! So Cat, was Robin good? Was he every womanís dream of the best sex in the world!?" Marion began to go up to Cat wild eyed.

Robin was not going to put up with any more from her. She was hysterical and in a jealous rage. It tore him up to see her like this. Before Marion could take two steps toward Cat, Robin caught her arm and slapped her across the cheek to try to snap her out of the state she was in.

Marionís eyes went wide and she covered her mouth with her hands. Robin had just hit her! Robin...? Robin was finally back. He was safe and returned home to her. Tears welled up in her eyes, "Robin...?" she whispered.

Tuck had come up and had listened to and seen most of her tirade.

"Tuck, take her to her hut and tend to her. She needs your help. Do" Robin never finished the sentence as he collapsed.

John was by Robinís side in a flash and caught him before he hit the ground. "I knew he wasnít strong enough yet," he said as he lifted Robin into his arms. "Cat, please come with me to see if you can help Robin," John said as he walked back to Robinís hut.

"Iíll be there in a minute John. Tuck, take care of Marion and Iíll be over later."

"Are you okay Catrina?" Tuck asked.

"Her words were out of jealousy and fear. I can forgive those. My cheek stings a little, but Iíve had worse," she smiled.

"You are one terrific lady Catrina," Tuck said as he helped Marion to her hut. He held her close to him as she was mumbling through heaving sobs.

Tuck led Marion into her hut and laid her down on her bed. Corrine came in bringing the tea and water he had requested as they walked to Marionís hut.

"Thank you Corrine. Iíll take care of her from here."

Tuck made Marion sit up. He took a wet cloth and placed it on the back of Marionís neck. She was still hysterical. Her breathing came in gasps as she continued to sob.

"Here child, sip on this. You must try to calm down. Robin is back and we will take care of him and make him well. But you must calm down to help him. You have gotten yourself all worked up. Iím sure there is an explanation for everything. You love Robin and he loves you. With love there is trust. Trust your heart Marion. Trust your heart."

By the time he finished speaking, Marion had clamed down and was leaning against his shoulder. Tuck lay her down and covered her with a blanket. Then he sat next to the bed. Waiting, watching and praying until she woke up.

Cat ran to Robinís hut. John was sitting on a stool next to Robinís bed. He had removed Robinís tunic and belt, and was washing him down with a wet rag.

"Cat, heís running a high fever. I could feel it through my clothes as I carried him in here."

"John, I donít have my powers back yet. I canít help him accept to feed him teas and do exactly what youíre doing now," she said as she sat on the bed next to Robin.

John continued to mop Robinís brow, "Are you doing okay? Marion was way out of line and she said some pretty harsh things to you."

"Iím fine. She only said them out of fear and jealousy. Iím going to go in to see her later."

John was about to say something when a gold shimmering light appeared and became Olwyn.

"Olwyn, what are you doing here?" Cat asked.

"Olwyn...?" Robin opened his eyes and weakly said.

"Shhhhhh Robin. You have become worse. Just relax," Cat soothed him and smoothed her hand over his bare shoulder.

"John, I have a task for you," Olwyn said.

"Sure Olwyn, anything."
"I need for you to go to the field and make sure that everyone leaves it. They must stay away for the rest of the day. Once it is vacated, I want you to take Robin there. Only you and Catrina are to accompany him."

"I understand. It will be done," John said and left the hut.

"Whatís going on Olwyn?" Cat asked.

"Robin will get worse before you retrieve your powers. The cause of his sickness will also be his cure." Olwyn faded in a rain of gold glitter.

Cat laughed softly, "You think you are so clever Olwyn, but I know exactly what you meant."

End of Chapter Eight

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