Triumph Of Love
By Lisa A. Prusok

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Chapter Four

Cat regained her senses when she heard her Robin scream out in pain. When she looked up, she saw Robin once again in his hand. Her vision turned red as the rage inside of her came to a boiling point. Reaching in a hidden skirt pocket, she pulled out Robinís knife that she had kept. With the power of love within her heart, Cat ran full force to Kaylor. Her arm held high with knife in hand. As she reached Kaylorís chest, her arm swung down in a wide arc right into his chest. The knife dug in deep up to the hilt and pierced the monsterís pulsing black heart.

Kaylor dropped Robin to the ground in a heap. His snake eyes went wide as the pain and realization hit him. A scream welled up in his throat and the sound burst from his mouth. It was so loud that the earth began to shake. Pieces of the cave began to fall from the ceiling as they were shaken loose.

Cat ran to Robin and helped him up. They had to get as far away from the dying selazor as possible. She had to half drag, half carry Robin away all the while trying to dodge the falling rocks. They had nearly made it to a fairly safe distance when Cat zigged when she should have zagged. A large rock hit Robin on the back of the neck. Cat lost her hold on him as his body became dead weight and fell to the cavern floor, unconscious.

Cat dropped down next to Robin and protected his body with hers as the cavern continued to crumble. When she looked up at Kaylor, she was stunned to see him being enveloped within a glowing black aura. It began to cover the dying beast completely as his scream grew louder. Cat had to put her hands to her ears to try to block some of the deafening sound out. Suddenly the scream stopped. Now the silence was almost deafening.

Wiping the tears of strain from her eyes, Cat looked over to where Kaylor was. The black aura had covered him completely and began to shrink. As it diminished, it began to lighten in color to a soft glowing silver ball. The silver ball never did disappear completely. It lay on the cold stone floor pulsating and emitting a low hum. The ball was still huge by human standards, at least ten feet in diameter. But to Cat, it did not seem to pose any further threat to them.

Turning her attention to Robin, she gently rolled him over onto his side. Parting his thick hair, Cat found a good sized, blood covered lump on the back of his neck just at the base of his hairline. Once again she ripped some of her petticoat and wet it in the pool of water. She retrieved his tunic and rolled him over onto his back, using the tunic as a pillow. Diligently Cat cleaned his head wound and held the cool cloth over the lump to try to suppress the bleeding and swelling.

The chamber seemed so much large to her now as she sat in silence holding on to Robin. His fever increased as time passed and he had not yet regained consciousness. Using another piece of material, Cat wiped his forehead and face to try to ease the heat of his body. Every once in a while Cat glanced over at the glowing, still humming ball of silver. Somehow she still did not feel threatened by it. The intense evil that she had sensed before was no longer present. Even though the evil wasnít there, Cat still could not replenish her magic. Their just being in the ancient cave prevented her from doing so.

Robin moaned and moved his head from side to side. His fever had increased to a dangerous pitch. Cat kept the cold compresses on his forehead and held him tightly as he began to mumble. Fear started to grow inside of Catís heart for him. She was unable to find anything in the cave that could be useful to reduce his fever. The water in the pool was too warm to try to soak him in it. There were no living plants that could be used in a tea. All she could do was hold him and let him know that she was there for him. As she sat with Robin, Cat continued to keep her eye on the ball. Both the glow and hum had intensified as it began to increase in size.

Robin felt like he was floating. Pain shot through his head and seemed to fill his entire body. Most of the pain centered in his head and stomach. He felt so hot, but also felt an occasional cold touch to his forehead and face. Warmth was underneath his head and shoulders and the rest of his body lay on cold hard stone. He didnít really understand where he was. Robin only knew that along with the pain and heat, he felt comforted and loved. In his mind he drifted to a place. He was in a large field laying on the ground underneath a lone shade tree that stood in the center. The canopy of the tree blocked out the light and heat of the sun overhead. Robin opened his eyes and found that his head and shoulders were in the lap of a woman. He knew it was a woman that he loved and cared for very deeply.....Marion? Her soft hair cascaded over her shoulders, but obscured part of her face as she leaned over him. A sweet, loving smile grew on her lips as she looked down into his eyes. Robin smiled back at her.

Cat was thrilled when she saw Robinís long eyelashes begin to move. They fluttered on his high cheekbones. Slowly his eyelids began to rise to reveal the deep brown pools of his eyes. They were bloodshot and glazed over, but still the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen or looked into in her life. She smiled down at him as they opened all the way. Cat smoothed the cold cloth over his forehead and down his cheek. Just seeing him conscious again made her heart soar.

Robin just lay and stared at the beautiful face above him. She was so sweet and lovely inside and out. He wanted her to know just how much he loved her. So, slowly, and with great effort, he raised his hand to the back of her head and pulled her down to him. Robin then pressed his lips to hers. He felt the softness of her lips touch his. Pulling down more, he felt the heat of her mouth as he kissed her. First it was a tender, sweet kiss. Then he wanted more. Using what little strength he had, Robin deepened the kiss to become wanting and passionate. He heard a moan come from her throat as he gently pressed his tongue against her lips asking for more.

Cat was a little surprised as Robin pulled her down to him. She resisted only for a brief second until she felt his full, sensual lips touch hers. Then she melted. This was heaven to her. His kiss was tender. Then more. Cat sank onto him as he increased the pressure and passion of his lips to hers. Cat kissed him back with all the love that she felt for him. This was the first time she had ever experienced true love in his kiss to her. When she felt the hot, moist softness of his tongue against her lips, an alarm went off in her head. This was not right! Robin was not kissing her, Catrina. He was delirious. It was Marion that he thought he was kissing. The intense heat of his mouth and tongue told Cat that he did not know what he was really doing, but she did.

Cat pushed away from him breaking their kiss, "Robin, Iím Catrina. Iím Cat, not Marion."

Robin opened his eyes and looked into her face, "I love you," he slurred weakly as he pulled her lips back onto his for another kiss.

Cat found herself once again kissing him. She pulled away with more force and took his hand away from her head, "Robin Iím not Marion, Iím Cat! I canít believe Iím going to say this...stop kissing me!"

Robin blinked and tried to bring his hand up again, but it was held down, "Marion, I love you. I want you. You are everything to me. Please, let me show you my love for you," he whispered.

"Robin, I love you too. But we must wait until you get well," she told him trying to get him to stop this on his own.


"No my darling. You must sleep now," Cat told him as she caressed his hair.

"Sleep?" he asked barely audible.

"Yes Robin, sleep now," she whispered softly.

Robin looked into the loving face and could not resist her caresses and soft suggestions. He slowly closed his eyes as sweet darkness filled him.

Cat let out a big sigh of relief, "I wonder if youíre going to remember that when you get well? Even if you donít, I sure will!" she said letting out a bigger sigh. This time one of love.

"Is he very ill?" a lilting, feminine voice asked.

Cat fell back as she spun around pulling Robin with her. Not only was she stunned to hear the voice, but she was flabbergasted at what she saw, or rather who.

"Sweet child, is he very ill?" it asked again.

It took Cat a moment, but she finally found her voice, "Y...y...yes he is," she whispered as her eyes bugged out. For in front of her was a creature she had never seen or heard of before in her life.

It was a creature that was at least four times as big as her. It was a soft pink all over accept for the underbelly which was shimmering gold. It had the head of a teddy bear with the biggest, sweetest, most soulful blue eyes she had ever seen. The cheeks were chubby and rosy. Itís snout was a hue of light blue, with a sad smile painted across the lips. Itís body resembled that of a pot-bellied dragon or an enormous kangaroo. But the tail was of a lion with fuzzy puffs of golden fur on the end. The legs were huge and muscular, but its feet were like a big troll and had four stubby toes with pink nails on the ends. The creatures arms were small with delicate hands like those of a raccoon. To top it off, small golden wings fluttered nervously on its back.

Cat would have laughed at the absurdity of the creature if she had not been so startled, "What...I mean, who are you?"

The smile grew wider and more tender, "I am Kaylora. I am a selazor. What is your named sweet child?"

Cat felt warm all over with the sound of her voice. It was melodic, exquisite and ethereal. Shaking her head to try to concentrate better, "I am Catrina. This man is my companion, Robin Hood. Where did you come from?"

"I was just born Catrina."

"You said that your name is Kaylora, do you remember anything about Kaylor?"

"Kaylor is dead and will not return. He was evil and that is all I know of him. I was born when he died. I need all the things that he did not."

"Like what?"

"To thrive, I must seek out those who possess the qualities of love, goodness, purity, kindness, and light. I am here to help those that I can and to find a mate."

Catís eyes brightened, "You said that you are here to help?"

"Yes, those that I can."

Cat held Robin tighter. Beads of perspiration had broken out on her brow from the sheer heat of Robinís body against her. Looking down to Robin, "My Robin is very, very ill. I fear that he is dying. Can you help him, please?"

Cat felt a tug at her heart from the look in Kayloraís big blue eyes. They were so soulful with so much compassion in them she wanted to cry. When Kaylora bent down and leaned over her and Robin, Cat swore she smelled the scent of lavender.

"I will try. Please move away from him."

Cat gently moved him from her lap. She did not have any fear of him being hurt by Kaylora.

Kaylora placed her graceful hands under Robin and lifted him into her arms. His body hung in her arms like a rag doll. She stood up and cradled his limp body against her golden chest. It was then that Cat noticed the blue heart that beat in Kayloraís chest. It made Cat smile. Kaylora looked down upon the pale form in her arms. She felt all that Robin Hood was in that moment and gasped.

Cat moved to stand next to her and looked up, "What is it? What wrong?" she asked alarmed.

A tear came to Kayloraís eye and rolled from her fuzzy, chubby cheek. Cat had to jump aside to avoid being hit by the big drop. "He is everything that I seek! He is so strong with the light I want to cry with joy. I must save this man. Do not worry for he will live by my hands!"

"Oh, thank you Kaylora, thank you!" Cat cried out.

Kaylora closed her eyes and held Robinís bare chest tightly to hers, over her beating heart. His face was turned to the side as his head lay on her shoulder. Kaylora placed a hand on his back and pressed his body up against hers tighter. Cat tilted her head and sighed at how precious they looked. She likened it to a mother holding her baby. But the scene changed as she saw blue light begin to glow underneath Robinís chest. As it grew brighter, Cat noticed that Kayloraís body was glowing pink too. Soon Kaylora and Robin were enclosed in a soft pink bubble. Cat felt tranquillity in her heart as well as the purest kind of love. It made her sigh deeply from inner peace.

Cat had no idea how much time had passed when she realized the pink bubble was gone. Stepping closer to Kaylora, "Robin can you hear me?" she called out.

Robinís mind slowly came back from wherever it had been. He felt soft, warm fur surrounding him. Robin not only felt warmth on the outside, but on the inside as well. Contentment and tranquillity filled him. These emotions seemed to push out all of the pain, aches, and general awful way he felt. Robin heard Catís voice calling to him from somewhere below him. Then it hit him, somewhere below him? Opening his eyes, his range of sight was only filled by pink and gold fur. It was as soft as mink. He could feel the thumping of a heart against his chest and it wasnít his.

Raising his arms and pushing away from the fur, he looked up into the sweetest face he had ever seen. The scent of lavender filled his nostrils, "Hello," he said to the face without any inkling of fear.

"Hello Robin Hood. How do you feel?" Kaylora asked.

"I feel very, very good thank you. Who are you?"

"I am Kaylora."

"Robin, youíre okay?" Cat called out.

Robin craned his neck to find where her voice came from, "Hi Cat! Iím great! Are you okay?"

"Iím wonderful Robin now that you are better," she beamed.

Robin looked into Kayloraís eyes, "Would you put me down please?"

Kayloraís eyes smiled at him, "No."

Robin was surprised by her answer, "Why not?"

"One reason is, I donít want to. But you are not quite healed yet either."

"You healed me Kaylora?"

"Yes I did and I am so glad that I was able to."

"I am too. Thank you very much Kaylora," Robin smiled at her with his dimples coming out.

Cat giggled to herself as she saw Kayloraís fuzzy cheeks glow a brighter shade of red, she was blushing. Robin had the charm to make any kind of female blush.

"You are so beautiful inside and out Robin Hood," Kaylora told him as she lay him back in her arms to cradle him against her.

Cat giggled again as she saw Robin blushing.

"Thank you. Are you sure you wonít put me down. I do feel a little silly."

Kaylora laughed and Cat giggled some more. "But Robin, you look just so adorable," Cat teased him.

Robin crossed his arms on his chest and shot her such a look. But that only made Cat laugh harder.

"Please put me down," Robin said almost whining.

"No! I like holding you," she smiled at him. "I want you to sleep now," Kaylora ordered.

"Sleep! I just woke up!" Robin argued as he tried to push himself out of her arms.

Kaylora place a hand against him and pushed him down, "No Robin! Sleep!" she said as she began purring. "Sleep pretty Robin, sleep...sleep...sleep...sleep..." her voice trailed off. She continued to purr as she stroked Robinís chest with her furred fingers.

Robin tried to push her hand away from him, but he was just too little. When she spoke and began to purr, Robin lost his strength and fell back against her arm. It was the warmest softest place he had ever laid. Her purring soothed him. As she repeated the word Ďsleepí over and over, Robinís eyelids became so heavy he couldnít hold them open. But he fought against it and forced them open again. The final straw was her caress on his bare chest with her soft as mink fingertips. Robin could not fight against it any longer. His eyes closed and his body relaxed as he fell into a very deep, healing sleep.

Once Robin was asleep, Kaylora looked down at Catrina. She laughed softly as she saw her swaying where she stood. Her eyes were closed with a peaceful contented expression on her face. "Catrina, wake-up."

Catís eyes popped open and she steadied herself, "Thatís amazing! Is Robin asleep?" Cat asked.

"Yes. I put him into a very deep, healing sleep. His poor body and soul need it. I can feel that he has been through a lot physically and emotionally."

"Yes he has. Robin is an amazing man," Cat said as she sat down. "Are you going to put him down now?"

Kaylora sank down on her haunches, "No."

Cat was taken by surprise with her answer, "Why not? You said yourself that he is in a deep sleep and wonít go anywhere."

"Yes he is, but I donít want to," she said stroking Robinís body tenderly.

"Okay, why not?" Cat repeated.

Kaylora looked down at Robinís sleeping beauty, "He feels good in my arms. Not just his body, but his soul. The flame that is inside him is radiant. I can feel his goodness and it makes me feel stronger. I could hold him forever," she sighed.

Cat stood up and walked to Kaylora, "You know that is not reasonable, donít you?"
"Why not Catrina?"

"Robin is mortal. He will grow old and die in 40 or 50 years."

Kaylora became so saddened by this she began to cry. "No! That is so soon! I donít want him to die so soon!" she said as she hugged Robin to her tightly.

Cat had to jump to dodge the large tear drops. Before she could try to comfort Kaylora, she heard a masculine voice, "Put him down, NOW!"

Cat spun on her heels, "Little John!"

"Stand back Cat. Put Robin down, or else!" he threatened.

Kaylora turned to the side to shelter Robin from the man, "No, he is mine. I saved him and he is mine now!"

Little John began to run toward her with sword drawn. He was going to fight the creature until the death.

"Little John, NO! Donít hurt her!" Cat yelled.

That stopped him in his tracks. Keeping his sword up he walked to Cat but kept his eye on the monster. "Are you under a spell or something? That monster has Robin. He looks like he is hurt or dying!"

Cat walked up close to him and put her hand gently on his sword arm, "No John. Robin is fine. He is only sleeping. This is Kaylora. She is a selazor, but a good selazor. She will not hurt Robin. In fact, she saved his life."

"Well then, why were you arguing with her?"

"Iím trying to get her to put him down. She wonít let him go since she picked him up and healed him."

Kaylora relaxed some as she watched their exchange. "I donít want to put Robin down. He feels too good in my arms. I healed him. He is mine now. I will keep him for as long as I can. Be it 50 or 500 years," she sniffled.

"500 hun...she canít be serious?" John blurted out.

"Iím afraid she is John. Wait a minute." Cat stopped herself as an idea began to form.

"What is it Cat?" John asked.

"I think I have a plan. Kaylora, didnít you say that you are also here to find a mate?"

"Yes Catrina."

"Well, how would your mate feel if you carried Robin around for the rest of his life?"

"I would not need Robin if I had a mate. As good as he feels, a mate would give me 100 times more. You see selazorís mate for life and that is a very long time by human standards, many thousand years. Robin is a very special man, but he would be gone in the blink of an eye if what you told me is correct."

"It is. Humans only live to be 70 or 80 years old and that is if they are very lucky. Robin is a man that takes many chances in his quest to help the people of England. Isnít that right John?"

"Yes, Robin has almost died too many times to count in just the years that I have known him."

Kaylora looked down at the bundle in her arms. She could feel great love coming from Catrina and the one she called Little John. It was love for Robin. "I will give Robin back on one condition."

"Whatís that?" John and Cat asked at the same time.

"You must help me find a mate."

"Kaylora! That could take years," Cat exclaimed.

"If you donít help me, you canít have him," Kaylora said pulling Robinís limp body to her chest.

"Boy do I wish he was awake," John said under his breath.

"Me too," Cat whispered back. "Is there no other way Kaylora?"

"No! I want to keep him and I will unless you help me," she told them firmly.

"What do you think John?" Cat asked.

"I think I want Robin to wake up now. But I also donít see that we have any other choice. She obviously is not going to let him go."

"I agree for Robinís sake. I know he wouldnít be happy living his life cradled in her arms," Cat said suppressing a smile because Robin looked so darned cute.

"All right Kaylora, we agree to help you find a mate. Now, put Robin down," John told her.


"You have our word of honor. Please put Robin down," Cat urged.

"No. I do not see a mate here for me. Until you find a mate for me, I will keep him."

"Oh, BROTHER!" John exclaimed letting his chin drop to his chest.

Cat rolled her eyes, "For a selazor, you sure are stubborn!"

Kaylora smiled, "Thank you."

"It wasnít a compliment!" Cat told her frustrated.

"Oh, then I am not stubborn as you say. I am only looking after my well being. Robin gives me strength. I thrive on his aura of goodness and purity. That his body feels good in my arms is just an added benefit."

"I must give you a warning then," John said stepping up to her. "Robin Hood is not a man that will easily stand for being kept as you have him. He will fight you with all his strength. But he is an honorable man and will not go against our word that we have given you."

"Do not fear Little John. I would sooner hurt myself than hurt Robin. I have the ways of the selazor to see that he will stay with me, if it comes to that. He will not suffer mentally or physically while in my care," Kaylora assured them. She then added, "You have my word of honor."

John looked at Robin and wanted so much to take him home. He knew what Robinís reaction would be when he woke. Hating to see him like this, but seeing no other way out, "I accept your word."

End of Chapter Four

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