Triumph Of Love
By Lisa A. Prusok

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Chapter Twelve

Once Robin was fully dressed again and settled back in, the day progressed as usual now that he was back among his people. There was a celebration planned to welcome Robin and John back home for the very next night. So, the day turned into night and then into day again. The morning had been quiet. Robin took care of a few mundane things that as the leader of the outlaw band he was required to do.

Now it was the middle of the afternoon and Robin was sitting cross-legged in his field. All was peaceful in his life again, well at least for a few minutes. His eyes were closed and he was day dreaming about Marion when he heard, "A-hem" in front of him. Robin opened his eyes and was quite surprised to see it was Catrina.

"Hello Cat, what are you doing here?" he asked preparing himself for her usual friendly assault on his body.

When it didnít come, Robin got up and walked to her, "Are you feeling all right?"

"Yes, thank you for asking," she said with a little curtsy. Then she put out her hand for him to shake.

Robin looked at her hand, "What is that for?"

"Itís for a handshake silly. Isnít this the way you wanted our greetings to be," she smiled politely.

"Well, this is just a little bit stiff and formal isnít it?"
"Itís pleasant enough. Very civilized you know."

Marion and John were walking to go get Robin. It was almost time for the party to start. They had just reached the edge of the trees as Cat and Robin were greeting each other. Marion started out onto the field, but John held her back.

"Wait Marion, I want to see what happens," he smiled.

"What do you mean?"

"Shhhhhh, just watch and youíll see."

"You are being just a bit rude Robin. You never have taken my hand properly," she chastised him.

"Oh, I beg the ladyís pardon," he bowed the proper gentlemanís bow as Catrina gave him a low, graceful curtsy.

"This is great! I canít wait to see whatís next," John shook with excitement.

"It is a little bit strange for the two of them." Marion had to admit.

"You are forgiven my lord," she held out her hand again.

Robin took her hand very tenderly and lightly kissed her knuckles.

When the proper greeting was out of the way, "Is everyone well Robin?" Cat asked.

"Very well, thank you. If I may inquire as to what you might be doing here this fine day?" Robin asked.

"Little John and I have a pre-arranged get-together this day."

"Well that is very fortuitous. We are having a celebration this evening and it just would not be complete without you," Robin bowed slightly to her.

"That is very kind...." she stopped in mid-sentence. "You know, forget this!" Cat said loudly and launched herself at Robin. She hit him full force and they fell to the ground. Cat sat up straddling Robinís waist. Before Robin could recover, Cat was down on him with her hands to his face and her lips to his. She kissed him quick, but good!

Little John was nearly on the ground he was laughing so hard. Marion was laughing too at what she had just witnessed. "Now thatís the Catrina that I know," she giggled.

Cat ended the kiss with a moist, noisy Ďsmackí. She sat up, "Now thatís much better," she sighed very contentedly.

Robin gingerly pushed himself up on his elbows. He started to smile as he shook his head, "I should have seen that coming."

"Whatís the matter Lover, you a little slow?" she giggled as she straightened and brushed off her dress.

"Ha! A little slow! Iíll show you slow," he said as he quick as lightning threw her to the ground and held her wrists to the side of her head. "Still say Iím slow?" he asked raising his left eyebrow.

"No, no, youíre not slow at all. My oh my, you look even better from this angle," she teased him in her best sultry voice.

"Cat! You are incorrigible!" Robin admonished her.

"Who me!? I am not! Iím just fun!" she gave him a wink.

Robin got up and pulled her up in one fluid motion, "Yes, I have to admit you are fun. Come on, letís go find Little John. You can have fun with him for a while."

Cat let Robin walk ahead just a little then jumped up on his back, "Canít we play for a while longer Lover?" she whispered in his ear.

Robin turned his head to look at her as she peeked over his shoulder with a hopeful grin.

"So, you want to play do you?" Robin didnít wait for an answer. He hooked his arms around her legs and held them tightly to the sides of his waist. Then he started to run.

Cat wasnít ready for it and nearly fell back with an ear-splitting scream. Robin kept running until he got to the edge of the field and saw Marion and Little John staring at him. Little John almost folded up laughing until Marion poked him in the ribs with her elbow.

"Hi Marion, John. We were just on our way to find you John. Cat..." Robin let go of her and pulled her around in front of him. He held her out with both of his arms for John, "Cat is here to see you!"

Cat looked at John and winked, "Thanks for the ride Robin. Hi John, letís go," she said walking to him and taking his arm. When they had walked just a little bit away, both of them burst out laughing.

"Sounds like they are getting along great. I think they make a very cute couple. What do you think Marion?"

Marion kept a straight face, it was difficult, but she pulled it off, "You want to know what I think?" she said in a stoic even tone.

Robin shifted on his feet. Her expression was a very unhappy one. "Yes, Iíd really like to know," he said a little nervously.

Marion walked closer to him. When she was just inches from his face, her eyes softened, "I think you need to have fun more often. I think that John and Cat make a terrific couple. I do know one thing."

Robin took the bait, "Whatís that?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her against him.

"I know, Robin Hood, that I love you very much," she told him wrapping her arms around his waist.

Robin leaned in and said, "I love you with all my heart," against her lips.

Marion didnít wait for him. She pushed up onto his full, sensual mouth and kissed him long, hard, and deep.

Robin pulled away first, "I must be the luckiest man on earth. I get kissed by the two women that I love the most."

Marion giggled as she started to back away from him, "So, who are they?"

Robinís eyebrows shot up. Marion made a joke! Robin laughed and started after her. Marion started to run and was chased and caught by Robin just before they entered camp. The two lingered behind a large tree trunk. When they emerged, Marion was fluffing her hair and Robin looked very flushed and happy.

Everyone had a fabulous time at the celebration. Robin felt great again. He was safe at home with his friends. He was also with all the people that he loved the most in the world. Two of those people had saved his life several times with their courage and their deep love for him. With all the love that was within him and that surrounded him, he was the luckiest man on earth.

Two sets of big, loving, teddy bear eyes watched Robin Hood from a great distance. He was safe with the ones he loved and they would watch to see that he stayed that way.

The End

"Knock, knock, A-hem, Excuse me, Hello!" Robin said, trying to get the authors attention.

"Yes Robin. I hear you. The story is over. Go back to Sherwood," Lisa told him as she started to close the book.

"Not so fast. I have a bone to pick with you!" he said angrily.

"Yes Robin, what is it?" Lisa asked slightly irritated.


"What!? I was exercising my writerís creativity."

"Yeah but ERNIE????"

"Okay, okay! I did change it back to the name you used, didnít I!?"

"Yes you did without telling me, thank you very much!"

"Robin, you need to chill out!"

Robin was about to say something when the author, Lisa, interrupted him, "Excuse me a moment Robin."


Ladies and Gentlemen

I would like to thank you for reading this adventure with the one and only Robin Hood.

We have enjoyed spending time with you. The story is over now so you may continue your lives, I hope a little more entertained. If you will now excuse us, Robin and I must finish a boring discussion over the creative literary prerogative.

Thank you.

"All right Robin, go ahead."

"You tell me to chill out! Well young lady, you need to get your head in the times you are writing about. I mean ERNIE!!!!!!" Robin bellowed.

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: The Book now closes so their argument does not offend any young ears.

"Young lady!" she yelled. "Iím older than you are Robin Hood, or should I say young man! I am the writer, author, creator and Iíll name anyone what I d.........


The book is now closed. Just donít open it again too soon. Iím just

not sure how long these boring literary discussions take.

The End??

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