Triumph Of Love
By Lisa A. Prusok

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Chapter Eleven

Tanzan passed his hand over Robinís still body. It began to glow blue. On the fifth pass, Robinís eyes were open.

"Marion," he said softly raising his hand to her face. "Iím so sorry I had to strike you."

Marion placed her hand over his and kissed his palm, "No Robin, it is I who am sorry. You were right. I was way out of line and totally out of control. I couldnít stop the terrible things I did from happening. Catrina and I have already spoken and she has accepted my apology. I respect and understand her now. It is just you that I have to apologize to now. I was so distraught while you were gone that I lost my mind with worry. I distrusted you which is one of the worse things that I could ever do to you. You are everything to me. You are my life."

"I love you Marion. You cannot ever be replaced in my heart."

"I know that now and will never forget again. Can you forgive me for being so horrid and stupid?"
"I" Robinís eyes closed.

Marion still held his hand to her face. It went limp in her hold, but she kept it there.

"Do you think he will be all right now?" Marion asked looking up into Kayloraís big blue eyes.

"I will have to see when he wakes up naturally Marion. Until then, you are welcome to wait with us," Kaylora invited her and purred.

Marion felt comforted by her voice and it was then that she noticed the lovely smell of lavender in the air. "Thank you, I would like that very much. I donít want to be away from Robin again." Then she yawned widely. "Oh, excuse me. I guess I didnít get much rest while...Robin...was....a....way." Marion fell asleep in Tanzanís arms.

Kaylora giggled, "She will thank me when she wakes up."

"I hope so Kaylora. She is a very strong, passionate woman with a temper like fire. Slow to burn, but quick to flash and go out of control."

"I agree," Kaylora giggled. "I think that Robin would be one of very few men who could put that fire out and ignite the other fire in her, love."

"They both burn very brightly," Tanzan said snuggling up to his mate. "They are not the only two that burn brightly," he said rubbing noses with her.

Afternoon turned into evening. Evening grew into night. The full moon hung brightly in the midnight sky. The stars sparkled like diamonds set in an endless sapphire background.

Little John returned to wait with them.

Marion began to wake up. She felt the best she had in many months. Her heart felt light and her soul was at peace. Marion felt her body laying on the softest, warmest bed she had ever in her life slept in. Then she opened her eyes. Her first vision was blue fur and a red heart glowing in the night. She bolted to sit up.

"Shhh, itís okay. You are safe here with Kaylora and I. We will let nothing harm you," Tanzan reassured her and stroked her arm with a soft furry fingertip.

Marion took his fingertip away from her arm and hugged his finger to her. She didnít know why until she later recalled a soft, cuddly stuffed animal from her youth. It had always made her feel better when she woke up during the night alone and afraid.

Marion continued to hug his pinkie finger, "Iím sorry, I forgot where I was. I didnít mean to fall asleep, that was very rude of me. I apologize."

"No need to Marion. Do you recollect hearing purring before you slept?" Tanzan asked.

Marion thought about it for a moment, "Why yes I do."

"That was my beloved, Kaylora. She purred you to sleep. It is one of her gifts. She thought you needed the rest."

Marion laughed, "I did, I really did. I feel better than I have in a long time."

"They give great naps donít they Marion?" John yelled up from the ground.

"Yes, the best one I have ever had. How is Robin?" she asked pushing herself so she could see, yet still holding Tanzanís finger to her.

"It looks like he is just starting to come to now," Kaylora said as she felt him stir in her arm.

Robinís mind came back to him. His heart and soul felt light and carefree. All his newest worries had disappeared. But his head, chest and entire body felt awful. He couldnít figure it out. After the healing he felt okay and now...yuck, as Cat would say.

"Robin, open your eyes," Kaylora said.

Robin did as her sweet voice asked. He had trouble clearing his vision, "Itís night?" he whispered.

Kaylora could see his eyes were glazed, "How do you feel Robin?"
He cleared his throat and went into a coughing fit. Robin put his hand to his head because it felt like it was going to explode. Kayloraís hand on his chest helped to hold him down and was a comfort to him.

Once it passed he moaned, "I can say honestly that I have felt better."
"Robin I am very worried about you. We canít seem to make you well and now you are just getting worse. The first time you came back with no problem. I..." she stopped.

"What is it Kaylora?" Tanzan asked.

"I just remembered. Catrina had done the most difficult part of the healing. I just had to make the poison and fever that was killing him leave his body. This time she was hurt before she could help Robin. Robin, can you contact Olwyn so he can bring Catrina here?"
Robin groaned as he moved. His graveled voice was just above a whisper, "I can do one better."

"What do you mean?" Tanzan asked.

"Wait for it," Robin moaned out.

Suddenly, a bright white ball appeared. When it disappeared Cat was standing there, "Whatís up Lover?" Then in the bright moonlight she saw a very sick Robin lying in Kayloraís arm. "Oh...Lover. Kaylora would you pick me up please."

Kaylora picked her up and brought her to Robinís side. Cat crawled onto her arm and sat next to Robin.

"Hi Cat. Thanks for coming," he rasped out softly then started another coughing fit.

Cat held his forehead and chest down for him. She could feel the heat from him burning her hands. When it was over, Robin relaxed, moaned and closed his eyes.

"Can you make him well?" Marion asked.

Cat looked around and saw Marion sitting cradled in Tanzanís arm hugging his finger. The look on her face was wide-eyed and filled with worry. Cat thought she looked like a frightened little girl.

"Donít worry Marion. Iíll set Robin straight."

Cat turned back to Robin and then she lit into him, "Yep, just as I thought. You are running a fever again. Say Lover, what do you want to go and worry everyone like this for? Kaylora and Tanzan have been so patient with you waiting for you to get better. But noooo, you just lay around not cooperating. Personally, I think you like being in Kayloraís arm and are just too embarrassed to admit it," Cat gave a big exaggerated wink to Kaylora.

"Cut it out Cat. I didnít call you so you could yell at me," he moaned out pitifully and put his hand to his head. Robin closed his eyes tight as pain shot through his head.

Cat took his raised hand in hers and brought it to his stomach, "Shhhh, I know. You donít look very well. Rest easy Lover, Iím here now and I have my full magic power. Just lie still and Iíll take care of you," she told him softly and lovingly.

Robin placed his other hand on hers, "Thank you Cat. I just feel so awful," he hoarsely said as he began to weep. He was unable to hold his tears back any longer.

A tear fell from Catís eye as she cried for and with him. She wiped his tears away with her hand and leaned in very close to him, "Robin, donít fret. I will make you well. But you will have to sleep after I finish. I will leave that part to Kaylora. She seems to be very good at that. Now, close your eyes and trust in me."

Robin smiled as much as he could at her and closed his eyes without any hesitation, "I trust you Cat. With my life," he hoarsely whispered.

"Hush now. You will be well soon." Cat wiped the tears that fell from his beautiful, pale face as he closed his eyes. Then she moved her hand to his forehead once more. Letting go of his other hand, Cat moved his arms to his sides. She placed her hand on his bare chest, over his heart. Before she closed her eyes, she took a long admiring look at his chest. Even sick, he was so well built and looked sooo good. Then she got down to work.

Concentrating and whispering the incantation, Catís hands began to glow with a red aura.

Robin felt her magic traveling through his body. He tried to relax. His body felt very heavy. Keeping his eyes closed, he just allowed it to happen. Robin trusted her utterly and completely.

Marion still sat in Tanzanís arm. She held his furry finger tighter to herself, not realizing she was doing so. Watching closely everything that Catrina was doing, Marion held her breath. John waited on the ground wringing his hands and pacing.

Catrina felt Robinís body mend. The bare skin under her hands started to feel cool again. She smiled when she knew he was once again whole and back to his old self. The red glow of her hands faded. She soothed his head with caressing strokes to his face and hair, "Robin can you hear me?"

Robin cleared his throat and opened his eyes.

"How do you feel?" she asked still stroking his head.

Robin blinked and checked himself internally, "I feel fine, I really do!" he told her with a brightness to his voice and eyes.

Cat took her hands from his head and chest. Then she playfully gave his exposed stomach a hard pat, "Okay! Iím done!" she chirped.

"Oof!" was Robinís answer.

Cat turned to Marion, "You see, I told you not to worry. Heís fine now. Back to his ornery old self," she told Marion as she shoved Robin back down as he tried to sit up. She could see Marion fall back a little and relief flood over her face.

"How can I ever thank you Catrina?" Marion asked as she finally breathed again.
"Iím sure Iíll think of something," she said with a glint in her eyes.

Marion wasnít sure what that look meant, but she owed her so much, "You name it and if itís within my power, you got it!"

Cat turned around again to Robin as he tried to sit up once more. She put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him down with her weight.

"Cat! I feel fine. Now let go!" he protested.

"Listen Lover, I said Iím done. I didnít say anything about you being done."

"Whatís that supposed to mean?" he asked a little worried.

"Remember this is a two part process. First you get well. Then you SLEEP!" she said right in his face. "Tanzan if you would please. Kaylora, I leave him in your capable hands. Heís all yours," she grinned slyly as Tanzan lifted her off Kayloraís arm.

Kaylora placed her hand on Robinís chest to hold him down, "Thank you Catrina. You have a real gift."

"I thank you for the compliment. Coming from you it means a lot."

While they spoke Robin tried to squirm out from under the hand that held him down. Even well, he was no match for her. Finally, breathing very hard, he gave up. He lay back with his arms out and his chest heaving.

Kaylora looked down at him, "Are you finished exhausting yourself now?"
Robin looked at her and raised his left eyebrow. He closed his eyes as he gave in and nodded his head Ďyesí.

"Very well then. I donít understand why you do that to yourself. If you will recall, you have not won one of these little battles yet," Kaylora told him.

Robin opened his eyes, "Ah yes, but there is always a slim chance," he smiled with both dimples.

Kaylora smiled and shook her head, "Stubborn!" was all she said.

Marion laughed, "I could have told you that! Stubborn as a mule!"

Robin glared at Marion, "Thanks for the support."

"Sheís right Robin. You are stubborn as a mule," John called up from the ground.

"I agree," Cat chimed in.

"Thank you, thank you everyone for the general consensus," Robin said folding his arms across his chest.

Cat could see his upper body muscles flexing from his annoyance. She let out a big sigh at the awesome sight.

Kaylora chuckled, "It is time Robin."

Robin unfolded his arms and pushed himself back as he looked up into her eyes, "Do I have to?"

"Yes Robin it is necessary."

"But I donít want to," Robin actually whined as he kept pushing himself back.

"No arguments!" Kaylora said as she began purring to him.

Robin made one last ditch effort and shoved back throwing himself off her arm toward the ground.

"Robin!" Marion screamed.

Kaylora had expected it and caught his unconscious body as it fell directly into her hand. She raised him up onto her waiting arm and cradled him. "There was nothing to fear Marion. Robin has done this many times before. I am accustomed to him trying something. It makes my heart glad that he did."

"Why?" Marion asked.

"It just means that he is really and truly well again," Kaylora said happily

"Will you be staying until he regains consciousness?" Marion asked.

"Oh yes. We want to make very sure that he is 100%," she said looking down at Robin.
"Kaylora, Tanzan may I stay with you until he awakens?" Marion asked.

"Yes you may. You can stay here in my arm if you would like," Tanzan offered.

"Thank you, I would," she smiled up at him.

"You may even keep holding my finger if it helps you."

Marion looked down at her arms wrapped around his pinkie finger. She immediately let his finger go and blushed 20 shades of red, "Iím sorry, I didnít realize."

"That is all right." he chuckled. "If you want it later, just ask," he whispered softly then smiled.

Cat giggled to herself, "Tanzan would you set me down by John please?"

"Of course," he said as he put her down carefully.

"Hi John!" Cat said hopping onto him and hugging him.

"Hi Cat, long time no see," he laughed and hugged her too.

Cat pulled away and kissed him firmly.

"This is new. So, whatís with you two?" Marion smiled from ear to ear.

Cat broke the kiss, "Oh this?" she looked at John and smiled broadly.

John also had a huge smile on his face, "Weíre dating!"

"Yep, we think we love each other, but we want to make sure that it wasnít just the affects of the good selazors," Cat said hopping down.

"I think thatís terrific. You make a cute couple," Marion told them.

"Now that Robin is okay, I need to get going," Cat said sadly.

"When will I see you again?" John asked pulling her back to him.

Cat wrapped her arms around his waist and leaned into him, "Hmmmm, letís see, how about day after tomorrow?"

"That sounds great to me," he said giving her another kiss. When he pulled away, "I really do think I love you."

"I know John, me too. I have to go but Iíll see you soon. Goodbye everyone. Be good," she waved and disappeared in a ball of white.

"Iím going to go too. If Cat says Robin will be fine, then thatís all I need to hear. Goodnight all. I hope that we will get to see you and Tanzan often," he told Kaylora.

"We hope so too," they said together.

It was very quiet after John and Cat left. All eyes were on Robinís sleeping body.

"Tanzan," Marion called out softly.

"Yes Marion."

She cleared her throat and shyly looked at him, "May I have your finger back please?"

He laughed softly, "Of course."

"Donít tell anyone, okay?" she asked with eyes as innocent as a doeís.

"I wonít and Kaylora wonít either."

"Of course I wonít dear."

"Thank you. And thank you with all my heart for what you have done for Robin. I just donít know what I would do without him," she said as she hugged Tanzanís finger tightly.

"We know. We can feel it," Tanzan soothed.

Marion lay back and curled up cuddling his furry finger and she fell fast asleep. This time with no help from Kaylora.

Kaylora and Tanzan started rocking with Robin and Marion in their arms. The contentment was evident on their faces. Soon, they too fell fast asleep.

The night passed without any further incident. The sun rose to reveal a shiny new day.

Marion woke up and gave Tanzan his finger back. She thanked him for letting her have the return of a comforting, loving feeling from days and times from her past.

It was a short time later and Robin stirred. He opened his eyes and was greeted by Kayloraís face smiling down at him. Yawning widely, "I see you once again caught me."

"Yes I did, but it was a good try Robin."

He sat up a little, "Is there any reason for you not to put me down now?"

"Besides the fact that I still donít want to, no."

"You donít want....but you are going to, arenít you?"

"Yes Robin I am, reluctantly, but I am." Kaylora started to move down to release him.

"Wait!" he yelled.

She straightened back up, "What is it?"
"Come here," Robin motioned.

Kaylora leaned in.

"No, closer," he requested.

Kaylora leaned in so her face was very near his. Robin got up and with arms out wide, hugged her furry, pink cheek tightly to him.

Kaylora nuzzled him back, "Thank you Robin," she whispered.

Robin softly spoke into her teddy bear ear so that only Kaylora could hear him, "Thank you Kaylora, for everything. I have to be honest and admit that I am going to miss the solace that you have given to me. I donít remember my mother, but I know in my heart that what you gave to me was what it would have felt like if she had held me, minus the fur of course," he chuckled lightly.

Kaylora put him down beside of where Tanzan had put Marion. She stepped back a little so that she would not cry on them. What Robin had said to her broke her heart yet mended it all at the same time. He was the most wonderful human on the face of the earth and she would miss him dearly.

Robin put his arms out and Marion ran into them. They held each other for quite a while. Then Robin pulled away and kissed her. Marion kissed him back with all the love she was feeling. She kissed him very hard and very long. This kiss was making up for all the time that he had been away from her. When she finally pulled away, she had to hold him up slightly.

If she hadnít been holding him, Robin knew he would have fallen on his backside. "Wow! Maybe I should go away for a few days more often," he teased her.

Marion pulled him to her tightly, "Donít you dare Robin Hood. I went insane waiting for you. I donít want to go through that again."

"I agree. Besides meeting Kaylora and Tanzan, this was an adventure I could have done without." Robin turned with Marion still in his arms, "Do you have to leave now?"

"Yes Robin we must go. But remember, we will be watching," Kaylora said as they took to the air and flew out of sight.

"Hey, Iím hungry," Robin said with a ravenous look in his eyes.

"Well donít look at me unless you want to get sick again."

"No! Not on your life!"

They laughed and held each other tightly as they walked back to camp where things could get back to normal.

End of Chapter Eleven

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