Triumph Of Love
By Lisa A. Prusok

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Chapter Ten

Marion had slept a long time. She awoke to find Tuck sleeping in a chair beside her. Not wanting to disturb him, she tiptoed out of her hut. She felt better than before. It was hard for her to believe how badly she had acted. It was almost as if it wasnít her. That she was watching from the inside as an insane woman raged.

Her first order of business was to find Catrina to apologize. Then Marion had to find Robin. She had missed him so terribly. Knowing that he was very upset with her, she had to make things right with him. That was the first time he had ever hit her. Looking back now, she knew that she deserved it. He said that she was out of line and he was so right.

Marion knew that Robin was probably torn up inside over having to strike her. He would never ever hit her without provocation. Her steps quickened as she recalled that he had collapsed. Cat would have to wait. Robin needed her more, no, she needed Robin more right now.

Going to his hut, Marion found it empty. But she did find his discarded, blood covered, shredded clothes. She inhaled sharply at the deplorable condition of them. Just what had he gone through while he was away. If she remembered correctly, he didnít look wounded when she saw him, just pale.

Next she went to Johnís hut, empty too. Now she was becoming frantic. Then she saw Sean. He usually knew what was going on.

"Hi Marion. Are you feeling better?" he asked having seen her earlier fit.

"Yes thank you Sean. More like myself now. Did you see what happened to Robin?"

"Yeah. Little John and Cat took him to his field. John was carrying Robin. Before John took him, he ran everyone out of the field and said it was off-limits for the rest of the day. They have not come back yet."

"Thank you," she said as she headed to the field.

"Marion, John said it was off-limits," he called after her.

"Thank you Sean," she yelled out over her shoulder.

Sean just shook his head as she walked away, "Stubborn!"

Marion was determined to find Robin. She didnít care what John had said. Off-limits or not, she was going. Deep in thought, she plowed through the forest to the field. Marion stopped dead in her tracks when she reached the edge of the trees. For in the center were two huge creatures. The pink one held Robin. The blue one held Little John and Catrina. None of her friends made a move. Fear gripped her heart. Even though the creatures did not seem to be menacing, they held her friends, her Robin.

Only having her knife on her, she pulled it out and rushed forward. Her fear for Robin blocked any threat that may have been made to her.

Nearing the creatures, Marion held out her knife and shouted, "Put them down!"

Kaylora and Tanzan winced at the anger, rage, and bad feelings coming from the woman.

Kaylora hugged Robin to her and turned her body away from the woman, "Go away! You will not hurt them?"

Marion was too furious to hear her, "Put them down now or I will hurt you!"

"Leave here now bad woman! We will not let you harm our friends," Tanzan warned her.

That time Marion heard the words Ďour friendsí. She relaxed her fighting stance a little, "Those are my friends. What have you done to them? If you have hurt Robin, I will make you pay dearly!"

"Leave here bad woman! You will not hurt Robin, go away," Kaylora yelled at Marion.

It finally hit home in Marionís confused brain, "Why do you call me bad woman?"

"Because you are. You are filled with anger and rage. I can feel the distrust in you. Just you standing there makes Tanzan and I hurt. Your emotions are so dark and bad. Yet.....maybe I feel something else. Do you feel it Tanzan?"

"Yes, I do think she feels something for Robin," he said as he studied her.

Marion relaxed more, "I do. I love him. What have you done to him? Is he hurt?" she said walking closer.

"Stay away! Robin was very sick. He is healing now. How can you say you love him yet have so many awful feelings inside of you and some of them are for Robin?"

"I do love him. He is everything to me. You said you are healing him, well what about Little John and Catrina?"

"They were exhausted. They are only sleeping now. They have been through much, all of them have," Tanzan told her.

Marion put her knife away, "What happened to them?"

"We were both formerly evil selazors. That is what we still are, only thanks to Little John and Catrina, we are good now. The evil that we were, wanted to destroy Robin because of his powers of purity and light. Catrina killed the evil Kaylor when he tried to kill Robin. Then I was born, I am Kaylora. I healed Robin completely after Catrina lost her powers of magic," Kaylora said as her eyes smiled at the sleeping Catrina.

Then she continued, "Because Robin gives me strength by holding him, I told John and Catrina that if they would help me find my mate, I would give Robin back to them. We traveled to the other side of the world to find the evil Tanzana."

"That was my former self," Tanzan interjected.

Kaylora smiled at him, "Yes, the evil Tanzana took Robin from us and hurt him when she did. So, the three of us went to get Robin back. Catrina gave her magic power up again so she could be with us to rescue Robin. John and I distracted the evil Tanzana and Catrina tried to heal Robin with what little magic she had left inside of her. But Tanzana hurt Catrina and then hurt John. While I fought her, John came out and killed Tanzana. Robin was very near death. It took all my ability and Tanzanís after he was born to save him. We thought that he was fine, but were watching and found that he was still very ill. He must have suffered some kind of extreme emotional stress to make him so bad. The rest was caused by his near death experience. That is why we are here now. To finish his healing. We will not leave until he is completely well," Kaylora finished looking lovingly down at Robin.

She stroked his bare chest with her fingers. Marion was floored. During Kayloraís story, she sat down hard.

"I had no idea," Marion mumbled.

"I feel the anger, rage, and distrust leaving her Kaylora," Tanzan said.

"Yes, but I feel regret and sorrow now," Kaylora told him.

"You were correct when you said I was a bad woman. I have been so wrong," Marion cried as she put her face in her hands.

"Can you make things better?" Tanzan asked.

"I can when Catrina wakes up. I was horrid to her. I accused her of so many things. Oh my lord, I struck her! When she actually risked her life and her livelihood to save Robin. I owe her so much and such and apology."

Tanzan and Kaylora felt the three beginning to stir. Once more Kaylora found Robin to be weak. She purred softly and put him back out before he ever reached total consciousness.

John and Cat were allowed to wake up. They both woke lying on the softest place they had ever slept.

Cat stretched and yawned, "I canít believe Robin objects to this heavenly comfort."

John stretched and yawned too, "That has to be the best rest I have gotten in a very long time. Thank you Kaylora, Tanzan. I didnít realize, but I really needed that."

Cat smiled, "Me too. I feel great!" She searched inside herself, "Hey! I have my magic back now too!"

Tanzan put them down. It was then that they saw Marion.

"Hi Marion. Are you okay?" Cat asked as she walked up to stand near her.

Marion looked up with tears rolling down her face. She got up, "Catrina, I am so sorry for the way I acted. I apologize. I canít apologize enough to you for the wicked, hideous things that I said to you. My striking you was one of the worst things that I have ever done in my life. You did not deserve any of it. I should have come to you and thanked and blessed you for saving Robinís life. I canít tell you how awful I feel. I wonít ask for your forgiveness because the things that I did and said are unforgivable. I will try to make amends to you some how," Marionís head hung low.

Cat walked up close to Marion and raised her head with gentle fingers under her chin, "Marion, I accept your apology and I do forgive you. I canít even imagine what you went through waiting for Robin to come back home. I would rather risk my life a thousand times than wait for days on end not knowing if he was alive or dead."

Marion looked into Catís kind face. She understood. She could see how much she loved Robin, but she could also see that it was different from her love of him. Catrina was a very special, wonderful woman. She would never be jealous of her again. She would never distrust Robin while he was with her. Robin was safe with her and now Marion knew that Cat would defend Robin with her life.

Marion threw her arms around Cat and hugged her tightly, "Thank you so much. Thank you for me and thank you for bringing Robin back to me."

Cat patted Marionís back, "You are very welcome. Robin is a very lucky man to love such a woman as you."

Marion pulled away and looked up to Kaylora expecting Robin to be awake too. "Why hasnít Robin awakened yet?"

"He started to rouse, but I could feel a weakness still in him. I put him back to sleep," Kaylora told her.

"Little John, we need you to keep the other humans away from this place until tomorrow afternoon," Tanzan requested.

"It will be done. Iíll go now and pass the word. Thanks again for the great nap," then he headed off.

"Now that I have my magic back, Iíd better get back to see if I still have a job. Call on me anytime if you need me you two. Take care of each other," Cat smiled and disappeared in a bright white glow.

"I can still sense a heaviness in your heart Marion," Tanzan told her.

"Yes there is. Robin was very upset with me before he collapsed. It was my fault that he had the extreme emotional stress. It was because of me. I have not been able to say anything to him since then. I know I hurt him by the way I acted."

Kaylora gasped, "Tanzan! Maybe that is the weakness that I feel inside of him."

Tanzanís eyes grew wide, "You may be right. Shall I wake him?"

Kaylora looked at her bundle, "I think yes. We have already said that we will stay until he is well. If that is not it, we can come together and use our powers again. I will make him sleep until he is better no matter how long it takes."

"Then I shall wake him. Marion I want to pick you up so you can be close to Robin when he wakes. He will not be awake for long, so say what you need to atone," Tanzan explained.

"I understand," she said as the soft as mink fur hands lifted her.

End of Chapter Ten

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