Triumph Of Love
By Lisa A. Prusok

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Chapter One

Steam rose from the ground in the deep, dark immense cavern. Stark white bones, animal and human, scattered the stone floor as water methodically dripped from the stalactites. An evil presence was in this ancient lair. Heavy, even breathing echoed as the creature waited patiently. Its keen, piercing eyes stared into the visionary pool of water. Watching silently for itsí next prey to appear in the ripples of the hot spring water.

The beast had awakened from a long sleep. Its instincts were honed to seek out those humans who possessed the combined qualities of goodness, purity, love and light. It could sense that such a human was coming. The humans with these qualities were to be obliterated from the face of the earth. This creature, the selazor, was born to do that very thing. This particular selazor, Kaylor was his name, thrived on hate, anger, death, and evil.

Kaylor had slept peacefully for many, many years because the human race seemed intent on destroying itself. Wars raged across the earth. Evil and wrong doings abounded during each second of each day. That is until a male child was born to a Saxon lord in Locksley.

Years were like a day to Kaylor. He had been keeping close track of this child. The years passed and he could feel a rift beginning to grow within his realm. As the child aged, the rift became stronger. The young manís goodness grew as he grew. This agitated and nauseated Kaylor, but he knew he had to bide his time. Every time hardship befell the young man, Kaylor hoped that he would turn to a dark, evil way. But these hardships only made the man stronger and more pure. His love and inner light intensified the older he became.

It had now been 29 years since his birth. Every day the man recruited more humans to follow him in his quest for helping others. His power had become so strong that Kaylorís body had become racked with constant pain and numerous maladies. The time drew near when he would finally rid the world of the man that had plagued him all these years. The man the world called Robin Hood.

It had been a very long day for the Sherwood Outlaws. They had just returned from acquiring a very large booty from an arrogant Norman Lord. What they had not expected was the score of guards surrounding the Lordís carriage. It was a hard, bloody battle. The Outlaws fought expertly and with such skill that they finished the battle unscathed.

Riding back to their hidden compound, the leaders of the alliance dismounted and gathered by the fire. Robin Hood, Marion, Little John and Friar Tuck sat in the cooling, late afternoon air. The fire gave warmth to both body and soul.

"That was a good run, but we got lucky," Robin told everyone as he stared into the fire.

"We handled them just fine Robin and just think of all the people we can help with what we took from him," John told him with the energy he still felt from the fight.

"No John, we got lucky," Robin said solemnly. "The information Albert gave us was only partially right. We canít afford to allow that to happen again," he finished sternly.

"Robin, take it easy. Everything turned out fine and everyone is home safe and sound," Marion tried to soothe him.

Robin did not answer her. He sat staring at the fire rubbing his chin hairs with his thumb.

"Robin..." Marion said softly as she put her hand gently on his arm.

Her touch brought him out of his deep thoughts. Standing up, "Iím going to the field," he told them as he walked away.

Marion stood up, "Robin it will be dark soon."

Not turning around, "I wonít be long,"

The trio left at the fire, stared after their leader.

"Whatís wrong with Robin?" John asked confused at his friends behavior.

"Iíve seen that look on him before. When he thinks that hard, I would swear at times he should have rubbed his beard right off," Tuck mused.

"Robin just has a hard time when anyone is in harms way. A small piece of him dies every time someone is injured or killed John," Marion explained as she watched her Robin walk out of sight.

Since the daylight was fading, ĎRobinís fieldí was empty of the playing children. All was quiet as the sun cast an opulent sunset on the horizon. Robin picked a spot among the blooming, fragrant flowers and tall grass. Sitting cross-legged, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Those who would have seen him would have thought him to be in meditation. But, Robin was praying. He thanked the All Mighty for watching over his group and bringing them all home safely. Robin also said a prayer for the men that lost their lives by the outlawsí swords. Killing was abhorred by him, no matter who. He always gave his quarry a chance to do things peacefully, but it just never turned out the way he wanted. Blood seemed to always flow.

Robin lowered his head and was glad that his eyes were closed as the tears burned when they escaped the corners of his eyes. Shaking his head slightly, he raised a hand and wiped his eyes and nose of dampness. Robin was becoming very depressed because of his current reflections. Switching his mind to other things began to bring him out of his black mood. The love of his life, Marion. His best friends, John and Tuck. Musing over some of their lighter moments raised his spirits more.

Then he started wondering about someone he had not seen in a long time. He had known her for years. She was trouble, but she was also a bright spot in his life. This woman was the best female friend that he had. More than a sister, yet not what Marion was to him. Catrina was always bubbly and very affectionate toward him. Robin laughed at himself remembering how he made her faint the last time that he had kissed her. It was a necessary kiss by a Kingís decree. Since he had to, Robin decided to teach Catrina a lesson and made sure that she knew she had been kissed by the one and only, Robin Hood. He loved Cat, but they both knew that his love for her would never go any farther than the close, special friendship that they had for each other.

Robin felt happy inside as he thought about his Cat. It had been so long since he had last seen her that he pondered over what she had been up to. Robin felt a tug at his heart as he began to miss her. He felt a warm glow inside of him as he thought about her more. A dizziness began to wash over him and a slight smile grew on his lips.

Then suddenly out of the silence of the field he heard, "LOVER!!!!!!" squealed about four feet in front of him. A small body became attached to him in a hug that bowled him over onto his back.

"CAT!!!!" he muffled out into her shoulder as he hugged her back warmly and tightly.

It was a good two minutes before Cat released Robin from her hug and allowed him to breathe again. Then she lifted up and now sat straddling his waist. A smile ran from ear to ear as she looked down upon him.

"It is so good to see you Cat," Robin smiled up at her with his dimples out in full force.

"Itís been a long time Lover. My oh my, you do look good from this angle," she giggled.

Robin rolled his eyes, "You know some day I wonder if when we meet there will ever be a chance you wonít end up on top of me."

"Not if I can help it. Whatís fun about a handshake! Youíre just going to have to get used to this greeting. Youíre just too yummy not to," she leaned in, took his face in her small hands and planted a wet kiss right on his mouth.

Robin kissed her back. He chuckled inside as Cat had taken another opportunity to show him just how much of a friend he was to her. The short kiss ended and Robin propped himself up on his elbows.

"Now that we have covered the hello, would you mind..."

Cat knew what he meant. She stuck out her lower lip in a pout as she got off of him and sat down.

Robin looked at her as he sat up, "Oh, donít give me that," straightened his tunic.

Cat smiled, "I do what I can," she said batting her eyelashes at him. "So, how have you been Lover?"

"Iíve been just fine. This is very strange, I was just thinking about you and here you are."

"I know, I heard you," she told him smiling.

"You heard me, how?" he asked confused.

"You know that special connection that we have between us?" she asked finally getting serious.

"Yes, you told me thatís why Iím the only one that you can heal," Robin recalled.

"Well, as my powers have continued to grow, so has that connection. I didnít know that I had that capability until I heard you in my head a few minutes ago," she explained.

"So all I have to do is think about you and you can hear me?" he confirmed.

"Thatís right Lover, Iím just a thought away," she beamed.

Robin considered this for a moment. Then his eyes went wide, "Can you hear exactly what Iím thinking?"

Cat continued to smile at him to let him sweat for a moment. Then she winked at him. Robin shifted where he sat a little nervously.

Finally letting him off the hook, "No, I canít hear your exact thoughts. I just heard you calling out my name and an overwhelming feeling that I had to come to see you came to me." She stopped a moment and stared at him in all his gorgeousness. "I have really missed you Robin," she said sniffing as tears hung on the edge of her lashes.

Robin reached over and wiped a single tear from her cheek. He felt such a warm love for her, "I have missed you too Cat," he told her softly. "So what have you been up to? Trouble?" he asked giving her a wink this time.

Cat blushed at his wink. He would never really know what he did to her inside. She turned to jelly when she was around him. He was the most wonderful man on the face of the earth. Not to mention the most fantastically beautiful man too.

"ME!? TROUBLE!?" she stared at him wide-eyed innocent.

Robin laughed a hearty laugh, "Yes, you, trouble."

Cat laughed with him, "Not yet at least. I did get a new job. Iím a sorceress/mystic for a Saxon Lord over in Ufcom."

Robinís face turned very serious, "Is he treating you well? I want to know the truth and donít try to hide anything from me."

Cat smiled at his concern. Ever since her trouble with Count Lanis, Robin had watched after her a little more closely. "He is treating me very well Robin, not to worry. The job is not very difficult and I do get to have a bit of fun now and then."

Robin searched her face and knew she was telling him the truth, "Iím glad that you have found a good man to work for. You deserve nothing less than the best Cat."

"Back atcha Lover," she smiled. "So, what has been happening with you and your merry band of men?"

"You know, the usual," Robin said simply.

"Something is not usual, otherwise you would not have called me. Something is bothering you and I have to warn you that I am willing to sit here until dawn waiting for you to tell me," she told him as she crossed her arms in front of her.

Robin smiled at her show of authority, "Itís nice to know that you have not changed."

Cat just stared at him in the waning light waiting for him to tell her.

Robin looked up at the fading light in the sky and decided that she would actually do just what she said she would. Finally giving in, "There really isnít that much to tell Cat. We got back from a run today and it was a little bit hairy getting out of there without my men being hurt. I worry about all of them. It hurts me inside when anyone of them is hurt or worse. I suppose that is one drawback of being a leader. See, not much to tell."

"I disagree. Thatís a lot. I can understand a little bit because I know how much it tears me up inside when I see you hurt. What made you think of me?"

"I was feeling very depressed and I started thinking about the people in my life. Then I realized I had not seen you in such a long time so..."

She interrupted him, "Iím so glad that you did. I did not realize just how much I have missed you until I saw you again."

Robin looked at Cat for a moment. She had come such a long way since the first time that he met her. She was graceful and confident now. Her powers were almost unrivaled. "I am so proud of you Cat. I feel very lucky that Olwyn sent me to see you so many years ago. You really are a bright spot in my life, thank you."

Cat blushed a radiant red and looked down at her hands as they began to play with a fold in her skirt. She didnít know what to say. This was one of the very few times that she had ever been speechless. Most of the time it was hard to get her to shut up.

Robin saw that he had made her uncomfortable. To break the silence he said, "Well, now I know what to say to keep you quiet," he teased.

Catís head shot up and she glared at him. Unable to think of a come back, she just wrinkled her nose at him.

Robin laughed at her. Looking skyward, "It is getting late. Why donít you come back to camp with me to say hello to everyone and to have dinner with us. I want to spend some more time with you before you go back."

"Okay!" she chirped as she hopped up. "Is Marion here?"

"Yes, why wouldnít she be?"

"Well, the last couple of times I have been here, she has been away."

"No, sheís here and Iím sure that she will be happy to see you," he told her as he got up and stretched out his long frame.

Cat watched him stretch and sighed to herself. He was so well built. If it was possible, he was even more buff now than when she had last seen him. "I see you have been taking very good care of yourself," she told him unable to keep a little hint of lust from her voice.

Robin looked down at himself. Then he blushed when he realized what she meant. Turning the tables on her, he looked at her from head to toe. She had grown into quite a nice looking woman. Not as beautiful as Marion, but then no woman was, but very nicely put together. "You have done a very nice job yourself," he grinned at her and raised his left eyebrow.

Catís head fell again as she blushed and she murmured a little, "Thank you."

Robin laughed and put his arm around her waist pulling her to his side, "Come on. Letís get back to camp before they start dinner without us."

Cat wrapped her arm around his waist and looked up at his face with the always adoring eyes as they began to walk. "I donít know if anyone has ever told you this Robin, but you are the greatest," she said as she squeezed his waist closer to her.

Robin wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer to him, "Thank you, I needed that right now. By the way, you are not so bad yourself."

Cat once again blushed and she turned her face away from Robin, "I am out of practice being around you. You, my good man, are still a lethal weapon."

Robin laughed again. He was feeling 100% better since her arrival. There was a spring to his step. Love and a cheery light filled his heart. She was just what he needed. The problems of the day no longer mattered. Robin was with his friend now and his troubles just seemed to disappear.

End of Chapter One

Chapter One  Chapter Two   Chapter Three   Chapter Four   Chapter Five  Chapter Six

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