The Monastery

“So Friar,” Little John asked, “I hear they're starting a new Monastery.”

“Yes,” enthused Friar Tuck.

“And who will be attending this monastary? ”Little John quierred.

“Well, let's see...there's going to be a Father, a Mother, a Sister, and a Brother

“Wait a minute,” John cut in. 

“I thought you said, it was going to be a monastery?”

“Yes, that's right,” Tuck vigorously nodded his head.

“And you said, there's going to be a Father?”

“Well actually, there's going to be a lot of fathers,” Tuck quickly replied.

Little John scratched his head in confusion. 

“Lots of Fathers eh, and lots of Brothers and Sisters?” 

John asked, as he folded his arms in frustration.

“Oh yes, lots of them also,” Tuck agreed.

“I see,” Little John tried to grasp. “And lots of Mothers?”

Tuck shook his head, “No, they only have one Mother.”

Johns blue eyes went wide, “One Mother,"” He exclaimed!

“Oh yes, of course one Mother.”

“But lots of Fathers and Brothers and Sisters!” Little John blushed.

“Yes, one Mother and lots of Fathers and Brothers and Sisters!”

John amazed at this, “She must be some Mother!” He whistled out.

“She is, you know actually, her name is Mother Superior!”

“She would have to be!!” Little John remarked. 

“Friar it seems that this monastery is for the birds!” John added.

“How did you know we had a Cardinal?” Tuck said, surprised.

“Hey; ABBOTT!” John yelled out.

“No Little John. He's the head of our other monastery!!”


This was page was done in jest.
No offense was meant to those wonderful twosome;
Martyn Ellis and Richard Ashton.

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