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Welcome one and all to my Fifth Edition!!
  As always, I pledge to continue; to try and amuse all who come to my web site. If you want me to post your story, I will gladly do it for you. This site would not be possible if not for Matthew's talented fans. Any type of story is accepted. X-rated need not apply. 
This is, and will always be - A family site.

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Triumph of LoveBy Lisa Prusok 
A Mini-Novel
A evil creature has hid within his cavern, forever in pain. He finds his pain is caused by the pure heart of a certain Sherwood outlaw. Fleeing from his cavern, he searches for the man known as Robin Hood. 
Thus begins a story of adventure, and a finding of true love. Lisa has graciously allowed me to post her drawings, that help weave the fantastic tale she has written.


Ladies in Waiting By Jayel 
Marion notices avoiding eyes, when she returns to camp after a weeks time away. Even Little John stands in her way, as she searches for Robin Hood. Barreling past him, she storms to Robin's stream. Only to find him in the arms of a beautiful WOMAN!! What's going on?? 
You're going to  have to read the story to find that out. 


The Golden Cage  By Shelly Quinn 
Robin and his men are met in the forest by a band of Arabs. He soon finds that a Sultan and his amorous, young wife has taken up residence in Sherwood Forest. What exactly are his intentions for Robin and his men?? 
This story has my favorite line about Matthew's Robin Hood, read on to find that marvelous line. 


The Monastery  By Virginia Cavazos 
This is not a true story. Just something I wrote, when I finished seeing "The Mystery of Druids Grove" Once you've read it, you'll know what I mean. This is a tribute to, Richard and Martyn... the two of you were WONDERFUL!! Thanks for the joy you have given us. :-)


The Land of the Giants By Lisa Prusok 
Robin and Little John are out on a hunt. The two good friends, enjoy the time away from stealing the Princes taxes, to catching dinner for the camp. As they ride in an strange land, they hear a woman cry for help. Robin rides ahead, to find the largest wolves he has ever seen, attacking a woman. Robin soon finds that the land is much stranger than he thought.
A drawing made by Lisa is included with the story, please look for it.


The Four Legged Outlaw By Virginia Cavazos 
Robin returns to his camp, to find it in a uproar. It seems that a certain white dog has been causing havoc in the camp. It's up to Robin to try and calm the tempers down, and try to make a certain, four legged outlaw a part of camp.
This is a continuation of a story I wrote called  The Great Roberto Mo has to find a way to be accepted in camp. Can she do it? Read on.


Life is but a Dream By Shelly Quinn 
Robin and Marion attend a wedding feast. After watching the happy bride and groom, Marion seems to have been saddened by the affair. She quickly leaves, going ahead of the small group. That night Robin has a horrible dream. In the days to follow, he finds he no longer wants to sleep, for fear that the dreadful dream's will return. What is causing these horrible nightmares? He soon finds an answer, in the form of a white wolf. 


The Dreamer By Joan Woodcock
This is a touching short story, about Robin and Marion. Joan has wonderfully illustrated, that a Robin Hood tale doesn't have to be thirty pages long. It can also be told on just two pages. 
I've also included a fantastic Drawing by Lisa Prusok.


Cat'Woman VS Robin By Lisa Prusok 
CAT is back, and she has a new rival. After she quit working for Count Lanis. He seemed to have quickly found another sorceress to take her place. After settling in, she began to search for the former sorceress of the castle. We are soon find out, it's not Cat she is truly looking for. But a certain Sherwood outlaw, whose pure heart and soul, will give this evil sorceress that which she has searched for her whole life.


Forever Young By Diana, Jenny, and Virginia Cavazos 
Two girls are visiting the ruins of Locksley castle. When they suddenly find themselves in the middle of an outlaw camp. With living outlaws!! It seems that their leader has had a evil spell placed on him. For Robin Hood appears to be a seventeen year old boy?! Unaware of his life as the most wanted man in England. How will Robin's friends break this evil spell?
This is a magical tale, written by three authors. Jenny is credited for one chapter. The rest was co-written by Diana and Virginia Cavazos


Daydream Believer By Katie Heege 
What is this? Tuck is in trouble, Prince John has captured him, and taken him to his castle. How will Robin be able to save him, within his stronghold? With a little help, from a magical friend...Olwyn.
Katie is a new author to the site, this story was originally published in 
Arrows I. Arrows II and III can be found on the Lady Outlaws site, found on my links page.


When Shadows Fall By Laura Feltyberger
 Michael is pushing Winn away, he does not want her to become a part of what he was forced to live as. Sedrien has a new person in his life, as well as Gav. How will this story end for the three Vampires?? 
This is the end, of the wonderful Michael trilogy written by Laura, thank you Laura, for taking us into your mysterious world of Vampires. 


Childs Play By Shelly Quinn  Visit Shelly's Web Site
Robin has a new enemy. Someone linked to a person he had killed in the past. This new enemy can be a dangerous one, she is a evil sorceress. Hoping to take out her revenge, on our Sherwood Hero. Hearing Robin mention that he missed being a kid, his new enemy grants him a wonderful gift...or is it?? 


The Better GiftBy Verenize Bernal Curiel 
Christmas is near, and Robin doesn't have a gift for Marion. He searches though out Sherwood for a special gift for the woman he loves. Does he find it? Verenize has written a light hearted tale of Robin's search for that special gift. I especially loved the ending. A perfect tale to start my fifth Edition!
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