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Welcome one and all to my Fourth Edition!!
YES!!! I now have four editions to my site. As always, I pledge to continue; to try and amuse all who come to my web site. If you want me to post your story, I will gladly do it for you. Any type of story is accepted. X-rated need not apply. 
This is, and will always be - A family site.

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A Christmas Smile, Non-Refundable by V. Cavazos 
Sally is opening her store on Christmas day!! She knows no one else is going to be open. Visions of how much money she would be making today, danced in her head, until something happened that changed her life, forever. 
This is a Christmas tale I've written for all the fans. It's not a Robin Hood Tale, but the main Character does look like someone we have seen before. Merry Christmas all you Matthew Porretta fans. I hope this story brings you some Christmas Cheer.


Seeking a Star By Paddy   Visit Paddy's Web Site
Christmas time is near. The camp is ready for winter. Marion cryptically threw him out of her tent. Surprised by her actions, he rides out alone. Robins thoughts wander, unaware of the danger that lurks in Sherwood. Forest, until it is to late.
A wonderful Christmas Tale from our German Author


The Christmas Gift by Virginia The Lady in Waiting 
Robin and Marion are going to a ball! After what happened at Sir Guys, they needed a rest. It was a grand plan, but they did not count on someone setting plans in motion, that would break up the inseperable Robin and Marion.
This story combines both Marions from the series. Thank you  Anna Gavin, and Barbara Griffin, I loved both of your Marions. You did a fantastic job. 


The Healers Gift By Lisa Winge  "Froggie"  Visit Lisa's Web Site
Jacobi and Elizabeth are expecting little ones. Yes, Lisa Winge has given us a sequel to her marvelous story, the Healers Touch, found in the first Edition. She manages to take us all across England. We meet Amazons, and...well I'll let you find out for yourself.  I think Lisa has far outdone herself with this tale. For the romantics, and adventursome, you will not be dissapointed.


The Purple Rose By Verenize Bernal Curiel 
Robin meets an old friend, someone that brings back old memories of his father. Indeed, he is a man that Robin was as close to as his own father, but the man carried past scars. A deep hurt put there by the Sheriff of Notingham. Living as a hermit for many years, he plans on exacting his revenge on the Sheriff. Unknowlingly Robin is pulled into his act of revenge.
This is my first bi-lingual story. I deeply thank Verenize for taking the time of writing the story in English and Spanish. I have to say that this one is a true, Robin Hood tale. It has Action, Adventure, Plots or revenge, and a little Romance, What more could you ask for? Thank you Verenize for letting us read your marvelous story.
Gracias Verenize, Te debo una...Thank you Verenize, I am in your debt
When Two are as One By Lisa Prusok 
Cat is once again back. Lisa has written a fantastic story with her own special character, Cat. I dont' want to give away the plot. So suffice to say, Cat is in trouble with a violent Lord, and poor Robin has been unwillingly pulled into it.


Under Cover of DarknessBy Laura Feltyberger 
 Michael has to learn how to exist as a vampire. He chose to live for Martines memory. Sedrien and Gavriel have taken up the task of giving him lessons on living as a vampire in a modern age. Here is the marvelous sequel to "Until Dawn Breaks" Found on the third Edition. Laura has again taken us into her own world of vampires. With a certain Sable haired man as the haunting lead, he is trying just to exist in a unatural world he was thrust into, by a woman that gave her own life, to save his. 


Cathexis for Cat By Lisa Prusok 
Cat is back, and poor Robin is drawn into another adventure with her. She is still having trouble with her magic. Hoping that Robin could help her, there she will meet Robin's true love...Marion. 
Lisa has provided her own marvelous drawings for her story, Please-check them out.
The History Lesson By Adrienne Mokarry 
This short story is Adriennes look at a day in the life of the noble outlaw Robin Hood, as told by Marion Fitzwalter. With - I might add, her own little twist. 


The Curse of Locksley Castle By Virginia Cavazos 
Robin Hood and his friends are caught in a storm, seeking shelter, they see a dark shape looming in the distance. A ancient castle, almost in ruins, they decide to weather the storm withing this unknown castle. Wait....what is that sound?? Robin will soon find out, as I present for you this scary tale, just in time for the Halloween season.


The Vampires of Sherwood By Paddy Visit Paddy's Web Site
Robin has been missing for over a week! No one knows what has happened to him! Until strange things start happening in Sherwood Forest. Robin has been spotted, attacking villages! Robbing the poor! What has happened to him?? 
I submit for your approval, a tale perfect for Halloween. 


A Lesson in Patience By Lisa Prusok 
Olwyn has asked Robin to do him a favor. Of course, Robin does not hessitate to help his mentor, and good friend. After meeting this FAVOR, it's a wonder Robin makes it through the week. What is this favor?? You must click the book to find out.
This is Lisa's first story on the site.She has spun a marvelous tale, I know you will all be pleased. You can also see her drawings on the art Gallery site. She is so talented, I'm going to have to give her, her own wing! :-)


The Scavenger Hunt By Adrienne  Mokarry 
The day started out so innocent. Tuck decided to go on a scavenger hunt. Robin - spured by a prank that Marion was a part of; he had to win the hunt. But as we know, innocent days in Sherwood have a tendancy to wake one up to the reality of life. 
This is Adrienne's first story on my site. I know you will be enjoying it.


The Birthday Gift By Virginia Cavazos 
Marion and Robin are resting peacefully deep in Sherwood Forest. It's been quiet as of late - concerning Prince John and his men, TOO quiet. The silence has caused Robin and Marion to reconsider their pact they made so long ago. Unfortunately, Sherwood forest has dangers lurking in it's darkest corners. 
I had hoped to see more romance on the series, but Matthew left to soon. Sooo, being the stinker that I am, I thought I'd write it into a story. Hope you all like it. 


Lelora's Mirror By Alisha Mobely  Visit Alisha's web site 
Marion meets someone special in the woods. Someone that convinces her that to achieve Robin's undying love, she needs to be more beautiful. Giving her a mirror, that will reflect her beauty that dwells within. It changes her appearances, for the better? You'll never know, until you read this story. 
This is Alisha's third wonderful story to Matthew's story page.
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