The Great Roberto!
By Virginia Cavazos
Chapter One
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 Chapter Four the Conclusion

Chapter One

"Step right up ladies and gentlemen, see the colossal, the stupendous, Breathtaking Huntress Diana, Daughter of the moon, and her Magical tour!" The crowd came around, as the small troop of performers came to the center of town. The rotund man tried his best to mesmerize the audience.

"See ladies and gentleman the eighth wonder of the world! I present to you, a giant as strong as the legendary Atlas. The great Samson!"

A tall man entered the center of the crowd. He shrugged his shoulders back, his fair hair fell down his back. Pulling out a bar of metal the crowd gasped as he commenced to bend it in two. The muscles in his arms flexed, he groaned out, his face set in the effort it took to bend the thick metal. The crowd oohed and ahhed at the great feat of strength! The Giants then picked up a man in the crowd as if they were children. He asked the milling crowd for any challenge. They gladly gave him any they could think of. When his act was over, the gentle giant bowed at the crowd and stepped back to stand at the outskirts!

"And now ladies and gentlemen/" The rotund man called out. "Prepare to be dazzled by the greatest marksman in the world! Roberto the Magnificent" the crowd scoffed at this.

"You don’t believe me my dear friends?" The man asked pointing around at members of the crowd. "Why tales are told that Roberto is even better with the bow than Robin Hood himself!"

Again the crowd looked at each other murmuring in disbelief. Suddenly out of the crowd a man came tumbling into the cleared center.

He jumped high into the air, from left to right. His long sable hair flew as he tumbled with ease. The crowd was dazzled by his acrobatics. As he came to a stop the attractive young man pulled several knifes out. The crowd gasped as he spun a knife in the center of his palm. The Great Samson stepped in, he started whirling a block of wood, tied to a string, in front of him. The crowd drew back in fear.

"Never fear ladies and gentleman." The jolly master of ceremonies reassured the crowd. "The Great Roberto never misses!"

The Great Roberto then began to throw his knives at the spinning block of wood. One at a time he let go, each one flew at the whirling block. When he was finished Samson stopped spinning the wood. All gasped as they could see that the wood had four knifes stuck in them. Roberto’s velvet brown eyes coldly smiled at the audience. The women swooned at the handsome man.

"Ladies and Gentleman the Great Roberto is not done yet! As I have stated before, his skill with the bow is equal to, if not greater than that, of Robin Hood himself!"

Samson came into the ring with a quiver of arrows and a bow. He handed them to Roberto. Taking them Roberto stood off to the side, some of the fair maids of the village giggled as he smiled and conversed with them. As Samson prepared the act the ringmaster continued.

"Ladies and Gentleman prepared to be electrified."

The Ringmaster pulled a small ring out of his pocket. He walked up to The Great Roberto. Roberto brought one of the arrows out. The ringmaster took it from him, showing it to the crowd.

"As you can see ladies and gentleman. The Arrow just fits through the ring."

To prove his point the Ringmaster slowly pushed the arrow through the ring. It just made it through.

"Now, rings of the same size will be placed a equal distance apart. The Great Roberto will shoot an arrow through six, yes Ladies and Gentlemen you herd right. He will shoot an arrow through six rings."

Samson had the act nearly set up. The rings were on the end of six long sticks. They were perfectly lined up.

The Ringmaster brought out a small container. Opening it he poured it on Roberto’s arrowheads.

"To prove The Great Roberto’s skill, we will be lighting the arrow. As the arrow passes through the rings, each ring will be ignited by The Great Roberto’s Arrow!" The plump ringmaster backpedaled towards the rings. Bringing his hands up he motioned to the crowd. "Please give us silence Ladies and Gentlemen. The Great Roberto has to concentrate on this impossible shot!"

Roberto walked to the other side of the rings. Samson poured lamp oil on each ring. Roberto, using a flint, lit the end of his arrow. Drawing it back he drew a bead on the end ring. Which had a small silver ring hanging on a wire, in the center.

His eye narrowed as he concentrated on hitting the small ring. Holding his breath he let go. The arrow flew through the rings. Each ring ignited as it passed through. As the arrow went through the last ring, it passed through the smaller ring. Being bigger than the ring the arrow stopped, swinging as it hung on the end of the wire. The audience let out a yell.

Roberto gave a deep bow. His long hair fell to the ground, as he lifted his head he whipped it up to throw his hair back. Giving the crowd a wide dimpled grin. The ladies swooned once again.

"Thank you Great Roberto!" The Ringmaster said.

"And now Ladies and Gentlemen. Introducing the star of the show. The Huntress Diana and her amazing whip!"

As Diana entered the ring Roberto left to sit off to the side. Samson followed Roberto to stand by him. Diana then started her act with her whip. Roberto played with his knives. Children stood by him dazzled. As Roberto was trying to show a child how to spin the knife in his palm a tall fair man approached him.

"How are you?" The man asked.

Bringing his hand out he introduced himself.

"I’m called Jaime."

Roberto eyed the man. He half-smiled at him and then commenced to play with his knives. Jaime seeing that Roberto wasn’t going to shake his hand. Brought it back.

"I’ve come to make a proposition with you."

"An’ wots that?" Roberto asked, cocking his head, he squinted up at him.

"I want you to join our circus."

"An’ wot makes you think I’ll be wantin’ to leave The ‘untress Diana Daughter o’ the Moon Magical Tour!" He said this as if it left a sour taste in his mouth.

Settling next to Roberto, Jaime began to explain to the handsome young man.

"I can see that your talents are wasted in this small establishment Roberto. If you join our circus I can guarantee that you will have top billing."

Roberto’s eyes lit up at this proposition. Turning his head he looked up at the giant.

"You ‘ears that Samson. This Missy ‘ere ‘as offered us top billin’." Roberto then gave Jaime a cocky smile. Jaime grimaced at being called Missy. Gazing up at Samson he replied.

"Wait, I didn’t say the giant too. We already have one."

Roberto shook his head. "It’s a package deal mate. Either you takes meself and me friend, o’ no Great Roberto!" Roberto scratched his goateed chin with the blade of his knife. A cocky grin parted his lips.

Jaime has to think this out first. After a few minutes he replied.

"All right, I’ll take the giant." Putting his hand out to close the deal.

Roberto than brought out his hand, shaking it strongly. "Then I’ll be glad to works fo’ you Missy. Giv’ me a sec and I’ll be goin’ to gets me stuff." Winking he added. "I also ‘as to give poor Diana the bad news."

Diana was just now finishing up her act. She was headed for her wagon. As she entered it, Roberto followed her in. The door slammed shut behind them.

Inside the wagon Robin grinned widely. "I think this is them Marion." Marion let out a tired sigh. "I hope so Robin. I hate this outfit. It’s a lot tighter than I’m used to."

Robin slyly smiled, his eyes roving her body as he saw her struggle to keep herself contained in the small outfit.

"If the information that mayor gave us is true I think we’ve found the Circus that has been robbing the village treasuries." Robin tried to sound serious. Marion looking concerned at Robin wagged her finger at him.

"You be careful Robin Hood, you’ll be amongst strangers." Robin tried to reassure her

"Don’t worry Marion, I have the Great Samson to look after me." Marion sighed again, Robin was having fun. Sometimes he would forget how serious things were. Marion always seemed to be his counsious.

"Your really enjoying this aren’t you." She scolded him.

"Marion its hard work, but it does have its benefits." Robin half-grinned at her, giving her a sly wink. Marion let a frown come to her lips.

"Yes, I see those benefits. The young ladies seem to be hanging around you." Marion fluttered her eyes at Robin, swooning over him.

"Oh Roberto!" She said in a falsetto voice. "You are so handsome, so wonderful! Bah!" Marion scoffed.

"Well wot can I says. They like the Great Roberto." Robin grinned.

Seeing Marion’s concerned look he added.

"Don’t worry Marion." He took her into his arms, she fell willingly. Giving her warm kiss he whispered on her lips. "I’ll be careful."

Breaking the kiss he began to scold her. "You just remember to stay out of site when you follow us. We don’t want to let them on about us to soon, we have to find out if they’re the ones stealing from these villages. Now Marion." Robin softly said looking deep into her blue eyes.

"Yes Robin?" Marion asked. Returning the soulful stare.

"Will you throw me out."

Marion smiled, a wicked grin curled her lips. "The Pleasure will be all mine Great Roberto."

Opening the door she shoved Robin out with her foot. Robin fell on the ground, rolling he stood up. Laughing gaily as he said.

"Well I ‘opes your bloody show can makes it without the Great Roberto!" He yelled at her. Making a fist he shook it in the air.

"Show your face here again and you will be the Ex-Great Roberto!!" Marion countered. She then threw a sack at Robin. Robin ducked as it missed him. Glaring at her he picked the sack off the ground, throwing it on his back Robin stormed back to Jaime.

"Well Missy, I thinks you ‘aves yourselves a new star!" Jaime grinned widely

. "Great then, lets go. My circus is not to far from here."

Robin glancing back at Marion gave her a wink. She shook her fist back at him.

"Common Samson we ‘ave a new establishment to checks out!" Little John nodded his head. Toting his own sack he followed after the Great Roberto.

As they walked on Jaime noticed Samson’s silence.

"Doesn’t Samson talk?" He quietly asked. Robin pointed back at Little John.

"Who ‘im. Naw, ‘e ain’t spoke a word since I’ been ‘ooked up with ‘im. I looks out for ‘im and ‘e looks out fo’ me! Now enough about us. ’ows about tellin’ us a little sometin’ about yourselves."

They then talked on as they made there way to where Jaime’s circus was settled.

End of Chapter One

Chapter One
 Chapter Two
 Chapter Three
 Chapter Four the Conclusion
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