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"The Unicorn" By Shelly Quinn

Welcome to my Second Edition
As always this is a site set up for all to read or join in on the fun.
The only prerequisite?? You like action, adventure. 
 You will find many various stories, Robin Hood aplenty.
But what do we have here? A story with Matthew as a vampire hunter,
and as A painter. Please check them all out.

The Painter and the Poet By Laura Feltyberger 
This is a story that was inspiried by Matthews new hair cut! Rob is an artist, and  like most artists, he's obsessed by his profession. Syd really doesn't know what to make of him, admiring him from afar, but then one day he asks the fateful question. Will you pose for me?? Want to find out what happens?? You'll have to read the story!! 
.. .
Man of My Dreams By Debbie Szabo 
Marion is having trouble sleeping. Another man is invading her dreams. But not the prince of theives! What evil plan does this stranger have for Marion? And will Robin be able to stop him?? Tune in to find out.


Going Different Ways By Paddy 
Our German author returns with a marvelous story, Please give her a hand. She has to translate her story from German to English, I think she has done a marvelous job!! 
Robin is called by King Richard himself to aid him in the crusades. Queen Eleanor has been captured! It comes at a time when Robin and Marion are at wits end on how to perceive their tenuous relationship. 
. .
My Heart, My Soul By Virginia Cavazos "The Lady in Waiting" 
Has Tuck lost his faith?? Robin tries his best to console his good friend. But what is this?? Women dressed in black, crying out for Robins blood! Looks like he's in trouble once again, how will he be able to handle this great threat?? 
. .
The Bargain By Debbie Szabo 
Robin and his men are captured and thrown in Sir Guys prison. But he has a method to his madness. A bargain offered to Marion for Robin's release. 
Can Marion trust him?? We'll find out. (Unedited Version)
Blood and Ashes By Virginia Cavazos 
This is a story that came to me when I found out the stunt co-ordinator now works for Buffy The Vampire Slayer. It made me wonder, what would Matthew be like as a vampire hunter?? See what you think!!
. .
Sisters of the Night By Shelly Quinn  Visit Shelly's Web Site
Alone in the dark of night, Robin finds himself in a very dangerous situation. His life, nay his very soul is in danger of being taken. Will his love for his friends and Marion be enough to save his life this time??
Outlaw Squared By Alisha 
Robin is sure acting strange. All in camp wonder why?? His dreams lately have been as equally strange. Perhaps Olwyn can help him? But he's going to need a little something stronger than Olwyns magic to help him with this latest adventure.
Eventide By Joan Woodcock 
The night is falling, the children are gathered around the campfire in Sherwood Forest. Suddenly a voice sings out into the dark, cold night. This is a marvelous short story by a wonderful author!

The Great Roberto! By Virginia Cavazos 
The circus has come to town, we see the strong man, a hellcat with a whip. And what do we have here? A very handsome man that's a wonder with the bow and knife. It seems someone is robbing the villages treasury, and its up to Robin and his band to find out who. But along the way they end up in one of the most fantastic schemes that had been involved in yet.

A Gift or a Curse? by Sandy Neumann    Visit Sandy's Web Site
Robin is taken prisoner into a mysterious castle. Held there against his will by a Lord who wishes to elevate his position, using Robin notoriety. There he meets a  young lady with a wonderful gift. 
Or is it? 


The Unicorn By Shelly Quinn                 Visit Shelly's Web Site
Robin is visited by a Unicorn in his sleep. Or was he really asleep? A demon wants the soul of The pure hearted Robin. Will he be able to fight the inner demons as well as the outer?? This is a marvelous story from my Idol, she also would like to be visited by the Publisher fairy.  Lets clap our hands and hope it works.
 The Dance Lesson By Mary Tassone
 The great Robin Hood knows everything. Or does he?? It seems he needs a lesson on how to dance. Willow agrees to show him in private. But away from the safety of Sherwood forest.  Then the real action begins, for Robin Hood, being Robin Hood trouble follows like a shadow.
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