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Return By Paddy
 Robin is gravely injured, even Tuck with all his knowledge is unable to cure the mortally wounded outlaw. Only one person could save him, when this mysterious woman arrives  no one could suspect who she really is.
This is my first story from across the seas. (Germany) Thank you Paddy for allowing me  to post your wonderful story!!


A Compromising Position By Debbie Szabo
This is the story of a spoiled Lords daughter  who finds out what its like to pull a certain   Sherwood  outlaw  and his band into her scheme to oppose her fathers plans of an unwanted marriage.


Goodbye Old Friend By Tracey
An childhood friend of Robins comes to sherwood. She has lost everything and hopes that  her old friend Robert will be able to help her. While there she begins to have hopes of starting a romance with the notorious outlaw. But she did not reckon on Marion.


The Ties That Bind By Virginia Cavazos
A wolf was has been killing the Princes stock.  The Princes guards get a little to close to    Robins hideout. Robin and his men go out ins search of this killer wolf. But what they found  was something totally unexpected.
healer Healers Touch By Lisa Winge           Visit Lisa's Web Site
 Jacobi is a murderer for hire. But even a murderer has a heart. In this story we find out just what happens when a killer has his heart stolen by a mysterious woman.
Stranger Helpful Stranger By Diana
 A small town has its problems with the Princes men, then a stranger comes to their town. Who is this man? Will he be able to help their small town? Lets find out.


The Joker, Snapman and Robin by Virginia Cavazos
I have received many stories that the authors are using Will Scarlet as a character.  Matthew's wonderful portrayal has inspired many to add his character to their stories.        So I shall now introduce Will Scarlet to my web site. This story begins with the thought, what would happen if Robin and Will met Jacobi? The answer? I hope is a wonderfully funny and explosive tale.


The Trial of Doors By Mary Tassone
What would happen if Robin Hood wasn't meant for Marion? The following story takes     place in an alternate world with several new characters. Mainly a teenager that goes by the name of Willow.


The Rescue by Joan Woodcock
Robin is in dire trouble, he is being chased by the  princes men. Wounded during the chase, he tries to lead the Princes men away from his own men and fleeing orphans.          What will happen to him?   Lets find out.


Robins Fear by Sandy Neumann           Visit Sandys Web Site
 This is a great story from a budding author. Marion is in dire trouble, Robin has to give  up all the  gold in the camp for her safe return.  Will he be able to help Marion return home?


Web of Deceit By Virginia Cavazos
This is a tale that came to me as I was watching the Viking episode. Matthew and Andrew Bricknell had such a great report together, I wondered. What would it be like if Prince      John made friends with Robin Hood? And so a story was born.


A Christmas Miracle By Joan Woodcock
 This is a charming Christmas tale told by Joan Woodcock. She is an excellent author. I    had the shivers  at the end of the story. I shall say no more!
Note: Joan is trying to have a book published. Please all of you, pray to the  publisher fairy!


Robin and Goliath By Virginia Cavazos
My first story will be the first one I ever wrote. I was inspired by the relationship Matthew  had with Richard Ashton, he plays Little John in the series. It is akin to Of Mice and Men.
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