Something about Christmas time

Part 8
By Sandy

Marion's eyes flew wide open as she came to the realization that all of this had been magic done by a Witch.  Marion saw Sir Guy cursing up at the falling snow from the clouds above.  Marion's mind became focused on what had been happening around her.  Guy, once again, was tricking her into believe that he really cared for her.

Marion sprung to her feet as the garden turned back into Sherwood Forest. She sprinted towards Guy's horse.  Sir Guy took notice of her fleeing.  He would not lose her again to Robin Hood.  Marion was just mounting on the horse as Sir Guy caught up to her.  Marion kicked Guy in the face, knocking him down to the ground.  She grabbed hold of the reigns and took off.

Sir Guy stood up cursing at Mortiana once again for foiling his plan.  Mortiana appeared to him.  "Stop your yelling!  We got what we wanted.  We have the girl that will bring death to Robin Hood and his friends."  She grabbed Sir Guy's hand and disappeared from the forest.


Robin, Little John, and Olwyn rode through the forest, looking for where Marion might be.  They never expected her to find them first. Robin heard his name called from behind.  He spun his horse around to see Marion riding up behind the trio.  Robin leapt off his horse and ran to Marion.  Marion dismounted and jumped into Robin's arms.

"I am so sorry for the way I treated you and what I said to you," Robin said with such love in his eyes.  Marion kissed him sweetly on the lips. "Shhhh...I forgive you.  It wasn't all your fault.  Mortiana was behind it."

Little John yelled over to them.  "Glad you are back safely, Marion. So does this mean we can head back to camp, because it is cold out here."  Little John rubbed his arms like he was cold.  Robin laughed at his large friend.  "Sure, we still have to help Gweneth.  Once she is better we can finally celebrate Christmas."

"It's not going to be that easy, Robin."  Robin looked over to see Friar Tuck and Master MacGregor riding towards them.

"Where is Gweneth," Robin asked with concern.  Friar gave MacGregor a leery glance.  "Mortiana came and took her," he told the others.  Robin immediately turned to Olwyn.

"Prince John is behind this, isn't he," Robin sighed.  "Along with Sir Guy," Marion chimed in.  "What," Robin exclaimed.  "I will explain later," Marion said.  "We better go after Gweneth before we lose both you, Little John, and the Friar.  She has healed all of you in the past," Olwyn reminded them.

 The others started heading off towards Prince John's castle. Robin and Marion got on their horses and rode beside each other.  "Sir Guy?  What happened between you two," Robin asked Marion as they rode.

" I detect some jealously," she smirked just before she took off at a fast trot to catch up with the others.  Robin grinned at his own green eyed monster being caught.  He rode on to catch up with Marion again. "We will discuss everything after we get Gweneth back, agreed?" Marion smiled at him.


IN the distance, the snow seemed to be coming down heavier. Prince John's castle was almost obscured by it.  They would not let the weather interfere with them at all.  Lives depended on finding Gweneth.

End of Part 8

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