Something about Christmas time
Part 6
By Diana

A short time later, Marion awoke and followed the sweet song to a secluded spot in the woods.  Guy waited for her in the clearing, with baited breath.  He knew he would have her this time.

"Guy," Marion called.

"Why, Marion, how good it is to see you.  How is Robin?,"Guy said, trying not to show any emotion
"Who?," Marion seemed puzzled.

Guy was elated.  This was better than he could have imagined.  Marion didn't know who Robin Hood was, and she only had eyes for him.  She gazed lovingly at him.  "Where have you been lately?  You haven't called on me in days.  I had an awful thought that you had found another."

"My dear, that would never happen.  There was some matters at Gisbourne Manor that needed my attention.  I'm all yours now". Guy slipped his arm around Marion's waist, and the two continued to walk through the glen while the sweet melody played on.

Gweneth sat on a rock and watched as Friar Tuck handed flasks of water to Robin and Little John; Olwyn said he did not need one.  Robin approached his former teacher.

"Andrew, are you sure you want to stay?," Robin said.

"Yes, Robin.  I'll help the Friar look after Gweneth and the camp.Should Marion find her way back here, I'll ride out to get you," MacGregor replied.

"Very well.  Let's get started."  Robin said, mounting his gray horse.
The three headed out of camp.  Looking up at the sky, Robin thought how odd it was to see a star in the middle of the day.

"This is not good. If the sky stays clear, they'll find the glen by nightfall," Mortiana told Prince John.

"Do something!," Prince John shouted.

As Mortiana chanted, the sky darkened.  Thick clouds formed and the sunlight decreased.
The horses hesitated, sensing the change from light to dark.

"Olwyn, can you still find the way?,"  Robin said, frantically. His thoughts never left Marion and how badly he treated her the night before. "Robin, stay calm," Little John replied, pleading with his friend.

"Mortiana's magic my be powerful, but I have a few tricks of my own,"

Olwyn said, addressing them.

End of Part Six

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