Something about Christmas time

Part Five
By Mary Bell

Robin made his way to his former tutor and good friend. MacGregor motioned for him to sit by him. Robin raised his eyebrow in silent question to Mac's obvious concern. The elder man drew in a deep breath and sighed as if he dreaded telling Robin something.

"Come on, dear friend, what is it?" Robin queried. "Robin, my boy, I don't want you angry over what I am going to tell you. Promise me?" Robin nodded his head.

"I believe Marion to be jealous of Gweneth." "What!" It was obvious that Robin didn't believe him.

"When you were holding Gweneth earlier, I saw Marion's face and she was not pleased. It was obvious that she was jealous. I think maybe you need to talk to her." Robin's face was a mask that his mentor could not read.

"Yes, I will right now. Thank you."

Robin walked over to where Marion was sitting by herself and seated himself next to her. Marion was happy he had decided to spend time with her and smiled at him. She was not prepared for what he had to say. "Marion, are you jealous of Gweneth?" Marion looked at him with her mouth wide open.

After composing herself, she tried to think of the right words to say, but Robin gave her no time. "I cannot believe you are jealous of her when she risked her own life to come here and save Little John! Are you that petty? I thought I knew you but I guess I don't!" Robin didn't realize the harshness of his voice nor how his words cut Marion's heart like a knife.

She just looked at him, but the look in his eyes told her he was very angry with her and nothing she said would make any difference to him, his mind was made up. Marion abruptly stood up and ran out of the hut into the cold, dark night.

MacGregor walked over to Robin and looked at him sternly. "That was not what I had in mind, Robin. She needed you to reassure her of your love and instead you showed her that her feelings were justified!" "But I don't love Gweneth! I love Marion! I don't know what made me act so rudely to her. I have really messed up this time haven't I?"

He rose to go after Marion and explain, but MacGregor stopped him. " Give her some time to get over her anger and upset at your unkind words, Robin. Then she may be ready to listen to your explanation." Robin slumped his shoulders in defeat knowing MacGregor was right, there was no way she would listen to him after the way he had yelled at her.

Marion ran from the hut with tears stinging her eyes. Why had he spoken to her so? Yes, she felt momentary pangs of jealousy whenever she saw them together, but knew deep in her heart that Robin loved her. His words were so hurtful and the tone was unlike any he had ever spoken to her in. She ran into the forest without thinking of where she was going, she only knew she had to get away to think. She walked for what seemed like forever deep in thought. Finally, she stopped to sit on a rock and rest. A sound drew her from her thoughts. It was the most beautiful melody she had ever heard. Without thinking, she rose to follow the source.


Mortiana chuckled to herself as she transformed the glen into a lovers paradise. Her plan was magnificent if she did say so herself! The magical melodies were the icing on the cake as they would make the listener follow the subtlest suggestion. Caught up in her reverie, she didn't notice when Sir Guy entered the glen.

"What a splendid job you have done Mortiana! Marion will fall in love with me at the sight of this place." Mortiana snorted at the pompous man standing before her, for she knew that without magic, he had a snowball's chance in hell of winning Marion from Robin Hood.

If not for her little machinations earlier, Marion would not even be out walking towards them, she would have been tucked snugly in her bed of furs within Robin's compound. Feeling quite proud of herself she hummed as she put the finishing touches on her masterpiece, all the while ignoring the impudent young man staring at her.


Early the next morning, Robin rose to go and try to make things better with Marion. Why had he spoken to her so harshly? Was it the stress of almost losing his best friend? No! He loved Marion with all his heart and would not hurt her for anything in the world. His heart constricted with pain at the hurt he had caused his love. He had to make it better, he would do anything to prove to her that he loved her and felt towards Gweneth as a brother would a sister. Standing outside her hut, he called her name.

Receiving no response, he called again, louder. Still she would not answer him. Was she this angry that she wouldn't even talk to him? Cautiously opening the entrance, he peered inside. Shock registered on his face when he realized she hadn't slept in her bed. Had she arisen this early? He strode through the camp searching for her and asking everyone if they had seen her. A check of the paddock, showed him that her horse was still there, so she couldn’t have gone very far. As the moments wore on, Robin became more and more worried.

Robin gathered his men and his mentor together and explained that Marion was missing. They must search for her immediately. "Wait." The voice was but a whisper yet Robin knew it to be Olwyn. Magically, Olwyn grim countenance stood before him.

"I sense Mortiana's magic behind this. She has woven a spell to take Marion from you and send her into the arms of Sir Guy!" Robin opened his mouth to speak yet nothing came out. MacGregor put his hand on his young charges' shoulder; "Do not worry, Marion loves you Robin and would never willingly go with Sir Guy!"

Robin looked at him through teary eyes; "After what I said to her last night, I wouldn't blame her if she did." Hanging his head, he was prepared to give in to defeat.

"Robin, Marion loves you still, she is under Mortiana's evil spell. It will take all your love and faith to break the spell for it is a strong and powerful one." Gweneth entered the group shakily holding onto Friar Tuck's arm. "Robin, I am too weak to go with you, but when you find Marion, call for me and I will come and help you break the spell. Keep your eye on the brightest star in the night sky and it will give you the strength to defeat this evil magic." Robin put his hand on hers in a sign of thanks and ordered his men to ready their horses. Olwyn would be his guide in the search.


Marion walked into the most beautiful glen she had ever seen. Surely this was what Eden was like for Adam and Eve. Without a doubt, she had discovered the biblical Eden! Heady from the overpowering scent of the flowers, she lay down and was soon fast asleep. Mortiana stood above her and cackled as her plan took shape. Within three days, Robin Hood would be dead!

End of Part Five

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