Something about Christmas time

Part One
By Paddy

It was cold that one morning in Sherwood Forest. Robin shivered as he left his hut. Usually Little John was the first of all to get up in the compound, but that day Robin was the first. And so he decided to take a walk through the forest around the compound to 'his' meadow. He loved the silence of the early morning hours and the peace that laid within them. Silence and peace, things Robin really had a lack of. So he only enjoyed both the silence and the peace even more. He sat down at the edge of 'his' meadow, his mind empty and not haunted by bad thoughts. The fresh snow that covered the green grass sparkled brightly in the early morning light. The sky was of a soft blue and there were no clouds to be seen. Yet Robin couldn't know, that a heavy black cloud was already covering that peaceful day...

"Robin! ROBIN!!!!" Marion yelled through the whole compound. She saw Sean going over the place.

"Sean, have you seen Robin? I just cannot find him. He is neither in his hut, nor anywhere else in the compound." Marion panicked and so she was even more surprised, that Sean smiled at her.

"Did you go to his meadow? I saw him leaving compound this morning, heading towards his meadow," Sean said. "What's wrong, Marion?"

"It's Little John. He is sick."

"Sick? Well, this time of the year that's nothing unusual. Almost everybody has the flu or a cold."

"Tuck says, it's something more serious. I have to find Robin. I hope you are right, Sean and I will find him at his meadow."

"Well, you should give it a try."

And really, Sean WAS right. Marion found Robin at his meadow.

"Robin," she yelled at him from the distance. "Little John is sick!"

Robin whirled around and ran towards Marion. From the look on her face, he could tell, that something really serious had happened.

"Marion, what's wrong? What happened?" Robin asked her.

"It's Little John. Something is very wrong with him."

"What does that mean?" Robin asked her. And now, Marion started to cry.

"Tuck said, that he will die, if no miracle happens within the next 24 hours."


Same time at Prince John's castle


"And you are sure, that it works, Mortiana?" Prince John asked the ancient sorceress in a sharp tone.

"I am sure, my prince," Mortiana said. "Already now a virus is going through Little John's system. And no human power is able to stop it." Prince John grinned.

"Very good. Once Little John is dead, I'm sure it won't be that difficult anymore to capture Robin Hood." Prince John laughed evilly and left Mortiana's room.

"Well, as long as Olwyn doesn't get in your way, victory is yours," Mortiana muttered. "But I sure do hope he will get in your way, Prince John. He's the only one who can save John and along with him Robin Hood. I cannot take back that spell anymore."


Back in the compound


"Tuck, do you know what's wrong with him?" Robin asked, his voice full of sorrow.

"No, I have no idea. It started yesterday. John was coughing the whole day through. But during the last night, it became worse. I really don't know what to do anymore, Robin. I have done everything within my might. Now everything is in the hands of the Almighty." Tuck sighed out heavily. He was short before crying and truth to tell, he had no idea, why to hold his tears back any longer, for he knew, that there was almost no hope left.

End of Part One

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