Pandora's Castle
By Joan Woodcock
Chapter 7

As John and Tuck moved down the corridor, leaving Sir Tom's unconscious body behind, Robin and his evil twin were locked in mortal combat. However, both men were now tiring. Sword hilts clashed, forcing the combatants' faces only inches away from each other.

"Yor fightin' like an ole woman, Robbie. Is this all yer 'ave ter show me?" In the heat of the battle, his speech training proved to be worthless.

At the unforgettable accent and deep voice, Robin's eyes snapped up and locked with his opponent's. "It's impossible. You're dead."

"Yer should know, Robbie, since yor the one 'oo killed me." Using the outlaw's shock to his advantage, Jacobi advanced with a vicious lunge of his sword and metal connected with flesh as the blade sliced into Robin's upper arm.

A burning agony ripped through Robin so powerfully that he stumbled backward, the sword dropping from his useless hand. Clutching the wound with his free hand to staunch the flow of blood, Robin fought for balance, knowing that any misstep would lead to his death. Jacobi lunged again and again, and Robin feigned to the right, missing the deadly sword thrust. He feigned to
the left and again dodged the weapon, only to find himself falling over something behind him --- Marion!

End of Chapter Seven

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