Pandora's Castle
By Paddy

Chapter Six

Back to the castle, Robin and Marion were sliding down the castle, when all of a sudden Robin stood in front of them. Marion glanced over to her left, where she thought that Robin would be and to her surprise, he was still there. Again she turned her head and faced Robin. Whoever that guy was, he looked exactly like Robin. But it was not only his hair and his face, he even wore the same clothes as the outlaw, he had the same sword, the same bow, even the quiver was the same. There were two of them.

The second Robin started grinning mischievously.

"So we finally meet again," he said in an unreal voice. It definitely was not Jacobi, as it had been Robinís and Marionís first thought, because that guy was speaking the English of the king. There was not even the slightest shade of an accent.

"You know, I really didnít like the thought of being one with you. Youíre just too good!" He spat out. "Fortunately this place has eventually separated me from you again." He started laughing. "Isnít it just wonderful here? Gee, I love it. And look who we have here." The unreal Robin took Marionís hand and kissed it. "The lovely Lady Marion. Just a pity that sheíll never be with her true love."

He kissed Marionís hand again and then he finally let go of her. "Now, what do you think, My Lady, will Robin ever confess his love?" Now his laughter turned evil. His left eyebrow raised. "Well, donít be stupid! He has at least a dozen girls on each finger and you do still think, that he only loves you? Good joke!" Marion had turned pale. Her entire body was shivering. Heavily she leaned against a wall and sank down to the floor.

"Okay, stop it here and now!" Robin shouted at his opposite, his concerned eyes never leaving Marion. "What is this all about?"

"You ask me what this is all about?" The unreal Robin started to laugh evilly. "Well, thatís easy. I finally want to be free Ė free from you. Itís not that easy to live in the shadow of a hero, whose entire self is a reflection of heroism, bravery, and dignity. And what is all of that for? For some guy, who is rather fighting a hopeless war in the so called Holy Land, than to stay at home, where he belongs to, to take care of his people. Poor Robin, you still think heíll come back one day." The evil Robinís grin grew wider. "Then let me tell you this, Robbie. Heíll never return!"

"Youíre a liar!" Robin yelled and brought his sword out of the scabbard. The other Robin did the same. Soon the sound of cold steel against cold steel filled the dark corridors. Robin and his look-a-like fought hard and no one of them ever noticed, what Marion was doing. She was crawling along the floor, her eyes fixed on something in the darkness laying ahead. There was something she badly needed to get in her hands.

Eventually she reached it. Marion helped herself into a sitting position, in her left hand she held a small dagger. She put it aside and unlaced one of the red forearm protectors. When she was finished, she carelessly dropped it. Then Marion took the dagger again, and slowly she lowered it towards her bare wrist until it touched the tender skin. The two Robins were still fighting each other.

*** Meanwhile in another part of the castle ***

"I donít think it was a good idea to leave Robin and Marion behind," Little John stated. Now Tuck turned around, his face red with anger.

"Little John, Iíve said it the previous twelve dozen times youíve said this, and Iíll say it again. Itís been Robinís own decision. He knows what he does. Or has Robin ever made a wrong decision? If so, then tell me only one!" Tuck gazed deeply into the giantís blue eyes. Little John didnít answer immediately. You just could see, how his brain was working.

"Well, I canít think of one right now, but Iím sure, I could if I just had the time to think of one."

"John, accept it. You wonít find one." Tuck was actually shouting now.

"Now, my friends, could we please stop this here and now? We have other things to worry about!" Sir Tom interrupted them in their argument. "We have to find a way out of here and we need to find it soon. I donít like it here."

"Neither do I, but who are you to tell us, what we have to do?!" Tuck said through gritted teeth, his anger now concentrating on Tom.

"Whatís wrong with you Friar? Iíve only tried to bring you back to your senses! What do you think, Robin would have done!" Tom defended his actions.

"Well, but still that would be Robinís job, not yours! How dare you to tell us, what we have to do! Who do you think, you are?"

Now it was two against one Ė Tuck with Little John against Sir Thomas.

"Yes, exactly! Who do you think, you are?" Little John now said, pushing Tom against his shoulder. "Do you think that you are someone better, because youíre the only one around here, with noble blood in his veins?" Tom could see the anger burning in Little Johnís eyes and now tried to calm the situation, but it was too late. Before he could even think of something to say, Johnís fist hit him hard in the face and only moments later, his unconscious body hit the ground with a sickening thud.

"What shall we do with him now?" Little John asked, pointing towards Tomís still form on the floor.

"Letís leave him here. Whatever it is, that hides within the walls of Pandoraís Castle, will take proper care of him," Tuck said, an evil grin curving his lips.

End of Chapter Six

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