Pandora's Castle
By Larry

Chapter Five

So, as Robin and Marion were in the castle, they may have gotten a break.

The Sons of William the Conqueror were eating when an outlaw from

Sherwood Forest rode up to them and said, "Men, I have just heard that Robin

Hood and Marion and the others are holed up in Pandora's Castle and Sir Guy of Gisborne's troops are encircling the castle."

"But what can we do? That castle is accursed; no one who ever went in ever came out again."

"But you are a well known fighting force with night fighting your specialty. Why don't I take you to the castle?"

"Are you sure you know what you're doing?" they asked in unison. "Gentlemen, I know you can help us for my name isn't Will Scarlet!"

"Hell, we thought you were Alan A dale!"

"Never mind the jokes!" Will said. "Just follow me!"

And with that, the Sons jumped on their horses and rose off into the sunset.

Meanwhile, Marion said to Robin: "You are the guy with all the answers, my love. What do we do now?"
"Well, let me see if there's a window somewhere here we could jump out of."

"Darling, are you crazy? I might be the 12th Century's answer to Xena, Warrior Princess , but even I wouldn't be crazy enough to jump 3 or is it 5 stories from a building such as this!"

"You are right, madama'zelle! I have another idea. Give me your sash. We'll pull a Rapunzel and slide down the window to the ground!"

"But what about Sir Guy?"

"Well, as long as we have our bow and arrow, we can hold them off till John and Tuck can reach our people in Sherwood. Are you ready?"

"As ready as I will ever be!" she replied.

"Then let's get started!"

Meanwhile, The Sons of William the Conqueror were galloping all over Sherwood, hoping to save Robin. Back to the castle, Robin and Marion were sliding down the castle, when all of a sudden........

End of Chapter Five

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