Pandora's Castle
By Diana

Chapter 4

"Next time I lead the way!", Guy shouted. He was both frustrated and scared, but he vowed Robin Hood would not get the better of him this time. They were going to find Robin and the others, and kill all but one of them.

"Wot we has to do is finds the door they took. Maybes they already met their doom and the fair Marion is waiting to be rescued." Jacobi said with a smirk.

Once again, Guy grabbed Jacobi, "You are NOT going near Marion. SHE IS MINE."

"That's wot you thinks", Jacobi laughed to himself.


In a hut not far from Sherwood Forest, someone was getting ready to meet a new pupil, when he was blinded by a bright light, "Andrew MacGregor. I am Olwyn, and I need your help."

Robin Hood had told his mentor at Locksley many stories about his other teacher. Concerned, MacGregor called out, "Is Robert in trouble?"

"Have you ever heard of Pandora's Castle?"

"I've been told it's a place where no one has been able to escape, It stays in one spot for one day and one night. What does that have to do with Robert?"

"Well, Robin and some of his friends are trapped there. As are Sir Guy and several of his men"

"I'm sure Robert will figure out a way to escape"

"That will not be easy, The castle destroys hope, the one thing Pandora was left with after opening the box. As long as there is hope, they will find their way. Since all Sir Guy wants to do is find Robin, I was able to put a spell on the castle, which will have them going in circles.

Guy wants the satisfaction of killing Robin and having Marion for himself. Guy's soldiers want their pay, so they all have something to hope for, and that will keep them alive, Robin's hope is Marion. However, before I could do anything, the castle started to work its spell on her. I fear if Marion loses hope, Robin will too, then the others. If they lose hope, they will not get out alive."

"What is it that you need from me?"

"You know Marion never liked me, so I need you to tell me her hopes. She is frightened now, and Robin won't leave her. The group needs to stay together and draw strength from each other."

"Marion's hope, I would have to say, is for Richard's return. She knows that until the King returns, Robert won't consider marriage, She gave up her life in Fitzwalter castle to help him, but also so that they could be together."

"It may not be right, but somehow I have to have her think that Richard is here."

"Why can't you just get them out?"

"The magic of the castle is too powerful, but I can interfere…"

"And by keeping Sir Guy's men going in circles…"

"…they keep hoping to find Robin."

"They will survive too?"

"Robin would want it that way."

MacGregor was just about to agree when Olwyn disappeared.


Marion was trembling, "I can't go on Robin."

Robin handed the torch to Tom, and put his arms around Marion, trying to reassure her, "I'm sure this is the door that will lead us to the courtyard." He hoped he sounded convincing, Not even as children had Robin ever seen Marion this scared.

Gazing around, Robin spotted another torch on the wall, He told Tom to light it. Gently he eased Marion to the floor so she could sit, As he straightened up, he looked at the others, "Tom, John, Tuck, go on without us. Find the way out, I'll stay here until Marion calms down"

"But what if Sir Guy and his men get here first?" Tom immediately asked.

"I still have my bow and sword," Robin quickly responded.

Little John was getting upset, "Robin we won't leave you!"

Robin waved his arms. "Just go! Marion and I have been getting out of trouble for 20 years."

Sir Tom stood at the doorway. Turning, he asked, "Well, do we move on without them?"

End of Chapter Four

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