What Robin Hood fanzine would be complete without Poetry?
After all the tales of Robin Hood originated from ballads sung
 by the poor in England thousands of years ago. They told the
tale of a man that stood up for the people of England.
Here is a site, that is for all the poetry fans. 
I thank any who allow me to post their marvelous poems. 

Updated 06/22/02

A Hero
Sara Sjöberg in Sweden

The people are hungry for they have
lost all their money.

Where ever you go, you will see
poor and helpless people.

But don't be afraid, in the middle of
Sherwood forest, you will find a hero.

He fights for the people, for the
right thing and King Richard.

He gives you back the money you lost
And protects you from the bad prince.

He was willing to face death for what
he believed.

But he was not alone, for on his side,
you will find his friends.

A tall and strong giant with the name
Little John

A beautiful lady warrior with the name

And at last, a friar who can do amazing things with herbs, with the name 
Friar Tuck.

Now I think you know who this hero is,
For we all know the name of the man is

This poet?


This Poem was sent by
Iréne Wickstrom, a very big fan of Matthew. She comes from Sweden. 
Her father's sister wrote the poem, after seeing a photo of Matthew. Inspired by it, she wrote this poem. In it, is what she saw in the picture. I think it expresses what all fans feel. The Headtitle is Iréne's. To show her devotion as a fan of Matthew, while the poem is written by Marie-Louise. 
I Thank you Iréne and Marie-Louise,  for allowing me to post the poem.
 A Matthew Porretta Tribute 

In the Eye of the Beholder.

An angel I wish I was
Creating words so fair
Writing Music so lovely
Only you could hear

Easing the Pain of pains
Speaking words of Wisdom
Removing horrors existing
Making Heaven a place on earth
An angel I wish I was


by Alisha mobley

Thou need not be afraid, our hero o' the land.
The people are crying again.
Lest thee not leave this land o' yours,
for Prince John is hiding in the glen.
Need you ask if we were true, while you fought for
our rights the magician, our fate he did know.
Oh my, dear hero we were saved o' the evil
when thou goodness you dared to show.
We see our good hero is dying to leave
we beg thee to never astray.
ya' need not be afraid, our hero o' the land
the magician says ye shall stay.
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Poems by Diana
Two Young Lovebirds
By Diana
An arrow flies past the trees
And hits its target with ease
A man comes forth to retrieve it
Nearby a lady on a rock does sit

He grins in her direction
In hopes of winning her affection
She softly smiles back at him
At this moment he could fulfill her every whim

No words are said
Their senses are fed
Feelings pass through the space 
And their heartbeats race.
They approach each other
For each of them, there will never be another
And there in an afternoon mist
These two young lovers kissed

Robin Hood
By Diana

R is for how you rob the rich
O is for the outlaws who adore you
B is for the bravery you show in the face of adversity
I is for the ingenuity of your plans
N is for Nottingham, where you dwell

H is for how your legend has grown
O is for the oppression you fight
O is for the opportunities you give others
D is for the daughter of Lord and Lady Fitzwalter, your love 

Jenny's Poetry corner
A Tale's Hero
By Jenny 

Scattered pictures of the past
Show solemn trees of forests vast
Forgotten dreams, a silenced word
Each a secret no soul has heard

Of noble deeds, the pen does tell
Of one man's features, the heart knows well
A man of truth not of fable
Whose hair tumbles in strands of sable

He flits between the mires of danger
And few will challenge this dark stranger
With sword in hand and bow on back
He will prove what others lack

In justice's name, he will guide his fate
As he quests for good trapped by hate
Those who have pondered have understood
That this man could only be Robin Hood

An Outlaw's Journey Through Sherwood Forest
by Jenny

My feet tread along a secret path
Sheltering me from the tyrant's wrath.
With Robin Hood do I stand
To fight for justice and peasants' land.

Moving on, I continue my travels
Past solemn trees and a brook that babbles.
I grow weary, the day wears on
And I make my bed on nature's lawn.

Nimble branches fold around me,
A twinkling light, the stars I see.
I hear the wind as it magically weaves
Among the branches stirring the leaves.

And as I lay asleep in my bed,
Silent dreams float through my head.

A Moonlit Battle
By Jenny

        Night sweeps her cloak of darkness over the slumbering forest.
Silver streams of moonlight fall from the vast depths of the sky, pooling in
a lush glade rimmed by the jagged shadows of trees. 
Each blade of grass is bathed in an ethereal glow. 
The curtain of shadows part. One lone figure strides forward. 
Dark thick strands tumble carelessly down the sides of his
face to frame his dark eyes. 
These dark orbs are aflame with the fire of his  heart. 
He gives a small, solemn bow. The trees would be his judges. 
The moon his only witness.  He draws his sword. 

He sweeps and spins in the mysterious dance of a warrior.
His battle with one only he can see. His blade floats effortlessly. 
It glides through the air, leaving a whisper of its passing, 
the only sound on this silent eve. 
The moonlight shines on the tempered blade brilliant and pure, 
a reflection of his soul. 
He flips and soars through the air like an earthly angel that longs to fly.   Each movement is full of grace that seems to flow from his soul as he avoids the figment his mind has created.  Suddenly his blade ceases to hum through the air. 
It slides effortlessly into its sheath.  His hand drops to his side.
The leaves give a gentle rustle, applause for a job well done.

If you like the poems?
Then pray tell, inform the bardess!

Jenny, poet extraordinary!

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