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On this site you will find mini, and complete novels. Each one is devoted to
the Matthew's Robin, from The Television series,
New Adventures of Robin Hood.
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The Will Scatlocke, mini-novels

This is a mini novel penned by Three Marvelous Authors!!! Full of action, adventure, romance. Well you'll just have to read it for yourself!! 
The Fires Within

In this mini-novel, will see how Will Scatlocke learns to survive as an outlaw for the most wanted man in England...
Robin Hood!
Complete Novels

By Shelly Quinn and Ginnie.
This is an Epic novel that sweeps Robin into an adventure that you will never want to end. Each chapter consists of several parts written by Shelly and Ginnie.
Greatest Warrior
The Greatest Warrior

By Virginia Cavazos
This novel has it all, Action, adventure, humor, romance. And much more. I had hoped to publish this novel, but decided to share it with the series loyal fans. My gift to you all, enjoy, my very first novel.

Warning! This novel is rated PG13 for violence.


By Virginia Cavazos
This is a crossover Novel. Robin Hood, meets Star-Gate. A television series shown on the american cable channel, Showtime.
Daniel Jackson has unkowningly stumbled upon a special Star-Gate. It's really a Time gate. Hidden in the forest of Sherwood. He meets up with the famous outlaw of Sherwood. Together they must fight an alien enemy, that wants to rule, not only earth, but the entire Universe!
Final chapter 12/30/01

Printing Hints: 
For those of you who want to print out the stories. Here's a helpful
Hint. When in a chapter go up to edit, select "Select All" Everything should be highlighted. Then go back to Edit and select copy. Open any word processing program and paste (found in edit) the copied chapter into a Word processing Program, like Word Pad. Save file,  you can add to the file by copying other chapters and pasting them under the previous chapter. After this is done you can then print them at your leisure. I hope this has helped many readers. 

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