Magic, Adventure, action!
This novel has it all. Written by two authors,
It weaves a tale that will keep you coming back
for more. Enter the magical novel..
This novel will be posted in chapters.Each chapter will consist of alternating parts. 
Just click the underlined chapters to read the story

Finished 3/11/01
Chapter One    Robin Finds a father  /  Chapter Two Robin is Magic!
Chapter Three   Betrayal! /  Chapter Four   Possession and Revelation
 Chapter Five           Light vs the Dark     /      Chapter Six     Aunt Alice
Chapter Seven  The Ultimate Sacricfice  Chapter Eight  Old Friends, New Enemies
Chapter Nine  Be careful what you wish for... /  Chapter Ten  A Dangerous Love
Chapter Eleven  You only hurt, the ones youLove 
Chapter Twelve  The Circle comes to an End 

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