The Fires Within

Jeanne, Kathy, and Virginia


Will Scatlocke is no longer a Lord, he is now a member of Robin Hood's band of outlaws. He has given up much to fight Robin's noble cause, but he soon finds that his family has given up more. Fires threaten his homeland, but is it fires on the land, or old flames that burn in the heart, and soul?

I present to you the sequel to Sacrifices. This is a mini novel that delves into what price a man pays, to help Robin Hood in his fight against Prince John.

 The Fire Within is a Fifteen Chapter Novel.  I hope you enjoy our little tale.

Please, hold the applause until the end of the show...

The Scatlocke Family
  Geoffrey: Lord of the manor - 52 years old, former knight, and a Saxon
  Sarah: his wife, deceased for 14 months, Norman
Henri: Son, Deceased for 18 mos, at the age of 26 , in the Crusades
   William: Son, now Will Scarlet, outlaw  about 25 years old
   Claire: Daughter, married to Lord Brisbane,  about 21 years old
  Agatha: Servant in the manor, and mistress to Geoffrey - 40 years old

        The Beauforte Family
  Hugh: Lord of his manor - Norman, 50 years old
  Madeleine: His wife - Norman, 45 years old
  childless (many stillborns and 2 children died in infancy)

       Martin Family
  Roger: Serf on the Scatlocke manor, farmer, and binge-drinker/wife-beater   Helen: His wife
  Edward: (Ned) Son, - 12 years old
  Margaret: (Meggie) Daughter - 8 years old

The rotation of authors of "The Fires Within
will go as follows:
Kathy B.........................Lady Archer
Jeanne..........................Lady Richard
Virginia Cavazos.......Lady in Waiting
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The Fires Within
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fifteen
The Conclusion

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This is the prequel to 
The Fires Within.
Will Scatlocke meets Robin Hood for the first time.


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