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       100 children
        [Tom T Hall]
One hundred children brave boys and girls
They come from nations all over the world
One hundred children marching along
One hundred children singing their song.

Don't blow up the world don't kill all the flowers
Today this is your world tomorrow it's ours
Leave us pure water and forest uncut
Think of tomorrow leave something for us.

Your God may be dead but ours is alive
We think without him we cannot survive
Punish all the bad men praise all the good
Talk to your neighbors about brotherhood.

One hundred children brave boys and girls
They come from nations all over the world
One hundred children marching along
One hundred children singing their song.

This is the song I was singing one night
While I was thinking of wrong and of right
I thought of good things that still could be done
The marchers now number one hundred and one.

One hundred children brave boys and girls
They come from nations all over the world
One hundred children marching along
One hundred children singing their song.

One hundred children brave boys and girls
They come from nations all over the world
One hundred children marching along
One hundred children singing their song...
the river is flowing
flowing and growing
the river is  flowing
down to the sea
mother carry me
your child i will always be
mother carry me
back to the sea
3 x can be sung in a round
[like row row row your boat
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we have been doin what most of you have been doin.just waiting for someone to do something about this war.then we realized no one will do anything without vision. so we start here.BLITZ. we need folx to invest a little moey to make a great differece.when you have some sparre cash copy off one of the posters below and post them thru out your community[house of worship,court houses,malls,wherever people congricate].a 100 shouldn`t cost much more than $20.a very small price for peace.also if you here of any peace movements let us know.if we can`t show up we can let other people that might be able to.talk to your peeps get everyone on the same page.we`ve wasted far to much time.to many people have died already.
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           0z. kitchen
This year at Florida we had good turnout. The parking lot filled up pretty fast and we had to park a few out on the road. LEOs didn't seem have a problem with it. At front gate we had raven's nest, jesus camp, and sit down and eat it. wolf's den, shutup and eat it, bare necesities, woodstock, Arrrrrg, happy hippy, iris, kiddie village, and Oz. fed inside. we had some really good plugins, quite a few from made with love cafe fresh outa new orleans! Some REAL warriors! Thanks yall. water buffalos were filled at local wells and placed at the trailhead. we rocked the house on calzone night(s) the dankest with a 17 cheese blend, with gaby setting the mood playing wagon wheel. Main circle was raging every night, drums, chants, song and dance. g-funk had some good music going on. they built a stage and even hauled a piano in for talent shows and other theatrical performances. LEOs were mild, and violence was minimal. pix in 0z.cam=florida  2006

Arizona happened for 4/20. Shutup and eat it, and jesus camp served all the food we ate (Oz. had no prior notice...). supply was kinda lean, a nice mix of assorted rice, beans. shutup and eat it made some good deep fried zuzu's. main circle didn't get too much attention, although we did have some good drum circles. the feds put a fire ban out on 4/19 no camp stoves no smoking of any kind (while they were there). they came in on 4/20 and just kinda "hung out" with us for several hours... the bastards! All the water had to be brought in from Patagonia or Nogales. The site was located about a mile from some old mines where some of us collected turquoise and other rocks. Good Vibs.

Hoosier went down in May with sit down and eat it, cumberland/hoosier kitchen, kiddie village, and Oz. feeding kidz inside. roaddog cafe, and fat kids threw down up front. Supply was fAt! Dank food everyday! The vibe was healing, pretty much everyone showed up for main circle. LEOs were almost absent the whole time, mostly just to write parking tickets. parking lot was a one-way road! it rained almost everyday we were in the woods. finally it let up the we were all packing out.
  this next report was sent to 0z.kidzz group.
So There was a Brother named Heath and a Sister named Debrah that pretty
much ran and did the Hoosier Kitchen at The Indiana Gathering, I put in a
helping hand as did many but these two took it all on... They did a great
job Conversing and cordinating with Ozz Kitchen they all severed some of The
Most Diggity Dank Meals I have ate all year. It was really cool to kick it
with Jester,Moss and Jessica up in the Parkinglot and I would have to say
one of my highlights of that Regional was Chanting down a huge bon fire for
main circle me and Moss drumming to Jesters Chanting, The Brother was about
to leave and I asked him if he knew the Standing like a tree chant.
Hearing it sang by a Brother instead of a sister was Hip. And The crew from
Ozz got watered real well with 2 weeks of rain... Love them hug them and
thank them for making Us proud !

Missouri was all good, (till someone signed a permit) Roaddog cafe served up front till they had to pull out, after which bill satelited food he made at Oz. to our front gate family. In the woods cookin it up was YoMamma's fat kids kitchen and Oz. had some tasty springs we tapped, some of the best water ever. No violence, the feds pretty much left us alone after a permit was signed. (schwaggness, camping in the national forest is our RIGHT, NOT A PRIVALAGE FROM BIG BROTHER) we had to rush off before the permit ran out or we'd have had a repeat of last year where the feds came in 47 strong and FORCED us out of the woods.pix in 0z.cam=ozarx2006

And on the national note. Oz. set up way over on the other side of the site. our water came from a nice spring from way up on the mountain, it was good to haul the full jugs down hill. We cooked pizza in the woods 3 or 4 of the nights we were there, It was hit. also, someone(s) kidnapped go beavers and becky (our megahorns). we went on strike, for a day or two, to see if someone would bring them back. It didn't work. So, if you see them, send 'em on home! PLEEZ!!! Routt county had a fire ban in effect when we got there, so we had to get a permit for our bliss pit. early on, the feds had a roadblock (not a "checkpoint" as they claimed) denying anyone outside enty to the site. SCHWAGG LEOs! thanks to family kindly schooling them, it was dissolved. pix in 0z.cam=natty 2006
that`smore or less what happened on the rainbow trail[yellow brick road] now for big newz.
0z.kitchen has a phatty new ride.the 0z. kidzz worked hard for this but it`s just what we need for the mission.we got a 1993 chevy 10' cube van.6.3 diesel 47000 miles owned by gov. airbase[maintaned regularly] bought it on e-bay and sent joshstock to retrieve him in new jersey.when i say him his name is klahminzah he`s a happy *$&$% moose who used to live in a cardboard box over in joyzy. if you`ve heard bickel tell this story you`ll know what we mean.if not come by anytime and you can hear it from bickel is self. one more time 0z. pulls it together and makes it happen.pix in 0z. cam-klahminzah.
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where is the love?????????????????????
staff you say? ha! you say! there`s no rubyslippers staff. just the man behind the curtain bng brd[benji bard].ah,no longer my phamily we now actually have a staff. the update written above was the energy of joshstock accept for the part noted taken from 0z. kidzz. and not only that hopefully you folx will want to use the new submissoinz site to give us somemore diversity.thanx to the staff.from the staff.
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