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- Minisota Disc Golf Pole Hole

Minisota pole hole homepage is the only stop you need to make to find the original mini pole hole made of flying discs. Included is product comparisons for other mini pole holes on the market today. You can find all the features that make this the best mini pole hole of its kind. A mini pole hole can be played indoor or outdoors and with a few as one target or as a full 9 or 18 hole course. This is the place to be for your next small pole hole purchase.

- The Federation Guard Scenario Paintball Team

One of the best upcoming scenario team based out of San Antonio, Texas. We have actual members that are members of the military & police department that brings their training experience to share w/ the rest of the team. Proud Tactical Paintball Home Team.

- Jays Nest

- U.S. Koshiki Karate Fed. - Kensokukai

U.S. Koshiki Karate Federation - Kensokukai dojo taught by Kyoshi Mega Martinez

- Gordon's Sportcards Trading page

- Roller skating for adults

- Rap on the Raptors

- Rugby Velo

Rugby Velo - cycle club based in Warwickshire, UK. Have been cycling since 1953 and have no intention of stopping yet!

- Kenshin Karatedo Hisataka no Shorinjiryu Kenjutsu

Shorinjiryu Kenshin Karatedo is above everything else, dedicated and commited to the study in empty hand combat and self defense. As such, students are instructed and train in a wide variety of combative exercises, included in the syllabus are Judo, Jujutsu and Aikijutsu kihon.

- Tim Butt British & American Athlete

It Was Butt/Ovett Before It Was Coe/Ovett

- Yanco-Wamoon hawks

Rugby League football

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