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Our company was formed from an idea conceived by Mary and Jim Bogers who visioned a very unique private investigator service with a myriad of professionalized services; all located within one agency. Need information about a person? Someone followed? Help locate a person? Find a dead-beat dad? Make delivery to someone? Investigate a wrongful allegation? Help locate and interview(sworn affidavit) witnesses? Collect evidence to help exonerate you (or a friend) on civil and/or criminal charges? Find out if your mate is cheating? Help find your daughter/son/loved one? Find background details about someone's "hidden" past, or assets(monies; properties)? Our investigators are dedicated and well trained in the profession. Our vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art electronic surveillance devices (high powered video night cam; powerful day/night still camera; in-vehicle laptop computer and wireless internet). We have the ability to use specialized GPS devices for tracking. Our services are backed by a written guarantee (visit our web page at, and we are extremely affordable (we tailor our service to meet your budgetary needs). We routinely conduct a courtesy background check of the subject prior to commencing an actual in

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