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- Jamie Hixon

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- Stem Cell Therapy in a Pill?

Now you can have Stem Cell Nutrition in a natural supplement... Stem Cell renewal with a patent-pending plant-derived formula ~ Naturally. Learn about the U.S. Gold Medalist who has taken this formula and hear what he has to say about this amazing product. Unrivaled network marketing business with free website is optional.

- New Beginnings Counseling/Coaching

I am pleased that you are considering a professional counseling relationship with me.� I have a Master's degree in counseling and have been helping clients for the past 14 years. My areas of specialization include: - Depression - Anxiety - Self-esteem - Co-dependency - Relationship concerns - Family of origin issues I attend the Jamestown Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses in High Point, North Carolina.� I use my knowledge of counseling and coaching in accordance with Biblical principles. Proverbs 3:21 warns, "Safeguard practical wisdom and thinking ability".� According to several Watchtower articles a person is encouraged to scrutinize the qualifications, attitude, and reputation of the counselor (Reference 10/15/1988;3/1/1990 and 9/1/1996).�� I encourage my clients to seek and rely on the teaching and wisdom of Jehovah God.� And I always ask for His guidance as I assist clients to identify and resolve their issues which could ultimately lead to increased maturity and spiritual growth. For more information please contact me at my office at (336) 882-5003.� Sessions are conducted in person or by telephone, and are completely confidential in accordance with HIPPA privacy policies. I welcome your inquiries.�� Diane Lloyd, M.A.


"Is a great source of healing power for others" "For your Information" Article, Product and Resource blog inspires a unique origin of information for General Health and Well Being related topics, Products, Programs, Self Help, and Alternative Healing Therapies with the highest intention of love & respect for all without bias. I research unique ideas, recommend products and solutions to help contribute to society as a whole and to aid in the improvement of quality of life for all, so open minds and understanding are a must as everyone is different as is to their particular way or choice of healing. Anyone who reaches out to help themselves and change at WILL--AND succeed in their own healing, will not only make a dramatic self empowering transformation to themselves and to the rest of their lives--but also to those around them and to anyone else who is lucky enough to have ever been in their presence.

- Anthony Ioannidis

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- Kirby Roden

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- Taylor Dunn

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- Cancer Remission & Cauterization, & Systemic Toxicity

The latest effective therapies for remission of cancer, and home based electro-cauterization of tumors (additionally including healing systemic toxicity, & CFS, along with diet).

- Time for a Change!!!

This is going to be my place to vent, comment, struggle and just let go. I have a plan to drop 100lbs in a year. I need to do this for my family and myself. Its time for a change. Goodbye fat hello future!!

- Denise Carter

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- David Diaz

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- Rachel Negus

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Health, Environment And Lifestyle Management

- Campello,Alicante Therapeutic, Remedial Massages.

If you suffer Aches,Pain, cannot relax, Call me today cos my able hands as a Massage Therapist can come to your rescue. After 25 Years of experience I know how to leave you happy and relaxed after a Treatment. A Professional Massage provides so many benefits to both body and mind that I consider it a must for everyone. Apart from kneading out the kinks, a Professional Massage puts you in a better frame of mind-your relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world. So go ahead- use your status as justification for indulgence. Call me today for a little restorative body work. All Welcome, Naturist, Couples, and Singles. 90 mins of BLISS. 40 EUROS FEE. with a Glass of Wine. Home based, Campello, Alicante.

- CJ's Page

Details of child born with hydrocephalus as a result of chromosomal abnormality 6q- 25.3-6qter. Also had meningitis resulting in cerebral palsy. Hydrocephalus has been treated with a vp shunt. Further complications were a tethered spinal cord, and a gastronomy tube. The child is now walking.

- Gratitude vs Hopelessness

Never give up on your dreams. Changing your mindset can make you healthy, wealthy & wise. You have a legacy that you were born into that influences you until you make conscious choices to change your destiny! ~Debbie:)

- Barbara Hill

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- Christy Gray

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- Footprints in the sand/Reflexology Service.

A natural healing website that offers reflexology and reiki, if so desired at affordable prices. Included is my web-blog and alternative healing links that you can check out. There are various pages that I have created you can check out to help you on your reflexology journey.

- Michelle Kiggins

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- Alexis Whittington

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- Food Fight

Information about healthy lifestyles, nutrition, alternative approaches to weight loss and weight management, food synergy are all relevant to my website

- Kim Apicella

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- Victor Glasper

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- Sarah Wang

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- Doris Jones

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- Jeanna Johnson

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- Rodrique Newton

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